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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Level 70 Farming Spots

Here's a little list, there's several zones. I earn 120-180 gold in these places.

1 - Manaforge Bnaar
NPCs to kill:
Items to Farm:
Sunfury Signet
Arcane Tome
Suitable Class: Any class

2- Kirin Var Village
NPCs to kill
Items to Farm:
Mote of Mana
Grey vendor trash
Suitable Class: Melee or Hunter (non mana users)

3 - Arklon Ruins
NPC to kill:
Items to Farm:
Fel Armaments
Marks of Sargeras
Knothide Leather (Skinning)
Suitable Class: Any class with Skinning, Paladins can use Excorcism and Holy Wrath for faster grinding

4 - Socrethar's Seat
NPCs to kill:
Items to Farm:
Fel Armaments
Marks of Sargeras
Primal Shadows
Adamantite deposit (Mining)
Mana Thistle (Herbalist)
Suitable Class: Any class with mining and/or herbalist. Paladins can use Excorcism and Holy Wrath for faster grinding.

5 - North of Ruins of Enkaat
NPCs to kill
Items to Farm:
Mote of Mana
Grey vendor trash
Knothide Leather (Skinning)

Suitable Class: Melee or Hunter (non mana users) with Skinning only

1 - Legion Hold
NPCs to kill
Items to Farm:
Fel Armaments
Marks of Sargeras
Adamantite deposit (Mining)
Suitable Class: Any class, Paladins can use Excorcism and Holy Wrath for faster grinding. Mining can help

2 - Coilskar Point
NPCs to kill
Items to Farm:
Mote of Water
Cobra Scale (Skinning)
Suitable For : Any class with skinning

3 - Black Temple
NPCs to kill
Items to Farm:
Sunfury Signet
Arcane Tome
Suitable Class: Any class


1 - Elemental Platue
NPCs to kill
Items to Farm:
Mote of Water
Suitable Class: Ranged caster class only

2 - Elemental Platue
NPCs to kill
Items to Farm:
Mote of Fire
Mote of Air
Suitable Class: Ranged caster class only


1 - Skettis
NPCs to kill:
Items to Farm:
Shadow Dust
Adamantite Deposit (Mining)
Mana Thistle (Herbalist)
Mote of Water
Suitable Class: Any class with Mining and/or Herbalist to maximise profit.

1 - East of Gruul's Lair
NPCs to Kill:
Items to Farm:
Mote of Fire
Adamantite Deposit (Mining)
Knothide leather (Skinning)
Suitable Class: Any class with Skinning, Mining can increase profit slightly

2 - Forge Camp Anger
NPCs to Kill:
Items to Farm:
Fel Armaments
Marks of Sargeras
Primal Shadow
Suitable Class: Any class, Paladins can use Excorcism and Holy Wrath for faster grinding

Friday, February 22, 2008

Netherwing Guide

Note: this guide is for people who are halfway decent at this game, the quests are easy enough so I'm not going to write out every detail

To start out, you MUST have 300 riding skill and a riding mount, as of right now flight form doesn't work from what I'm told (since you aren't mounted), you must also have done the quest to get your Netherwing rep to neutral.

First, you need to talk to Mordenai in Netherwing fields, he will send you to talk to the general of the Dragonmaw orcs at the Netherwing encampment. This encampment is located right on the first E of Netherwing Ledge.
There you will get several quests 2-4 daily quests based on how many gathering professions you have, and 1 repeatable quest. Daily quests are a new type of quest implemented with this patch, you can do each one once daily, but you can only do a max of 10 a day. This won't prevent you from doing the max possible quests for this chain each day, I'm guessing it's there to prevent you from grinding up for 2 mounts at once.

The quests you get are :

A Slow Death (Daily) 250 rep
Get 12 Fel Glands from the nether rays on netherwing ledge, use these along with the quest item you received to poison the orcs working all around the ledge.

Netherdust Pollen (Daily) 250 rep
This is the quest for herbalist, simple enough gather 40 pollens from the netherdust bushes found around the ledge. I don't know the names, but there is a similar quest for miners and skinners.

Netherwing crystal (Daily) 250 rep
Collect 40 Netherwing crystals, these drop off of the flayers on the ledge and any mobs in the mines south of the encampment. I personally had the best drop rates off of the fallen in the back of the mine, but different people reported better drop rates for different things.

Not so friendly skies (Daily)
Get 10 Netherwing relics from the Dragonmaw transporters flying between Netherwing ledge and the Dragonmaw Fortress. Land on one of the floating islands between the island and the mainland and use ranged attacks to pull the transporters to you. Pretty easy quest, though their aimed shot hits for a lot so if you see the bow come out for a long time try to stun them.

Great Netherwing egg hunt (Repeatable) 350 rep first turn in, 250 subsequent turn ins
This is the only completely repeatable quest there is, and it's to turn in a netherwing egg. These eggs can come from anywhere herbs, mining, mob drops, there are even eggs that spawn along the ridge that you can click on to loot. Sadly though, the drop rate on these is incredibly low, I probably only got 15 or so during the entire rep grind. I'm not sure how common the lootable ones will be once the servers are live, I think they take a while to spawn and the server wasn't usually up long enough for them to show up.

Repeat these quests until you get to friendly which opens up :

Overseeing and you: making the right choices 350 rep
Bring 10 knothide leather and 1 tyrannitor hide to the npc to have your weapon crafted. Tryanitor is the level 71 Trex in the far north dome in Netherstorm. Note: the hide is a drop, it is not skinned

This leads to :

The Booterang (not the right name) (Daily) 350 rep
You are given a booterang and have to discipline 20 dragonmaw peons with it. Pretty easy, just fly around and look for the peons that are either sleeping or are read and angry, the booterang is usable from your mount.

Picking up the pieces (Daily) 350 rep
Collect 15 Nethermine cargo from the mine. Easy enough, just run around looking for lootable mine carts.

Dragons are the least of our problems (Daily) 350 rep
Kill 15 Nethermine Flayers are 5 Nethermine Ravagers these aren't hard to find, second path from the left at the second split in the tracks at the mine (first split doesn't matter, both take you to the same place)

Crazed & confused 350 rep
I was kind of surprised that this wasn't daily, but anyway to get to the npc stay left while going through the mines, eventually you'll see a netherdrake, drop down and you'll see the quest npc as you exit that area. The quest is to kill 5 Miners and 1 Foreman, to get to them go to the place with the flayers mentioned in the quest above and head to the right when given the choice.

Do these until you get honored

Building a Soul Cannon 500 rep
Bring the guy at camp 2 felsteel bars, 1 adamantite frame, 1 khorium power core, and one quest item. You get the quest item in terrokar forest in the area above the horde base that you can only get to with a flying mount. There's a guy there who will summon 5 elementals of each element one at a time, after you kill each of them you get the item, all easily soloable.

This leads to :

Subduing the Subduer 500 rep
Ok this quest can be difficult if you don't know what to do. Basically you have to channel a spell from your gryphon onto xxx the subduer a 73 elite in twilight ridge in nagrand. What you have to do is keep far enough back from him, and dodge his bolts to eventually drain his life down, I found it easier to train him around the center of the camp keeping across the center from him at all times (note: height has nothing to do with melee range so don't try to just fly high enough that he won't melee you). The biggest problem with this quest is that if you die while you're on your gryphon your corpse stil floats in the air, and if it's too high up you have to gy rez. However, the graveyrard you are sent to when you die in this area does not have a spirit healer. -_- if your faction controls halaa you can rez there...we didn't so I had to run all the way back to terrokar since I couldn't remember where any nagrand gys were to save my life. Once you win you get to choose between 4 green quest rewards, none of which are very overwhelming.

Disrupting the Twiligth Generator (Daily) 500 rep
Kill any 20 of the mobs at the same place as the above quest.

Race quests 500 each for first 5, 1000 for 6th
At this level you also unlock the Race quests. Basically this is a series of 6 quests where you try to fly behind each of the riders and not get knocked off by the bombs/magic/meteors they throw at you. The first 5 aren't too bad once you learn how to avoid their attacks. The final race is either really rough or bugged at the moment, because if you aren't right on top of the guy he'll despawn. The others you could get a little range to dodge at least. Also a riding crop/pally aura makes this a lot easier since he's faster than you, reward is a +10% mount speed trinket.


The greatest trap ever (Daily) (3 man group)- 500 rep
You are told that you need to lead a group of dragonmaw to attack the aldor(scryer) base, once there you talk to a few npc's then start an attack. You will have 8 non elite npc's assisting you and 1 elite npc, your goal is to keep the elite npc alive while fending off all the dragonmaw. There are several waves of these guys so just try to dps them down as best you can. Right now the quest is bugged due to the fact that all the mobs are mounted so melee dps is kind of worthless against them. The battle takes place literally 3 steps from the graveyard so it isn't hard to just walk over and rez if you die.

Repeat these till exalted and enjoy your mount

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Funny World Of Warcraft Comics

We collected a few funny comics of World Of Warcraft for you!!!

wow comics

wow comics

wow comics

wow comics

wow comics

wow comics

wow comics

wow comics

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Enchanting Guide - Dusts and Essences Info

Note - weapons will give u essences and other stuff will give u dust

Strange [1-140]
Soul [130-170]
Vision [175-225]
Dream [230-270]
Illusion [275-290]

Lesser Magic [1-80]
Greater Magic [80-100]
Lesser Astral [110-145]
Greater Astral [135-150]
Lesser Mystic [155-190]
Greater Mystic [175-200]
Lesser Nether [205-230]
Greater Nether [230-245]
Lesser Eternal [250-270]
Greater Eternal [290]

Small Glimmering [90-115]
Large Glimmering [140-150]
Small Glowing [155-175]
Large Glowing [195-200]
Small Radiant [225-265]
Large Radiant [240-250]
Small Brilliant [265-290]
Large Brilliant [290]
.................................................. .................................................. ...............................

5-8 silver
Disenchants from LVL 31-35 Blue Items, Small Chance on LVL 31-35 Green Items
10-24 silver
Disenchants from LVL 21-30 Green Armor, Chance on Weapons
25-40 silver
Disenchants from LVL 31-40 Green Armor, Chance on Weapons
50-80 silver
Disenchants from LVL 41-50 Green Armor, Chance on Weapons
1 gold 20 silver - 1 gold 30 silver
Disenchants from LVL 51-60 Green Armor, Chance on Weapons
Lesser Magic
6-8 silver
Disenchants from LVL 1-10 Green Weapons Mainly, Chance on Armor
Greater Magic
18-24 silver
Disenchants from LVL 11-15 Green Weapons Mainly, Chance on Armor
Lesser Astral
20-30 silver
Disenchants from LVL 15-20 Green Weapons Mainly, Chance on Armor
Greater Astral
60-90 silver
Disenchants from LVL 21-25 Green Weapons Mainly, Chance on Armor
Lesser Mystic
40 silver - 1 gold
Disenchants from LVL 26-30 Green Weapons Mainly, Chance on Armor
Greater Mystic
1 gold 20 silver - 3 gold
Disenchants from LVL 31-35 Green Weapons Mainly, Chance on Armor
Lesser Nether
80 silver - 2 gold
Disenchants from LVL 36-40 Green Weapons Mainly, Chance on Armor
Greater Nether
2 gold 40 silver - 6 gold
Disenchants from LVL 41-45 Green Weapons Mainly, Chance on Armor
Lesser Eternal
1 gold 20 silver - 4 gold
Disenchants from LVL 46-50 Green Weapons Mainly, Chance on Armor
Greater Eternal
3 gold 60 silver - 12 gold
Disenchants from LVL 51-60 Green Weapons Mainly, Chance on Armor
Small Glimmering
35-40 silver
Disenchants from LVL 1-20 Blue Items, Small Chance on LVL 1-20 Green Items
Large Glimmering
60-90 silver
Disenchants from LVL 21-25 Blue Items, Small Chance on LVL 21-25 Green Items
Small Glowing
80 silver - 1 gold 50 silver
Disenchants from LVL 26-30 Blue Items, Small Chance on LVL 26-30 Green Items
Large Glowing
1 gold 20 silver - 2 gold 20 silver
Disenchants from LVL 31-35 Blue Items, Small Chance on LVL 31-35 Green Items
Small Radiant
2 gold 40 silver - 2 gold 70 silver
Disenchants from LVL 36-40 Blue Items, Small Chance on LVL 36-40 Green Items
Large Radiant
3 gold 60 silver - 5 gold
Disenchants from LVL 41-45 Blue Items, Small Chance on LVL 41-45 Green Items
Small Brilliant
3 gold 60 silver - 6 gold
Disenchants from LVL 46-50 Blue Items, Small Chance on LVL 46-50 Green Items
Large Brilliant
3 gold 60 silver - 8 gold 50 silver
Disenchants from LVL 51-60 Blue Items, Small Chance on LVL 51-60 Green Items

Friday, February 15, 2008

WoW Guide: Reputation Guide


What is Reputation [used for]?

B l i z z Q u o t e:
Reputation determines whether certain NPCs react kindly to you or try to kill you on sight, among other things. A number of quests are only available if you have reached a certain level with a particular faction, while some quests will alter your faction when you finish them.

Reputation is, for a large number of players, their end-game. After getting all the gear, and countless raids against the Horde/Alliance, this is the only avenue for further progress in the game.

What is a Faction?
A Faction is a race, group, or organization that exists in the World of Warcraft. Some Factions are against other Factions, so you can't be liked by both. Examples of a Faction are Stormwind (Humans) and Ogrimmar (Orcs).

What is a Team?
A Team is a group of Factions tied together, both in the story and on the Reputation tab. Alliance, Horde, and Steamwheedle Cartel are the only Teams currently in the game. "Other" is not a Team.

What is Reputation Spillover?
This is the term given to the effect seen when a Reputation gain in one of the Teams will raise your Reputation in all or some of the other Factions in the Team. Not all quests have give Spillover, and not all quests with Spillover are confined to Teams. Spillover is related entirely to the quest or mob giving the Reputation. Blizzard calls this effect "rippling".

What is Reputation Reduction?
This is the term given to the effect seen when a Reputation from a mob or quest is lower because of the level difference. Once the mob goes Grey, or a quest is six levels below you, you lose 20% of the total Reputation possible for the kill/completion for each level. This goes this way for four levels, until you reach the minimum Reputation gain of 20%. Example:

Morrowgrain to Darnassus/Feathermoon Stronghold is a level 50 quest. At level 56 it becomes Grey. The level rewards look like this.
Level 47 - 55: 25 points (100%)
Level 56: 20 points (80%)
Level 57: 15 points (60%)
Level 58: 10 points (40%)
Level 59: 5 points (20%)
Level 60: 5 points (20%)

What is an RRQ?
RRQ stands for Repeatable Reputation Quest. These quests, unlike normal quests, can be done multiple times, with each completion giving Reputation as a reward. Some RRQs also give items, money, or exp when completed as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I gain Reputation?
You gain reputation by completing quests and killing enemies applicable to a given faction. You have to damage the enemy in order to get reputation, you can't just be in a group and soak it up. You also get a bonus to your race's reputation when you create your character.

What Reputations Levels exist?
Exalted - Allows Highest level of accolade attainable with a faction
Revered - Special reputation level reserved for special heroes
Honored - 10% discount on bought items from vendors
Friendly - Standard reputation level for factions on a players team
Neutral - Standard reputation level for factions not on a players team that are not KOS
Unfriendly - Cannot buy, sell, or interact
Hostile - KOS
Hated - KOS; all opposing team factions are set permanently to the lowest level here
Additional Info

How can I see if/how much my Reputation Changes?
If you are using the default UI, move your pointer over the chat window. After a second, the tabs above the window will become visible. Click on Combat Log, or click and drag it to separate the windows to show your combat information, which includes reputation gains and losses. Some reputations will not show up in the combat log without a mod, since the updates to reputation are sometimes not notified to the player.

Is there any way to see a more detailed Reputation Change information?
Yes, there are currently a few mods that add information to the Reputation page.
This one is kinde the Best out there -> Reputation AddOn

How many Reputation Points are there for each level?
Exalted: 1000 points
Revered: 21000 points
Honored: 12000 points
Friendly: 6000 points
Neutral: 3000 points
Unfriendly: 3000 points
Hostile: 3000 points
Hated: 36000 points

Does the state of the quest (Color) effect the Reputation gain from the quest?
Yes, in that the level difference between your level and the level of the quest determines how much Reputation you receive of the total reward. Red, Orange, Yellow and Green quests give all of the total Reputation award for the quest, while Grey quests give a diminishing return based on your level compared to the quest level. See Reputation Reduction.

Does the state of the Reputation-raising mob (Color) effect the reputation gain from the mob? Yes, just like quests. The level of the quest corresponds to how much Reputation you receive of the total reward. Red, Orange, Yellow and Green quests give all of the reputation award for the quest, while Grey quests give a diminishing return based on your level compared to the quest level. See Reputation Reduction.

How do I get a cross-faction mount?
The only way to get a cross-faction mount is to gain Exalted status with the particular faction whose mount you want to attain. Horde and Alliance cannot access each other's mounts at this time. Other restrictions are that Mechostriders are rideable only by Gnomes and Dwarves, and Taurens can only ride Kodos and Baron Rivendare's Mount.
Currently there are only 4 factions with mounts that you can get Exalted with: Stormwind, Darnassus, Ogrimmar, and Thunderbluff. Only Stormwind and Ogrimmar are feasible at this time though.

How do I get an Alliance Mount as a member of the Horde, or a Horde mount as a member of the Alliance? You cannot. There is no way to gain reputation with the Horde as a member of the Alliance, or vice versa, so you cannot gain training to ride the mounts.

Does/Will Honor effect Reputation?
At this stage, no. However, there may be an indication that you can get an additional 10% off vendors, or perhaps in place of getting Honored. Time will tell on this one.

Why aren't Alliance/Horde quests listed in the FAQ?
There are currently a large number of quests that involve the main Teams, with incorrect reputation gains, i.e. wrong faction gain or no faction at all. Often whole lines of quests do not have any reputation gains despite interacting with major NPCs. Also, 80% (rough guess) of the people interested in the Reputation Issue, have already completed the earlier quests prior to the existence of this thread, and a mod that shows what the gains are. Hopefully this info will be added at a future point though.

What are the Repeatable Reputation Quests (RRQs)?
For Darnassus reputation: "Morrowgrain to Darnassus" and "Morrowgrain to Feathermoon"
For Stormwind reputation: "Lost Supplies"
For Ogrimmar reputation: "Chen's Empty Keg"
For Thunderbluff reputation: "Morrowgrain to Thunderbluff"
For Gadgetzan reputation : "Water Pouch Bounty"
For Argent Dawn reputation: Cauldron and Scourgestone quests.
For Timbermaw Furbolgs: "Timbermaw Ally", "Deadwood of the North", and "Winterfall Activity"
For Thorium Order reputation: Molten Core item requisitions.
For Wildhammer Clan reputation: "Troll Necklace Bounty"
For Wintersaber Trainers reputation: "Frostsaber Provisions", "Winterfall Intrusion" , "Rampaging Giant"

What Factions are out there?

Gnomeregan Exiles
Darkspear Trolls
Thunder Bluff
Steamwheedle Cartel:
Booty Bay
Azshara Alliance
Azshara Horde
Frostwolf Clan
Stormpike Guard
Argent Dawn
Bloodsail Buccaneers
Cenarion Circle
Gelkis Clan Centaur
Hydraxian Waterlords
Magram Clan Centaur
Thorium Brotherhood
Timbermaw Furbolgs
Wildhammer Clan
Wintersaber Trainers

Which Factions can you gain Exalted with?

Thunder Bluff
Steamwheedle Cartel:
Argent Dawn
Thorium Brotherhood
Timbermaw Furbolgs
Wildhammer Clan
Wintersaber Trainers

Alliance Factions
The Alliance is composed of Darnassus, Gnomeregan Exiles, Ironforge, and Stormwind.

Darnassus is the capital of the Night Elves, located in Kalimdor.
Mobs killable for Darnassus Reputation are:
Shadowprey Guardian Limit: Honored 6000/12000
RRQs that raise Darnassus Reputation are:
Morrowgrain to Darnassus
Morrowgrain to Feathermoon
Known Faction related bonuses:
At Honored you receive a 10% decrease on vendor purchases.
At Exalted you can purchase a tiger mount, and learn Tiger Riding.
Gnomeregan Exiles:
The Gnomeregan Exiles have been ousted from their capital of Gnomeregan, and now reside in Ironforge.
Mobs killable for Gnomeregan Exile Reputation are:
Shadowprey Guardian Limit: Honored 6000/12000
Known Faction related bonuses:
At Honored you receive a 10% decrease on vendor purchases.
At Exalted you can purchase a mechanostrider mount, and learn Mechanostrider Piloting.
Note: Only Dwarves and Gnomes are small enough to ride a mechanostrider.
Ironforge, capital of the Dwarves, is the business center of the Alliance, sporting the only Auction House for the Alliance.
Mobs killable for Ironforge Reputation are:
Shadowprey Guardian Limit: Honored 6000/12000
Known Faction related bonuses:
At Honored you receive a 10% decrease on vendor purchases.
At Exalted you can purchase a ram mount, and learn Ram Riding.
Stormwind is the capital of the Humans.
Mobs killable for Gnomeregan Exile Reputation are:
Shadowprey Guardian Limit: Honored 6000/12000
RRQs that raise Stormwind Reputation are:
Lost Supplies
Known Faction related bonuses:
At Honored you receive a 10% decrease on vendor purchases.
At Exalted you can purchase a horse mount, and learn Horse Riding.
Horde Factions
The Horde is composed of Ogrimmar, Darkspear Trolls, Undercity, and Thunder Bluff. No mobs raise Reputation for any of the Horde Factions. The only way to raise Reputation is by completing quests.

Ogrimmar is capital of the Orcs, located in Northern Durator.
RRQs that raise Ogrimmar Reputation are:
Chen's Empty Keg
Known Faction related bonuses:
At Honored you receive a 10% decrease on vendor purchases.
At Exalted you can purchase a wolf mount, and learn Wolf Riding
Darkspear Trolls:
The Darkspear Trolls are outcasts from other Trolls, so have allied themselves with the Horde.
Known Faction related bonuses:
At Honored you receive a 10% decrease on vendor purchases.
At Exalted you can purchase a raptor mount, and learn Raptor Riding
Undead Forsaken players have lower-than-normal starting reputation with their team's Troll, Tauren, and Orc factions. Undercity is located underneath the ruins of Lorderan.
Known Faction related bonuses:
At Honored you receive a 10% decrease on vendor purchases.
At Exalted you can purchase a horse mount, and learn Horse Riding
Thunder Bluff:
Thunder Bluff is the capital of the Tauren.
RRQs that raise Thunder Bluff Reputation are:
Morrowgrain to Thunderbluff
Known Faction related bonuses:
At Honored you receive a 10% decrease on vendor purchases.
At Exalted you can purchase a Kodo mount, and learn Kodo Riding
Taurens are too big to ride any mount but a Kodo or Baren Rivendare's Mount.
Steamwheedle Cartel
Primarily a goblin run organization, whose capital is the yet unexplorable Undermine.
Booty Bay:
Neutral port located in Stranglethorn Vale. Has a boat that runs to Ratchet.

Mobs killable for Booty Bay reputation are:
Bloodsail Deckhand Limit: Friendly 3000/6000
Bloodsail Elder Magus Limit: Friendly 3000/6000
Bloodsail Mage Limit: Friendly 3000/6000
Bloodsail Raider Limit: Friendly 3000/6000
Bloodsail Sea Dog Limit: Friendly 3000/6000
Bloodsail Swabby Limit: Friendly 3000/6000
Bloodsail Swashbuckler Limit: Friendly 3000/6000
Bloodsail Warlock Limit: Friendly 3000/6000
Captain Keelhaul
Captain Stillwater
Fleet Master Firallon
Foreman Cozzle
Venture Co. Foreman
Venture Co. Geologist
Venture Co. Mechanic
Venture Co. Miner
Venture Co. Shredder
Venture Co. Strip Miner
Venture Co. Tinkerer
Venture Co. Workboss

Known Faction related bonuses:
At Honored you receive a 10% decrease on vendor purchases.
Neutral goblin town located in Winterspring. No mobs raise Everlook Reputation.
Known Faction related bonuses:
At Honored you receive a 10% decrease on vendor purchases.
Neutral town located in Tanaris.

Mobs killable for Gadgetzan reputation are:
Andre Firebeard
Caliph Scorpidsting
Southsea Dock Worker
Southsea Freebooter
Southsea Pirate
Southsea Swashbuckler
Wastewander Assassin Limit: Friendly 3000/6000
Wastewander Bandit Limit: Friendly 3000/6000
Wastewander Rogue Limit: Friendly 3000/6000
Wastewander Scofflaw Limit: Friendly 3000/6000
Wastewander Shadow Mage Limit: Friendly 3000/6000
Wastewander Thief

RRQs that raise Gadgetzan Reputation are:
Water Pouch Bounty

Known Faction related bonuses:
At Honored you receive a 10% decrease on vendor purchases.
Neutral city on the east coast of Barrens. Has a boat that runs to Booty Bay.
Mobs killable for Ratchet reputation are:
Baron Longshore Limit: Honored 6000/12000
Southsea Brigand Limit: Honored 6000/12000
Southsea Cannoneer Limit: Honored 6000/12000
Southsea Cutthroat Limit: Honored 6000/12000
Southsea Privateer Limit: Honored 6000/12000

Quests that raise Ratchet faction are:
Winds in the Desert
Securing the Lines
Bone Collector

Known Faction related bonuses:
At Honored you receive a 10% decrease on vendor purchases.
Battlegrounds Factions
It is unknown if the Battleground Factions will be part of the Alliance/Horde, have their own category, or become another one of the "Other" factions.

Azshara Alliance:
Nothing is known about this Faction.

Azshara Horde:
Nothing is known about this Faction.

Frostwolf Clan:
Alterac Mountain Battlegrounds Faction that is Horde only.

Stormpike Guard:
Alterac Mountain Battlegrounds Faction that is Alliance only.


Argent Dawn:
Argent Dawn is a cross-Faction organization that is united to fight the Scourge. Stormwind has an Argent Dawn guildhouse next to the City Hall, but it is empty. Darnassus's guild house has members who give quests that lead you to Blackfathom deeps. When you get to level 50 or so, you can begin to gain faction with them in the Plagulands by collecting Scourgestones and killing undead.
Quests that raise AD faction are:
In Search of Thaelrid
Blackfathom Villainy
Twilight Falls
Sceptre of Light
Book of the Ancients

RRQs that raise Argent Dawn Reputation
Dalson's Tears Cauldron
The Scourgestone quests

Known Faction related bonuses:
At Friendly you can purchase Enriched Manna Biscuit,
At Honored you can purchase Major Healing Potion, Major Mana Potion, Recipe: Transmute Air to Fire.
At Revered you can purchase Blessed Sunfruit, Blessed Sunfruit Juice, and exchange 10 Valor Tokens and 9g for a Arcane, Flame, Frost, Nature, or Shadow Mantle of the Dawn.
At Exalted you can exchange 25 Valor Tokens for a Chromatic Mantle of the Dawn.
Bloodsail Buccaneers:
Enemy of Booty Bay. Some quests that raise reputation with Booty Bay will also lower your reputation with the Bloodsail Buccaneers.

Mobs killable for BB reputation are:
Blackwater Deckhand
Captain Steelgut
Catelyn the Blade
Deckhand Moishe
Dizzy One-Eye
Doctor Draxlegauge
Fin Fizracket
First Mate Crazz
First Mate Nilzlix
Fleet Master Seahorn
Lolo the Lookout
Professor Phizzlethorpe
Shakes O'Breen
Whiskey Slim

Known Faction related bonuses:
At Unfriendly you are no longer KOS to them.
At Friendly you can get the quest "Avast Ye, Scallywag" and "Avast Ye, Admiral!".
Cenarian Circle:
A group of Druids located primarily in Moonglade. No known mobs raise Cenarion Circle Reputation.

Quests that raise Cenarian Circle faction are:
Corruption of Earth and Seed
Gelkis and Magram Centaurs:
Centaur factions in Desolace. It has been reported that you can do both sides of this, by doing first one side, then the other. No quests are known to raise any reputation with these clans, even quests given by the centaurs themselves.
Hydraxian Waterlords:
Located in Azshara, any mob kills in Molten Core seem to increase reputation with them.

Mobs killable for Hydraxian Waterlords Reputation are:
Desert Rumbler
Dust Stormer
Greater Obsidian Elemental
An assassin guild opposed to the Syndicate. Seems like it might only be possible for a rogue to gain Reputation with them. Their headquarters are located in Arathi Highlands, but to get there you have to come from the northeast corner of Hillsbrad. The only way found (so far) to raise reputation is to turn in pick-pocketed Syndicate Emblems (usually 25 - 35, depending on your level). So far there is no way to get above Friendly, and no reward for obtaining Friendly.
New Faction related to Dire Maul in some way.
Syndicate are a shadowy group that doesn't seem to have any friends. Despite having a strong presence in Hillsbrad, Arathi, and Alterac, none of those NPC kills in those zones cause you to lose reputation with them.
Thorium Brotherhood:
Located in Winterspring and Blackrock Depths. The quests are turn-in quests to Lokhtos Darkbargainer.

RRQs that raise Thorium Brotherhood are:
Dark Iron Ore (10)
Core Leather (4)
Blood of the Mountain (1)
Fiery Cores (4)
Lava Cores (4)

Known Faction related bonuses:
At Friendly you can purchase Pattern: Corehound Boots, Pattern: Flarecore Gloves, Pattern:

Molten Helm, and Plans: Dark Iron Bracers.
At Honored you can purchase Pattern: Black Dragonscale Boots, Pattern: Flarecore Mantle,

Plans: Dark Iron Reaver, and Plans: Fiery Chain Girdle.
At Revered you can purchase Plans: Fiery Chain Shoulders.
At Exalted you can purchase Plans: Dark Iron Destroyer, Plans: Dark Iron Leggings, and

Schematic: Repair Robot.
Timbermaw Furbolgs:
Furbolgs in Moonglade, Felwood and Azshara. You originally start out hostile to them.

Mobs killable for TF reputation are:
Chieftain Bloodmaw
Deadwood Avenger
Deadwood Den Watcher
Deadwood Gardener
Deadwood Pathfinder
Deadwood Shaman
Deadwood Warrior
High Chief Winterfall
Overlord Ror
Winterfall Den Watcher
Winterfall Pathfinder When patch goes live
Winterfall Runner
Winterfall Shaman
Winterfall Totemic
Winterfall Ursa

RRQs that raise Timberma Furbolg Reputation are:
Timbermaw Ally
Deadwood of the North
Winterfall Activity

Known Faction related bonuses:
At Hostile you can get the RRQ "Timbermaw Ally" from Grazle.
At Unfriendly they are no longer flagged to KOS.
At Neutral you can get the RRQ "Deadwood of the North" from Grazle.
At Friendly you can get a quest for the Mooncloth Boots recipe.
At Honored Gorn One Eye will sell to you.
Wildhammer Clan:
The neutral Dwarves of the Hinterlands. They used to be located in Grim Batol, but had to abandon it when the Red Dragonflight and the Horde attacked. This is an Alliance only faction.

Mobs killable for WH reputation are:
Vilebranch Aman'zasi Guard
Vilebranch Ambusher
Vilebranch Axe Thrower
Vilebranch Berserker
Vilebranch Blood Drinker
Vilebranch Headhunter
Vilebranch Headhunter
Vilebranch Hideskinner
Vilebranch Scalper
Vilebranch Shadow Hunter
Vilebranch Shadowcaster
Vilebranch Soothsayer
Vilebranch Soul Eater
Vilebranch Witch Doctor
Witherbark Axe Thrower
Witherbark Berserker
Witherbark Caller
Witherbark Headhunter
Witherbark Hideskinner
Witherbark Sadist
Witherbark Scalper
Witherbark Shadow Hunter
Witherbark Shadowcaster
Witherbark Troll
Witherbark Venomblood
Wihterbark Witch Doctor
Witherbark Zealot
Zalas Witherbark
Zul'arek Hatefowler

RRQs that raise Wildhammer Clan Reputation are:
Troll Necklace Bounty

Known Faction related bonuses:
At Honored you receive a 10% decrease on vendor purchases.
Note: Currently the NPC selling PVP gear is marked Wildhammer
Wintersaber Trainers
An Alliance only faction, allows you to get the Wintersaber Mount at Exalted faction. For any race besides Night Elf, you will have to have attained Exalted with Darnassus as well, to learn Tiger Riding.

RRQs that raise Wintersaber Trainers Reputationtion are:
Frostsaber Provisions
Winterfall Intrusion
Rampaging Giant

Known Faction related bonuses:
At Exalted you can purchase a Wintersaber Mount.

WoW: Ultimate Pet Guide

So you have your ultimate pet, or so you think. Many people don't realize this, but as a hunter you can train your pets in skills other than "growl". How you ask? That is the purpose of this tutorial!

So for instance, let's say you trained a standard brown bear from an area such as Loch Modan. Did you know that same bear can learn THREE other HIGHLY useful skills? Unfortunately, you can't learn these skills from the standard pet trainer, you have to learn them "yourself" by training other pets around Azeroth.

Pet Skill Descriptions/Purpose

1. Growl: This is the standard skill which all pets can learn from the pet trainer. Essentially this skill makes your pet draw aggro from the mob, forcing it to attack it and keep you at a safe distance where you can continue to pelt it with your ranged weapon. This skill is best left on "auto-cast" where your pet will continually growl until it is out of focus.
2. Bite: This is a "special skill", which causes much more damage than your standard attack. Unlike your standard attack, this special move uses some of your pet's focus points so when set on auto-cast along with growl it can sap up your pet's focus rather quickly. However, using bite/growl along with your ranged weapon you'll be able to kill mobs much more quickly.
3. Claw: This is the rolls royce of all pet attacks. It is widely considered to be far superior than bite, due to its quick recast time (just a few seconds compared to bite's 10 seconds). In addition to the quick recast time, it takes up significantly less focus than bite. Keep in mind however, when combined with growl the quick recast time will have your focus disappearing very quickly. That being said, your pet causes so much more damage your mob will likely be dead when combined with the power of your ranged weapon. This is a MUST have pet skill.
4. Cower: This causes your pet to "disengage" from the mob it is currently aggroed on, however to get the mob to leave your pet and aggro you instead you need to start blasting it with your ranged weapon. It's extremely useful in the following fashion:

a. Have your pet attack the mob, while you stand back at maximum range.
b. Once your pet has aggroed the mob with growl, and used claw/bite a few times start blasting.
c. Let your pet get close to death, and turn off the growl/claw (or bite) skill, and enable cower. The mob will soon aggro you instead.
d. Continue blasting the mob, and switch to your melee weapons once in range.

e. After you've hit the mob a few times turn claw or bite back on your pet, and have it attack the mob once again. You can completely dominate mobs a few levels higher than
you in this way.

"Keeper Pet"/Eligible Pets

First thing you'll need to do is determine your "keeper" pet, or the pet you wish to use throughout the game. At this point there are really only a few options.

I highly recommend going with a pet who can use Claw/Cower/Growl. Unfortunately the following pet types do not support the "claw" special move.


This may seem very inconvenient, but I assure you the growl/cower/claw combo simply can't be touched by other combinations in the game. Try it and you'll be shocked. So that leaves you with the following choices of pets for your "keeper" pet.


The 6 pet types above can attain the coveted growl/cower/claw combo I continue to praise thus far in this tutorial. So go get one! Now onto how to actually train your new best friend in the ultimate 3 skill combo.

How/Where to Learn these New Skills

As mentioned earlier, your local pet trainer only teaches you one skill...."Growl". So how can you learn the other skills such as bite, claw and cower? Here are the details.

First things first, after taming your "keeper" pet, go to your local stableman/woman and buy a stable for your pet. Throw him in there, and head back out to the wild and tame an animal which already has the skill you desire in their arsenal.

After taming one of these animals your character can "learn" their individual skill by having it attack an opposing mob. For instance, after taming an "ice claw" bear in the Dun Morogh area, feeding it some food (to make sure it doesn't run away) and having it attack another mob with its claw skill, you will receive a message saying "you have learned a new skill: claw". So at this point, when you access your "best training" area via the general skills area you now have the ability to teach any eligible pet the claw skill (in other words your keeper pet)! Not the most obvious thing in the world, and a feature somewhat hidden by the dev staff.

So, now that you know the method to learn these new skills, you need to know which pets innately have these skills in the wild, here is a list of mobs (sorted by skill/level/area)
which you can use to start the taming process.

Skill: Bite

The following mobs have the "bite" skill in their arsenal immediately after taming.

Bite Level One (9-11 Damage, Requires Pet Level 1)
- Dun Morogh: Snow Tracker Wolf, Winter Wolf
- Durotar: Dreadmaw Crocolisk (9-11)
- Mulgore: Prairie Wolf
- Teldrassil: Webwood Venomfang

Bite Level Two (16-18 Damage, Requires Pet Level 8)
- Barrens: Eycheyakee, Highmane Huntress, Highmane Prowler, Oasis Snapjaw
- Dun Morogh: Starving Winter Wolf, Timber
- Ellwyn Forest: Prowler
- Loch Modan: Forest Lurker, Loch Crocolisk
- Mulgore: Prairie Wolf Alpha
- Redridge Mountains: Tarantula
- Teldrassil: Giant Webwood Spider, Lady Sathrah, Webwood Silkspinner
- Tirisfal Glades: Worg
- Westfall: Coyote Packleader

Bite Level Three (16-18 Damage, Requires Pet Level 16)
- Ashenvale: Ghost Paw Runner
- Duskwood: Green Recluse
- Hillsbrad Foothills: Spider
- Loch Modan: Wood Lurker
- Redridge: Greater Tarantula
- Silverpine: Bloodsnout Worg
- Stonetalon Mountains: Besseleth
- Tarren Mills: Forest Moss Creeper
- Wailing Caverns: Deviate Crocolisk

Bite Level Four (31-37 Damage, Requires Pet Level 24)
- Ashenvale: Ghostpaw Alpha
- Blackfathom Deep: Ghamoo-Ra
- Duskwood: Black Mastiff, Naraxis
- Hillsbrad Foothills: Giant Moss Creeper, Snapjaw
- Tarren Mills: Elder Moss Creeper
- Wetlands: Giant Wetlands Crocolisk

Bite Level Five (40-48 Damage, Requires Pet Level 32)
- Arathi Highlands: Giant Plains Creeper, Plains Creeper
- Badlads: Crag Coyote
- Dustwallow Marsh: Darkfang Lurker, Drywallow Crocolisk
- Thousand Needles: Turtle

Bite Level Six (49-59 Damage, Requires Pet Level 40)
- Feralas: Longtooth Runner, Snarler, Undead Wolf
- Hinterlands: Witherbark Broodguard
- Swamp of Sorrows: Deathstrike Tarantula

Bite Level Seven (66-80 Damage, Requires Pet Level 48)
- Felwood: Felpaw Ravager
- Hinterlands: Saltwater Snapjaw, Vilebranch Raiding Wolf
- Western Plagueland: Diseased Wolf, Plague Lurker

Bite Level Eight (81-99 Damage, Requires Pet Level 56)
- Blackrock Spires: Bloodaxe Warg

Skill: Claw

Claw Level One (4-6 Damage, Requires Pet Level 1)
- Dun Morogh: Ice Claw Bear
- Durotar: Pygmy Surf Crawler
- Teldrassil: Strigid Owl

Claw Level Two (8-12 Damage, Requires Pet Level 8)
- Darkshore: Thistle Bear
- Dun Morogh: Bjarn, Mangeclaw
- Durotar: Encrusted Surf Crawler, Venomtail Scorpid
- Ellwyn Forest: Young Forest Bear
- Orgrimmar: Scorpid
- Silverpine: Bear
- Teldrassil: Strigid Hunter

Claw Level Three (12-16 Damage, Requires Pet Level 16)
- Ashenvale: Ashenvale Bear, Clattering Crawler
- Darkshore: Den Mother
- Hillsbrad Foothills: Gray Bear
- Loch Modan: Black Bear Patriarch, Ol' Sooty
- Tarren Mills: Gray Bear
- Westfall: Crab

Claw Level Four (16-22 Damage, Requires Pet Level 24)
- Ashenvale: Elder Ashenvale Bear
- Desolace: Scorpions
- Shimmering Flats: Scorpid Reaver
- Thousand Needles: Scorpion

Claw Level Five (21-29 Damage, Requires Pet Level 32)
- Desolace: Scorpashi Lasher

Claw Level Six (26-36 Damage, Requires Pet Level 40)
- Feralas: Ironfur Bear
- Swamp of Sorrows: Silt Crawler
- Tanaris: Scorpid Hunter

Claw Level Seven (35-49 Damage, Requires Pet Level 48)
- Burning Steppes: Deathlash Scorpid
- Felwood: Angerclaw Mauler, Ironbeak Hunter
- Feralas: Ironfur Patriarch
- Winterspring: Shardtooth Bear, Winterspring Owl

Claw Level Eight (43-59 Damage, Requires Pet Level 56)
- Western Plaguelands: Diseased Grizzly
- Winterspring: Elder Shardtooth, Winterspring Screecher

Skill: Cower

Cower Level One (Requires Pet Level 1)
- Barrens: Elder Plainstrider, Fleeting Plainstrider
- Darkshore: Foreststrider Fledging, Moonstalker Runt
- Dun Morogh: Juvenile Snow Leopard
- Durotar: Durotar Tiger
- Mulgore: Elder Plainstrider, Flatland Cougar, Mazzranache
- Teldrassil: Mangy Nightsaber, Nightsaber
- Tirisfal Glades: Greater Duskbat

Cower Level Two (Requires Pet Level 8)
- Barrens: Ornery Plainstrider
- Darkshore: Giant Foreststrider, Moonstalker Sire
- Hillsbrad Foothills: Starving Mountain Lion
- Stonetalon Mountains: Panther, Twilight Hunter, Twilight Runner

Cower Level Three (Requires Pet Level 16)
- Arathi Highlands: Highland Strider
- Hillsbrad Foothills: Feral Mountain Lion
- Razorfen Kraul: Kraul Bat
- Stranglethorn Vale: Stranglethorn Tiger, Young Stranglethorn Panther, Young Stranglethorn Tiger
- Thousand Needles: Crag Stalker

Cower Level Four (Requires Pet Level 24)
- Badlands: Ridge Huntress, Ridge Stalker

Cower Level Five (Requires Pet Level 32)
- Eastern Plaguelands: Noxious Plaguebat
- Stranglethorn Vale: Jaugero cat near Booty Bay

Cower Level Six (Requires Pet Level 40)
- Eastern Plaguelands: Monstrous Plaguebat
- Winterspring: Frostsaber Cub

Skill: Growl

This skill can be learned from any local pet trainer, for all levels 1-8. No need to tame any pet to learn.

Growl Level One (Required Pet Level 1)
Growl Level Two (Required Pet Level 8)
Growl Level Three (Required Pet Level 16)
Growl Level Four (Required Pet Level 24)
Growl Level Five (Required Pet Level 32)
Growl Level Six (Required Pet Level 40)
Growl Level Seven (Required Pet Level 48)
Growl Level Eight (Required Pet Level 56)


Hopefully this will help clear up some of the more confusing aspects of pet training as a hunter. I assure you by following the directions laid out in this tutorial, you can achieve the most potent pet/hunter combination in the game.

Have fun.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Making Money in World of Warcraft

The most common topic I see posted in the forums is a complaint by people nearing level 40 that they can't afford to buy their mount. How do you make that much gold? Well I decided to write up a guide to give you my personal pointers on making money in WoW. It's actually very easy to make a lot of money in the game if you understand the mechanics and play at least some of the time in a way meant to maximize your income. These are in no particular order. I suggest you do as many as you can, but of course the main point of the game is to have fun, so if you find something simply not fun, skip it.

1. Play Solo. I'm not saying never play in a group, but the reality is that most money making activities are done solo in this game. Just do the math. 5 people evenly dividing the loot means you will have to kill 5 times as many mobs to make the same amount of money, and the reality is that even the best group will not come anywhere close to killing at that rate. Plus, green items drop on average once per 40 kills. Blues drop more like once per a thousand kills. Most people never see a purple drop. And on top of that, not every green is the same. Some are far more valuable than others. If you are soloing, you get every drop. In a group, you need to roll. Over all, you will make a lot more money soloing than grouping. My solution is to find a group when I know I have 4+ hours to play and to solo the rest of the time.

2. Learn how to use the AH. This is a multi-parter.

(a) If you played for several hours and end the day with only a handful of auctions, you are doing something wrong. A 3 to 4 hour play session soloing should yield you 15 to 20 items worth auctioning. Keep in mind that every item that is not gray is worth something to someone. Before clicking sell to a vendor, alt-tab out to and look at the AH median prices for that item. You may be surprised at how valuable some items are. Many of the best AH items in the game are not green, blue or purple, but instead are white. Sell everything you can in the AH, not to the vendors. Cloth is an especially valuable thing to sell that tends to drop in large quanities when you hunt. When in doubt, put it up for sale and see what happens.

(b) Make sure you always put a buyout for an item you put for sale. Nine times out of ten, someone interested in your item in the AH wants it now, and if he can't get it now, he's not interested. Except for particularly rare items, no buyout usually means no sale. Figuring a buyout is tricky. I generally use the rule of 3 times the recommended base price for greens. Blues and purples are pretty much sky's the limit. If nobody buys it, you can always list it again. For white items, check if any others are for sale and use that as a reference.

(c) Learn your local AH price structure. Most white items drop over and over again. This means you will be selling them almost every day. Try to remember the prices you got for the next time. Jot them down if need be. Over time, you will start to get a feel for what people will pay for certain items. This lets you start to play the buy and sell game. Whenever you log into the AH, scroll through all of the items for sale and look for bargains. If you see an item for sale for 50% or lower of the expected value, buy it and put it back up for the right price. You may go days without seeing any good bargains, but those you do catch can often yield a lot of gold. I typically spend about 15 to 20 minutes at the beginning and end of each play session just scrolling through the AH looking for anything interesting. Over time, this will generate a lot of gp for you.

(d) Never pass a vendor by without checking him first. The more remote the location of the vendor, the more this rule applies. Vendors often have rare items for sale that when bought disappear for a set time period. Many of these items sell for 5 to 10 times what you pay for them in the AH. You can tell these items because they will have a number on their icon. Learn who sells what and memorize it. Trade skill recipes in particular resell very well in the AH. For example, you can buy the recipe for the superior mana potion in The Undercity for 1.2 GP and resell it in the AH for as much as 6 GP. Many food and drink vendors have rare potions for sale. A Superior Healing Potion sells for 9 SP from a vendor and resells in the AH for 50 SP. The beauty of these items is that their vendor resale price is always very low, which means they are also cheap to list in the AH. This means you can afford to list them several times until they sell and still make quite a bit off of them.

(e) Learn what stats are valued by other classes. Items sell best that boost the target stats. All classes can use stamina. Casters look to boost intelligence most of all. Fighters want to boost strength. Hunters and rogues agility. Paladins are fighters, but also want extra intelligence. Casting classes can also use some extra spirit, though many consider it worthless. Things that boost attacks, spell damage, crits, etc. are very well liked.

3. Pick up a Trade Skill. WoW trade skills are actually very profitable. If you are playing and have skipped this aspect of the game, you are missing out of a significant source of gold. You can choose to pick one of the creation/gathering combinations like herbalism/alchemy, or to do two gathering professions and sell what you get to the other players. Each method will make you money. Skinning, mining and herbalism sold through the AH can all be very profitable. Many players do a combination of two gathering skills to make money. However, you can also do well with a creation/gathering combination. The key to playing a creation/gathering trade skill well is to learn what sells and what doesn't. Probably 90% of all items made by trades are useless and will never be able to be sold to other players. I suggest you click on each item on the site and see where it's AH prices are listed as and concentrate on those items with the highest prices. Gather the ingredients yourself. This may mean devoting a couple hours a week to just running around and finding herbs or ores, but it is worth it over buying raw ingredients from other players. Use our object maps to see which zones have the most spawn points for what you need to gather and then milk that zone in the game's off hours if possible. Then make and sell the items. Except for something like healing and mana potions, you are better off only putting one of each item up at a time. Keep in mind other crafters are putting up similar items and more items for sale generally means lower prices. It's in everyone's best interest not to flood the market (well the crafters interest any ways). If you devote several hours a week to crafting, you can make quite a nice profit off of it over time.

4. Grind, don't quest. I'm not saying don't ever do quests. Quests are fun and a huge part of the game. When playing purely for fun, by all means do all the quests you can. When you decide to try to make some money, however, you have to grind. What is grinding? It means finding a spot with a nice set of mobs that can be pulled one at a time and spawn over time faster than you can kill them. The best grinding spots also feature a recurring chest or perhaps a potential silver elite. Settle into your chosen spot and kill, kill, kill. Keep going until your bags are full and you have to return to town. If you are a premium member of our site, use our mob value chart to find the best value mobs for your level and pick your spot based upon that. If you don't have that, look for camps of humanoids, as they tend to drop money as well as items. Keep in mind that the loot difference between mobs several levels below you and several levels above you is usually not that great, so when grinding strictly for loot, go for lower level mobs, as you will kill them faster and thus get more loot more quickly. Another thing to keep in mind is that elites drop green, blues and purples at 3 to 4 times higher a rate than non-elites. Thus, grinding elites even 8 to 10 levels lower than you will get you a lot more loot over time than grinding same level non-elites. There are lots of outdoors areas full of elites that can be single pulled. You can also try instances 5 to 10 levels below you and solo there. By far my favorite instance to solo is the Scarlet Monastery. It's the only one I have found that has mostly single or double pulls throughout the dungeon.

5. Learn how to use our site. Since you are reading this, you must use the site to some extent. Are you using it to its fullest? Are you aware that every item has a complete and up to date set of AH prices listed for it? Always check that before selling to a vendor and also to set the price you sell at in the AH. Did you know that each mob has a mob value on it that is calculated based upon their drop types and percentages and the AH and vendor prices of those items? If you are camping mobs with low values, maybe you should think of going somewhere else. Also, the mob listings show the % chance of the mob dropping a green, blue or purple. Surprisingly, this can vary by several % points. If you are camping a mob with only a 1.5% chance of dropping a green when most other mobs drop at 2.5%, maybe you should consider moving somewhere else. Wondering where to hunt? Check the zone level chart and the zone mob lists to see what it available. Or search quests by level to get quests you can do. If you are a premium member, don't forget the Mob Value Search. I've gotten to the point where I use that daily before deciding where I want to hunt that day. Check the guides section. We have guides on out of the way hunting areas, guides detailing specific zones, general hunting guides, etc. Many of these are very useful in deciding where and how to play the game. Looking for recipes for your trade skill? Look it up here first before buying it in the AH. It may well be sold for far less on some vendor somewhere. Have you ever looked at the Interactive Maps? One really cool one is the rares map. This lets you find were silver elites spawn in every zone. If you are in a zone hunting, especially a more remote one, check the rare map and run over to see if the silver elite is spawned. Those almost always drop a nice item.

Most important of all, have fun. Remember it's only a game.

Incoming dragonhawk mounts?

dragonhawk mount

I love new mounts. When the Shattered Sun Offensive rewards from patch 2.4 were first posted, I combed through the listing searching for some sort of new faction mount reward, and was disappointed not to find any. There ought to be a new mount in this patch somewhere, right? So imagine my surprise when opened up Mania's Arcania and saw a picture of some elf riding a dragonhawk!

Apparently, there is no dragonhawk mount available for players to purchase just yet, but when you take the flight from Quel'Danas island back to the mainland, you fly on the back of a dragonhawk. Also, there is a dragonhawk-riding bombing quest you can run (which Mania says is kind of annoying). Finally, there are new enemy elves who ride dragonhawks, and new silvery-grey ones at that!

If you ask me, it's just a matter of time until Blizzard puts dragonhawks into the game as the latest and greatest flying mount you can get. They'll probably make it an exalted Shattered Sun Offensive reward which is unlocked as that faction's presence on the island grows stronger, or else make it a rare drop from one of the bosses, like the bear mount from Zul'Aman. It would be a true shame indeed to taunt us with all this other dragonhawk riding if we couldn't also get one of our own, after all, and Blizzard isn't that mean... are they?

Blizzard wins the Oscars of online games

As Oscar time gets closer, some of us gamers may start wishing for awards of our own. Mass Effect was at least as good as There Will Be Blood, right?

Luckily, on February 7th, we gamers got our own red carpet show, as The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences hosted the 11th annual Interactive Achievement Awards in conjunction with the DICE Summit at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. Blizzard, of course, managed to snag a few rewards of their own. Not only did the Burning Crusade pick up Massively Multi-player Game of the Year, but Blizzard President Mike Morhaime was inducted into the Academy's Hall of Fame.

Gamespot had video coverage of the event, which you can check out here, or if you'd rather just cut to the meaty stuff, the Academy's website has a PDF with a list of the winners here. You can also check out some wider commentary on all the awards from our friends at Joystiq here.

We'll expect trophies for Wrath of the Lich King and Starcraft II next year!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fast World Of Warcraft Gold - Buy Low, Sell High

Gold is the most coveted commodity in World of Warcraft. If you know how to make fast World Of Warcraft gold, you gain a major advantage for your character training and progression.

Buy low, sell high - this is the basic tenet of making lots of gold fast.

Where and how do you buy low?

Keep an eye on the trade channel - you will often see items for sale cheap. The best time for this is near the end-of-shift of the chinese gold farmers.

How do you sell high?

Watch the auction house - see what people are paying the big money for and go and get the item! Either buy it cheap on the trade channel or go grind for it.

Note for miners: When selling on the AH, check the going prices, and figure out if selling the bases or the product will sell for more. Sometimes, tin sells for 70s a stack and copper for 40s, while bronze only sells for 50s a stack. So don't just blindly smelt copper and tin into bronze. You could lose 10s this way.

A good World of Warcraft gold guide (like Luke Brown's or Derek Bleacher's) will teach you the fastest ways to make gold in World Of Warcraft. You will learn the most rewarding mob farming locations and how to use the auction house to make a huge bounty of gold. Even if you only play an hour a day, you will also greatly benefit from a WoW gold guide. When you log on, you can now make fast World Of Warcraft gold to be able to afford your first epic mount in just a week's time.

World of Warcraft Gold Guide - Sweet Tip


Alright everyone, I want to cover a pretty sweet technique for you to use while playing World of Warcraft: Add-ons!

Have you been running around WoW and wonder how some of the other players always seem to know where everything is: ore/treasures/etc? Well, most of the best and most experienced players use add-ons to help with their in game experience. There are plenty of add-ons that you can download and install on your computer, but today I want to cover one add-on in particular today as well as a great website that I like to use when playing.

The add-on is called Gatherer.

"Gatherer is an addon which tracks items you gather in the course of your adventures and records their locations on your minimap so that you can keep track of their locations as you are adventuring around Azeroth or the Outlands."

How many times have you been mining some ore and had to ask yourself, "Where the heck did I find that Mithril?" Well if you download this add-on, you won't ever have to worry about losing track again. I highly encourage using this add-on.

Now for a website that works well with Gatherer.

Mapwow is a great complement to Gatherer.

This is a sweet mapping site that behaves like a Google map. You can zoom down into the map just like you would if you were looking at your own home on Google Maps. The real treat though is that you can select the map to show where Treasure/Ore/Herbs can be found. If you are a miner/gatherer, then using this map coupled with the "Gatherer" add-on will get all the ore/treasure/herb locations recorded fast!

Ok, so how do these two tips help you in your quest for WoW gold? Simple, if you are in a gathering profession, these two tips will save you tons of time which translates into stacks and stacks of materials to sell. And you know what that means, more gold!

Good luck!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Fast World Of Warcraft Gold - Grinding & Chinese Farmer Tips

Here are two sets of tips to help you make fast World Of Warcraft gold:
A) Grinding tips Here are some rules of thumb to help you factor the risk to reward ratio when grinding to make some fast gold: 1) If the mobs die easily, they are worth grinding. 2) If they drop money, they are worth grinding. 3) If they have good stackable vendor fodder, they are worth grinding. 4) If they have good world drops, they are worth grinding.

If they are hard to kill, don't waste your time.

The starter zones seem to be good places where you can just skin corpses over and over without ever having to kill anything yourself. One of the best places in the Alliance is Elwyn Forest (one of the human starter zones). Most people who go to the farms for quests will butcher a few pigs on their way through. So there are always boar corpses abandoned on the ground, just waiting for you to skin them.

B) Profiting from the chinese farmers' shift changes 1) These are the typical times the chinese gold farmers change shifts (server time) - 6 AM, 6 PM, 4:30 AM, 4:30 PM 2) About half-an-hour before shift change, monitor the IF trade channel. Take note of items you are interested in. You did check the AH for high-selling items, right? 3) About 10 or 15 minutes before shift change, whisper to the sellers with a lower offer. If they reject it, whisper again 1 or 2 minutes before shift change. They'll probably accept it now. 4) Resell the stuff you bought at the AH and make a tidy profit.

A good World of Warcraft gold guide (like Luke Brown's or Derek Bleacher's) will teach you the fastest ways to make gold in World Of Warcraft. If you are a typical part-time player, being able to quickly make gold in World of Warcraft will let you enjoy the game more. You will be able to buy more powerful equipment, which will let you defeat stronger enemies and complete harder quests.