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Sunday, April 29, 2007

The best WoW movie!

Tales of the past II big battle scene

Saturday, April 28, 2007

World of Warcraft:Tier 6 Full Archive

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sex trade in World of Warcraft

The screenshot said devotional woman posted a topic in the forum to pray she could receive 5000 WOW gold to buy the Epic Mount. She will do anything in exchange for the kind-hearted person (not matter man or woman)?s help. Her wish was soon achieved at the next day. She was so happy that she did the same thing with the kind-hearted man again.

WOW CN: Virtual Item Prices up because of Fatigue System

Pacific Epoch said that price of most virtual items in World of Warcraft Chinese server increased 30 percent because of Fatigue System.
According to a virtual item trader of items in The9?s (Nasdaq: NCTY) MMORPG World of Warcraft (WoW), that price of most online game virtual items increased 30 percent on news of the upcoming implementation of the online game fatigue system on April 15, reports Chongqing Economic Daily. The trader said that underage gamers are now willing to purchase virtual items since they now have less time to play games and win virtual items. The system is now in a trial, and formal operation will begin in July.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

World of Warcraft Comic:"Shotgun" Wedding(PIC)

PICTURE - The Dangers of World of Warcraft (WoW)

A hilarious comic about what would happen if both husband and wife plays wow ...

WOW tier6 VS Zodiac`s tier

World of Warcraft Tier 6 has been revealed by the fanatical WOW fans. We discover the latest tiers are similar to tiers in Japanese comic Knights of the Zodiac.
About Knights of the Zodiac
Saint Seiya ( Seinto Seiya?), also known as Knights of the Zodiac, is a manga and anime series about a group of five mystical warriors called the "Saints" (or "Knights") who have adopted various constellations as their guardian symbols.

World of Warcraft Night Elf Cosplay

The night elves, or kaldorei, meaning "Children of the Stars" in their native tongue of Darnassian, have a long and fascinating history. Native to the western continent of Kalimdor, the night elves ended a long period of seclusion at the end of the Third War and became members of the Alliance. Night Elves were immortal until the destruction of the World Tree at the end of WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

World of Warcraft : Blizzard Announces BlizzCon 2007

A year and a half ago, Blizzard hosted the first "BlizzCon," a convention celebrating the Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo game universes and the amazing community of players who contribute to their continued popularity. Today, Blizzard announced that BlizzCon will once again open its doors on August 3, 2007. Highlights for this year's BlizzCon will include:
Discussion panels with Blizzard game developers;
Competitive and casual tournaments, including a World of Warcraft TCG tournament;
Costume, machinima, and character sound-alike contests with great prizes;
Live orchestral performances of music from Blizzard games;
And many more exciting activities to be announced soon at!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Black Temple

Originally founded as a Draenei temple, this plot has been conquered and despoiled many times throughout the history of Outland, removing any spiritual grace it may have once held. The Black Temple has been the stage of the Orc Horde's blood curse, a fortress for the then-mortal Ner'zhul, and a prime staging ground for the Burning Legion's campaign of destruction.. Most recently, it has been claimed as home by Illidan, where he and his minions make their bid for power over the remnants of the shattered planet. Now, it is up to you to face the malefic forces of Illidan and his minions in hopes of freeing Outland from chaos and tyranny.
Black Temple is a 25-person raid dungeon located in Shadowmoon Valley.
Explore an ancient site steeped in Warcraft lore Gain access to more than a hundred new rare and epic items, including tier-6 armor sets Choose your path through a nonlinear level-70 raid dungeon, as you make your way to... Face Illidan himself!

The 2.1.0 patch and the opening of the now defiled Black Temple, home of Illidan and his minions has long been known. However, the patch is also introducing a great deal of new solo and 5-person content as well, with new rewards, factions, and items. As we're approaching the release of the patch we wanted to share a glimpse into some of the upcoming content that hadn't yet been confirmed for this next patch, or hadn't even been known of until now.

Druid Epic Flight Form
The Druid Epic flight form will be available through a series of quests, similar to the Warlock and Paladin Epic mount quests before it. This quest series will also open up a new boss in Sethekk Halls, and ultimately to the epic flight form.

Ethereum Prison
Players in good standing with the Consortium will be tasked to deal with the most recent activities of the nefarious Ethereum. With new quests, items, and content for the solo and small-group level 70 player, the Ethereum Prison will be the proving grounds for many aspiring to greatness.

The Skyguard, Sha'tari warriors specializing in their command of the skies above Shattrath, have taken the offensive directly to the Arakkoa capital city, Skettis. Perched high in the mountains of Terrokar, and only accessible with use of a flying mount, Skettis holds new and exciting content for the solo or small-group level 70 player. All new quests, 5-person bosses, rare and epic items, and a new type of flying mount await those willing to lend their sword or stave to the battle.

Nether Drake
The Netherwing faction and quest line continues and the long awaited Nether Drake becomes available. The Nether Drake is a special 280% speed epic flying mount that is obtainable through solo and small-group play. The quest to obtain one will be difficult, but the reward will surely show your dedication to the Netherwing cause as you soar through the skies of Outland on your very own ethereal drake.

The Ogre plateau of enlightenment opens to those who prove their worth in Blade's Edge Mountains. Level 70 players will be able to help the Ogres of Ogri'la battle invading forces and engage in new and exciting quests, such as a repeatable and ever popular bombing-run, this time using your own flying mount but with a dangerous twist! Featuring tons of new quests, the Ogri'la faction, 5-person bosses, and rare and epic items, Ogri'la is a place we're hoping all will aspire to enter.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

WOW: Tinfoil Hat protect your secret

Blizzard released a new player-created item on April 1st, 2007. The special item is Tinfoil Hat, which can protect your equipments secrets.
BTW, I tell you a cold joke: "Politicians always said they serve their country. And Blizzard always said they never sneak players secret."
Relation News:
Look! what is Blizzard doing on your pc?
Not Guilty to Spy?
The Burning Crusade added an abundance of new profession recipes and player-created items to World of Warcraft. One of these brand-new items is the Tinfoil Hat. While the Tinfoil Hat provides the wearer with added protection against mind control and other befuddlements, the hats most interesting and truly unique property is that it completely removes the wearers character profile from the Armory website and provides enhanced privacy for its wearer! Check out our closer look at the Tinfoil Hat now!