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Sunday, September 30, 2007

WoW Gold Guide: Easy Gold - 40-45 - Nice XP As well

After ignoring blacksmithing for a long time, I decided to level quickly in it and went up about 100 levels in a single night. Of course, this left me 10-15 wow gold poorer after buying all my resources from the AH, even after making the items and selling them. So I thought I would pass along how I made about 20 gold in a little over a day.
Specifically, I went to Tanaris (Gadgetzan). Someone else had mentioned how you can make gold and level by killing wastewander bandits and thieves, which are levels 40-41 for the most part. You can also go after other wastewander mobs in the area that range from level 42-45. These drop occasional nice things and, therefore, are certainly worth your time.
However, there is a mob that many people overlook entirely in this area: Glasshide Basalisks. These are all over the place around gadgetzan - they are the red/blue crocadile looking things that look alot like the crystal spine basalisks in stranglethorn vale. I fell in love with these things in stranglethorn as a way of making money. Large basalisk tails and squishy eyeballs sell for 6-8 silver a piece and are frequent drops. Then you can get prismatic scales and other drops that give you 10-14 silver. These also drop the occasional nice 1 gold plus value drops too. In the past couple days, I have looted weapons and plans that are very valuable. In addition to a sword with "Flamberge" in the name that sold for over 3 gold at ah (1 gold 75 silver to vendor), I also received tough scorpid plans (helm, gloves, bracers, and a couple others). The helm alone sold at auction for 5 gold, while the gloves, which are more available, sold for 75 silver. These plans and weapons also drop off of the wastewanders, so just stay in the area and kill basalisks and the lower level wastewanders. In addition to the xp and the dropped cash, you get some very nice loot drops.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Selling World of Warcraft Recipes to Get WoW Gold

Good way to earn easy money is by selling recipes for lots of money which you buy very cheap! Best sellers are brothers knaz and gnaz blunderflames in STV ( They sell Schematic: Deadly Scope and, Schematic: Mechanical Dragonling. You can only buy one of each per day. Mechanical dragonling costs 1 gold each ( you can easily sell it for 6 gold), and Deadly Scope costs 20 silver, which you can sell for 4-5 gold! Another nice recipe is Mithril Mechanical Dragonling which is sold by Ruppo Zipcoil in hinterlands ( It costs 40 silver what you can sell easily for 5- 5.50g. I earned about 100g per week. This isn't a very high income, but its very easy! Along with that but the profit margin is extremely high. (Depends on realm social status how much you sell).

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Farm WoW Gold: Rogue Solo The Mechanaa

Rogue's talent can help me Solo instances very quickly and easily.Thus,Rogue can steal treasure boxes to get wow gold.

Buy World of Warcraft Gold Using Limited Supply Items

This strategy to make gold has yet to be used to its full potential. Some people do take
advantage of this but not enough so you can still make a lot of gold using this technique.
The only question people have about this is....where do I find the limited supply items at?
Don't worry I do go through that in other guides on the site.

First and foremost, what is a limited supply item?

A limited supply item is an item for sale from a vendor but the vendor only has a very
limited supply of items for sale. You can know this by the item having a number in the
bottom right corner of the picture. These items do respawn...while some take 30 minutes
to respawn others take up to 24-48 hrs!

The limited supply items you want to look for to make a lot of wow gold are usually recipes. I
found those to be the most profitable. Typically you can buy a recipe for around 20s and
sell it on the auction house for 1-2 gold or more in some cases. I have purchased a recipe
before at 25 silver and sold it for 10 gold.

Why on earth would anyone pay 10 gold for something they could buy for 25 silver?

That's easy! People are lazy! They don't want to take the time to go to a specific vendor
so they can get the item really cheap. All you really have to do is go to these vendors and
buy the items and then place them on the auction house! How Simple!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Engineering crafted flying mounts confirmed

Gyrocopter pilots of Azeroth, your day is coming. So says CM Bornakk today in the official forums. He mentioned both normal and epic mounts arriving in Test Patch 2.3. He went on to clarify where Blizzard is on the development of these:

The specifics of the mounts, such as skill and materials, isn't finalized yet, but we really want to get this mount/machine/gizmo into the game for engineers to enjoy. Whether it is easy or a challenge, the road to it will begin in 2.3, keep an eye out for when it hits the PTRs. ;-)

This news is so cool, makes me want to go out and level up engineering. But the question now is: what form will this mechanized flying mount take? WoW Wiki has an entry on gnomish flying machines from Warcraft 2 and their evolution into dwarven gyrocoptors and then gnomish biplanes.

But where's the line between fantasy and science fiction in Azeroth? Is Engineering just another kind of "magic"? What form would you like to see the engineered flying mount?

Monday, September 24, 2007

WoW Gold Guide: World Of Warcraft Gold Earning

Fishing for Huge WoW Gold - Level 25+

I mentioned in Money Making 101 that I was holding back a trick or two for fast gold. Well, it's time to
share. This will require fishing over 75 (100+ is better for the catch rate) and level 25 or higher. Like all
my strats they are designed for alliance but horde can do as well.

Deviate fish = LOTS OF GOLD

Get yourself to The Barrens and into the Wailing Caverns instance. You can catch the Deviate fish outside
the instance and even in the pool outside the cave but you'd be crazy to fish there as alliance since this is
horde land and a popular low level instance. There are several safe spots in the instance but Ive found for
ease and convenience, that the stream just past the first batch of raptors works great. There is a yellow
named elite turtle that just trucks around doing laps in the pool and 1 wandering ooze you have to deal
with. Other then that, its a totally safe spot. The turtle is non aggro but after he struts by for the 25th
time you'll find yourself wanting to make turtle soup.

Catch rate:
Ive found that it actually varries from trip to trip (kinda like real fishing). Sometimes I'll be catching a
deviate at around 1 per every 2.5 fish or around 40% of the time. On slower days it breaks down to about
1 in every 4 fish or 25% of the time. Its never less then 1 in 4. Take into account the occasional no catch
and the rare "fish got away", you SHOULD be catching 1 deviate in every 5 casts on average on your
worst day. Average cast time for a catch is around 30 seconds (this is purely an estimate based on my
experience and NOT hard data). That means youre catching around 2 fish a minute or 1 deviate fish every
2 minutes. What does all that mean in simple terms......30 deviate fish an hour.

Why Deviate fish?:
Deviate fish are diffrent from any other fish in WoW because they have this wierd effect on the eater.
They do all kinds of crazy stuff from making you huge (or tiny) to shape shifting you to even putting you
to sleep. Deviate fish are also used in 2 alchemy recipes.

These recipes are low level and can be learned by your level 5 AH whore. The trick is getting them. They
are a rare and I mean RARE drop in the barrens. I farmed for 2 weeks trying to get them and finally broke
down and ought the giant growth for 30g. Even if you dont have the recipes you can still make great
money fishing these up. People just love these just for goofing around with kinda like Nogginfogger.

Money money:
Now that we have a bunch of fish in our bags, its off to the AH. On Bleeding Hollow, I can sell a stack of
20 deviates for 12g any day of the week. You can milk it for a few more silver if you split in stacks of 10
(6.5-7g per ten) but I like the simple quick sale of 12g a stack. If you are fortunate enough to have one of
both of the recipes, you can make even more. The going rate seems to be around 1g per potion or cooked
fish. I sell the giant growth pots for 4.75g per stack of 5 and they sell well, though slightly slower then the
raw fish.

The break down:
Let's analyze the numbers. You fish for 2 hours and catch 60 deviate fish. Thats 3 full stacks of 20 fish. An
uncooked stack sells for 12g so for 2 hours work you made 36g or 18g an hour (excluding travel time).
Now if you cook or pot up the fish, your cash is significantly more. Each 5 giant growth/savory deviate delight equal 5g. We caught 60 fish so thats 60g. That comes out to 30g an hour.

Do this once a week and it's a damn good supplement to your grind income and can pay for nice weapons
and enchants. It's not exactly a epic mount cash grind strat but a damn fine way to keep your gear fresh.
As a rogue Ive had both weapons blues or purples and both with firey enchant since around level 34 and
this strat is a major reason. If you have the balls to bot fish these guys, the money could be ridiculous.

Farm wow gold and level: Mage Solo The Slave Pens

Level 64 Mage solo the slave pens to get wow gold and experiences.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

WoW Wallpaper: Belle and White Tiger

Here are 3 world of warcraft wallpapers: Belle and White Tiger

5000 Gold per Hour

lBlizzard really made a mistake when they added the DM East wing because they always had 2-3 Rich Thorium Veins at the end of the instance. Are you sick of running all over Burning Steppes racing Chinese farmers and the like to these veins? If so, this guide is for you.
I made over 5,000 gold in only 3 slack nights using this routine. If I did a full day I could easily get that amount. Bear in mind, that also depends on AH prices -- which change depending on your server. I imagine the possibilities of making more are endless! It is very repetetive and does require patience, but once you get it working properly, it pays off better than anything else I have found!
Here are the drop rates for a Rich Thorium Vein:
Star Ruby - 0.74% Blue Sapphire - 0.56% Arcane Crystal - 2.96% Huge Emerald - 0.53% Large Opal - 0.55% Azerothian Diamond - 0.57% Thorium Ore - 99.51% Dense Stone - 40.10%
I average about ~12-15 Arcane Crystals a run, plus countless other rare gems which sell for a load on the AH!
Let's get started.
All you need for this exploit is Mobius.
Either create a saved.xml in your root Mobius folder, or open it and add the following: Code:
DM Entrance - East

Thorium Deposit

Now here's the process.
Speak to a friend beforehand, and have him your primary person for invites at the end of each run. I recommend typing /macro and setting one up for the person, as you'll be inviting them a lot.
1. Open Mobius.exe.
2. Teleport to DM Entrance - East. 3. Go inside the instance. 4. Once inside, teleport to Thorium - Veins. 5. Mine the 2-3 veins that appear in front of you, and make your way to the instance exit at the top of the hill. 6. Once outside, press the macro button you have setup -- or re-invite your friend. 7. Once he accept the invite, right click the icon of your character, and leave the group. 8. Teleport back to DM Entrance - East, and venture back inside. 9. Rinse and repeat.
Once you get the process down, it will actually be rather quick. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Friday, September 21, 2007

1K WOW Gold An Hour, Level 60 Mage

It possible with some work, a lvl 60 mage, and some hacking. Use this while you can, because the market will probably be flooded with Plans:Invulnerable Mail in no time.

You need to be familliar with Mobius. Here is what you do:

Go to Blackrock Spire. Teleport to 'Anvilcrack'. He should aggro you immediately. Teleport to 'Anvil Kill'. Wait a few minutes for the mobs to get there. 3 Dragonkin in the area should also aggro you there. AOE away, loot. Exit the instance, remake your group and repeate.

Code: BRS outside exit -1225.953 -7522.485 285.7321 BRS Inside -226.841 78.3534 49.76617 Anvilcrack -243 137 126 anvil kill -245 109 112

Occasionally a Dreamweaver or Flamedrake will agro too, if this is the case, just leave, remake the group and start over. In general this is rare though.

Anvilcrack drops 3 main loot drops that you are looking for. Plans:Invulnerable Mail 2% drop rate, Plans: Arcanite Champion 6% drop rate, and Plans: Masterwork Stormhammer 7% drop rate. So in about 50 runs you will have several of these. The sell value varies from shard to shard but they are no doubt worth quite a bit. I sold an 3 Arcanite Champ for 220 each, hammers for 45 and the Invulerable Mail for 650.

Each run takes about 10 minutes so you can get several plans in no time, though it can take several hours to get Plans:Invulnerable Mail. I was lucky and got 2 in about a 4 hour period.

You also get a good amount of incidental wow gold and occasional other good loot too (they are high level elites after all).

I would keep this to yourself. If you tell people or make it public, obviously word will spread and the plans will be worth next to nothing overnight.

A Solo Molten Core guide will be available in a day or two for that Epic Set loot!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How To Make Gold In World Of Warcraft: Disenchanting Guide

First thing’s first: visit and download enchantrix.
Better yet, download the package that gives you auctioneer, enchantrix and tooltip. Set enchantrix to always load for your character.

To make it work in-game:
Type /enchantrix load always in the chat panel while you are playing Warcraft.
Now, you will be able to tell what each item is most likely to disenchant to just by clicking on it, or hovering over it.


Let me repeat that


These professions are a great way to spend gold not make it!
And yes there ARE a few ways to make gold with them, at higher levels.
We’ll cover those in a different post.

Instead, farm cloth, create green or blue items via tailoring, and disenchant them.

Sell the disenchanted mats at the AH. Undercut, ok?
List the mats individually!

If you have 20 illusion dust, sell them one at a time, NOT in your stack of 20.
You will sell singles much faster than you will sell stacks of 10 or 20.
Most enchanters only need a few of a dust, essence or shard.

At higher levels no one wants to spend a hundred gold for 10 of something when they only need two of them.
I have found that it works just as well for lower level mats as higher ones.

Yes, that means you have to list 20 auctions.
Good thing its free to list enchanting mats.
Shift + click separates stacks of items.

Also, in the case of Greater / Lesser Essences, check the prices on both, sometimes the 3 lesser essences total more than the greater.

Now, Lets Get Specific:

Buy the White Bandit Mask Pattern as soon as you see it listed on auction
The pattern itself is a green world drop, and, last I checked, the price ran from 3-6g on average.
Your server, of course, could be different.

Now. The Mats for the bandit mask are:

  • 1 Bolt of Mageweave
  • 1 Bleach
  • 1 Heavy Silken Thread

Assuming You farmed the mageweave, you are only out the cost of the bleach and thread.

*** Now, it is possible to still make a tidy profit by buying your cloth instead of farming it, but that mostly depends on your server, how much starting gold you have, and how many people are doing the same thing.
Competition is only good for the buyer!

Something else to keep in mind, When you park yourself in front of a tailoring supplier, make sure you are in a main city, and that you are at least honored with that faction. This way you will get a discount on your purchased mats, and maximize your profit.

Now for the good stuff: Say you manage to make 20 or 30 of these masks. What now?

Well, when you disenchant them, you will get one or more of the following items:

  • Vision Dust - Mostly you will get this. I have seen these go for as much as a gold each before.
    However I was controling the market at the time, on a highly populated server (best case scenario). On average they are 10-20 silver each.
    Your Server Will Vary - look them up. The good news is, that’s the booby prize.
  • Lesser Nether Essences - Truly these have been the Grandaddy of all gold-making items for me.
    I can only hope they sell as well for you. They are your mid-level prize. You actually get them fairly often by disenchanting the masks.
  • Small Radiant Shards - The Grand Prize, they go between 4-7 gold average at the Auction House.
    Again, your Server may be different, look them up.

I hope you can see how a small investment of time and gold can return large profits. The secret here is, make sure you have enchantrix!

I have found this to be true: Among the tailoring items, every cloth (Linen, Wool, Silk, Mageweave, Runecloth, et, al.)
There will be one created item that is cheaper to make, but still disenchants well.
That is, it will take less mats than the other items made with that cloth, but disenchant the same or better.

Am I going to tell you what items they are? Sure!
Just as soon as I am done making gold off of them! *winks*
Seriously, download Enchantrix, and take a look at your tailoring list with new eyes.

Bloodvine Farming--to get wow gold

My hunter collecting Bloodvine and voodoo dolls from Zul'gurub(easily doable naked).I collect a total of 7 voodoo piles and how ever many herbs i find. This particular run i got 5 different voodoo dolls(10-15g) and 3 bloodvine(20-25g).My record to this day is 6 bloodvine from one run :). Of course the prices depend on the server, my server is rather low i'd say, and they sell pretty fast.
It is Possible to solo this, if you have a AFK Friend or something to keep you in raid, like this!Summon pet, use Eyes of the beast, ( pet NEED Dash/dive ) go towards the Enemys, Dash with pet!Run Quickly Away, pulling all mobs from the "Herb" you want, and then, You can Easily Pick the Herb without much problem, The longer you come into the instance, the harder, i've Even Solod the Vodoo thingy ( the one BEFORE Raptor boss (The room before him) So its not that hard)You get into combat, so you need to run away to a safe spot and Feign Death when you get it. Failed? then Ress pet, And try again, And keep doing this until you get it. Watch out for : Bats, They are fast, Berserkers, They are even faster. thats all for today!
If you arent saved to the instance you can simply zone out leave party and get invited by someone else, if your saved, zone out wait 15 min and zone back in. The instance is reset if you see the Orange text once you enter.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Farming WoW Gold- Level 55+

In Winterspring there is a nice spot with 55-57 ghost spawns, they die fast, dont hit too hard and drop one very valuable item VERY commonly. They drop the Formula for the Icy Chill, in my experience I can get the formula in under 30minutes.
On my server people have been selling these in sets of 2 for the past couple of days and its kinda killed the market but if your on a new server this could be your cash cow, or if your on a server without somebody using this, lol. Iv checked 10-15 servers and most Auction Houses are largely lacking in that Formula, so your pretty safe that it hasnt been killed and even if it has the lowest price is around 25g still, so nothing to say no to Very Happy

Icy Chill Farming Spot

Go to that location when your on Kalimdor, although if your using this strat im guessing you know where Winterspring is, lol.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Farming Gold in Burning Crusade

Since the AddOn "Burning Crusade" your characters can also discover the all new Outlands. Beneath mean new monsters and dark new dungeons you will find many new (expensive) items, that will make you badly rich!

And if your own epic flying mount is still to far away, just buy cheap gold and have it sent to your favorite character in no time!

Primal Mana (Motes of Mana) !
You will get one Primal Mana out of ten Motes of Mana. Many professions need Primal Mana and therefore it will sell quite well in the auction house.
Head to Kirin'Var in the far southeast of Netherstorm. There you'll find many, many ghosts and elementals which drop 1-4 Motes of Mana (at least every forth one of them). Keep an eye open for Mageslayers, Mana Seekers, Manawraiths and Mana Snappers.

Thick Clefthoof Leather !
You will find Clefthoofs everywhere on the grasslands of Nagrand. At least every second one of them should drop Thick Clefthoof Leather when skinning them. You won't believe, how much you can get for this Clefthoof Leather in the auction house! Just keep an eye open for Clefthoof Bulls, Aged Clefthoofs and Clefhoof Calfs while in Nagrand.

Primal Earth, Primal Fire, Primal Water, Primal AIr !
Just a bit east of the Throne of Elements in Nagrad, there's the Elemental Plateau. You can only reach this place with a flying mount and will find all four kinds of elementals in there: Fire elementals, water elementals, air elementals and earth elementals. Each one of those is about level 69 - 71. About every third elemental will drop 1-2 Motes according to its element. If you want to farm Primals quick and effective, you've come to the right place. But watch out, for these elementals are really tough and hit you quite hard!

Primal Water (Motes of Water)
You will get one Primal Water out of ten Motes of Water. Many professions need Primal Water and therefore it will sell quite well in the auction house.
The best place to farm Motes of Water is the small lake, just nord-east from Shattrath in Terrokar Forst. The eel-like fish are level 61 to 63 and almost every one of them will have a Mote of Water for you.

Primal Fire (Motes of Fire)
You will get one Primal Fire out of ten Motes of Fire. Many professions need Primal Fire and therefore it will sell quite well in the auction house.
The best place to farm Motes of Fire is in Blade's Edge Mountains. Look for a place called "Skald", a landscape full of craters, just nord-west of the road to Netherstorm and behind the mountains nord-east from Ruuan Hideout. The fire emelentals are level 65 to 68 and almost every one of them will have a Mote of Fire for you - but keep an eye open, because there are many many monsters nearby! A nice side effect: the imps nearby will drop Motes of Shadow you can form into Primal Shadow...

Netherweave Cloth
Tailors will need lots of Netherweave Cloth and are willing to pay quite a good price for each stack. You'll get Netherweave Cloth from every humanoid in the Outlands. However, the best farming plave for Netherweave Cloth is Hellfire Peninsula: the orcs near the trench in the north are all lowlevelers and only have few health points. At least every third of them will have 1 to 3 Netherweave Cloth for you.

WoW Gold Farm--The fast way to get gold

If you want to be rich in World of Warcraft, below is a wow gold farm guide video.

New World of Warcraft Wallpaper

Here is two new world of warcraft Wallpaper from Korea Version.

How I bought my Own mount

How I bought my Own mount - level 40

I'm no expert and some of this is very obvious, but it might be interesting info for some of you. Who

Anyway, I'm a human mage on a low-pop PvP server. When I dinged 40, I had enough gold for my mount
and most of my level 40 spells (that tapped me out, but next day I was back to ~ 17 gold).

Generally speaking, this was what I did:

- loot *everything* you kill (use shift-click to auto-loot stuff faster of course). Sell junk to vendors. This
kinda goes without saying. NOTHING is too small to loot, unless your bags are full.

- invest in 10-14 slot bags as you are able to afford them, because this lets you collect much more loot
per run, which you then of course sell for more money.

- I took mining and skinning. I got a lot of my money by selling stacks of iron and heavy/thick leather.
Iron bars was the biggest money maker for me. Big time.

- rather than sell Iron in a stack of 20 for 1.5 gold, sell 4 stacks of 5 for 55-65 gold. Net income: 2 gold +
(this is dependant on server economy).

- skin *every dead animal you see that is in your level range* (at level 35 I didn't bother skinning animals
that gave only light leather, but for example if I ran across a dead tiger in STV, I'd go out of my way to
skin it if I could).

- Once I could mine Iron I didn't even bother with copper or tin. Also, I never did "mining runs" - I simply
mined it when I saw it.

- grind on animals as much as possible - STV is great for this. Tigers/Panthers drop the coarse whiskers
and Mistvale Gorillas as well. So you get the 6-8 silver loot AND some skin for each kill you make.

- At 39 I went near those Ogres in southwest badlands and killed Patriarch Ridge Stalkers for their
whiskers and thick leather. There is also a large amount of iron in this area.

- I avoided spells I didnt use (for example, I haven't bought Amplify Magic or Fire Ward yet...). I upgraded
equipment *conservatively*, only spending 1-2 gold every few levels. My equipment is all very nice.

- When posting an item, I look at the lowest buyout price and price in that ballpark. So if the lowest price
for a stack of 20 copper is 30 silver buyout, I price at 28 silver.

- I avoided pricing in even numbers or at "5"s because they mentally sound higher. For example, 34 silver
is more likely to sell than 35 silver just cuz it sounds a lot lower than it really is. Hard to really explain this
little mind game, but I can tell you I sold *everything* i put up. My friend, who prices higher, got lots of
auctions returned unsold.

- I used the same buyout pricing for green items I sold.

- I *always* use a buyout price.

- Everything I sold was via the AH

- I used all the cloth I found for first aid. Didn't sell any. Still made lots of cash (relatively speaking).

Anyway, this is how I earned enough to buy my mount at level 40. Your mileage may vary, of course, but
hopefully this is vaguely useful info.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Easy money in TBC Starter guide

Essentially, this guide was written from a Horde perspective, & being an undead Warlock, solo questing & farming is fairly easy. I am Demo specced, for Felguard, but even though you may not be a lock, don't think that this guide isn't for you!

Things you will need:
Atleast lvl 58 character and the expansion
Plenty of Food and Drink
Empty quest log
Empty bags
Healing and Mana potions
A support profession such as skinning or mining at 300 skill
Nothing to do all night
First thing you need to do is go through the Dark Portal, pick up your quests to go to Thrallmar & go see the WindRider. Next you need to load up your journal with every quest you can find, not only for exp, as it takes alot to progress through the levels now, but also because the upgrades are great, the money is good, & if you cannot use the upgrades, they sell nicely.

After you have grabbed all of your quests, go grind out the mobs you need, do the collections, & so on, but do not forget to go see your trainer and become a grand master whatever your support trade is. I myself am a skinner, and skinning out here is good!

The skinning off of the beasts out here yields knothide, & it is selling extremely well. Skin other people's kills, its all money for you. The only bad thing is, you need to go to your home city to use an AH, and do class training, there is none of that here. I would suggest getting directions through Terrokar forest to Shattrath City. Here you can bind your hearth in an inn, & use portals located in the center to return to your hometown, then hearth back & use the flight path to get back to Thrallmar. More on that when I continue my guide later.

Now, back to drops, I have found many upgrades for other classes that are 55-58 that drop here that are really nice & sell well on the AH due to them not being able to get here due to the lvl 58 lvl restriction. Not too mention, if you don't do tailoring or really use first aid, the Netherweave Cloth drops off humanoid mobs here are selling for 7g+ per stack on my server!

Blizzard has introduced flying mounts which costs tons of gold, like 5k and up, which is a good reason for large amount of money drops in TBC, so you may think, well, money is easy so I have no worries. That's not entirely true. Most players are only making about 2k wow gold by the time they are level 70, provided they just level like the freaks they are. This is where you need to be smarter & play the AH to the fullest with these drops & tradeskill drops before they become old news so to speak. Once this happens, the mudflation ballon affect will be gone & you will have a slightly harder time making more than just the average player.

WoW gold making in burning crusade!

This guide is about making gold in the Burning Crusade.

Don't Worry
I've seen many people complaining about the price of flying mounts that are coming out. Yes, yes, I admit that I've been complaining and still will be because I think they are overpriced but doing a little bit of research I found a couple ways to make your life easier when the Burning Crusade comes out. I'm not in beta but I have a couple of friends that are in beta that sent me some tips. The Outland is supposed to have a lot of money dropping. Also the drops are a lot better then the ones on the "Original World".

There are a lot of new things that are going to come out with The Burning Crusade, especially new trade goods. It is said that you have to lvl your skill up to use the new goods. Since most of your recipies are yellow at lvl 300 you'll need a lot of goods to lvl the skill up. Here are many of the things that you should stock up. Runecloth. Runecloth is obviously a great thing to farm because it drops a lot. Also they are used for both First Aid and Tailoring. It is also rumored that you need truckloads of Runecloth to hit the next cloth to use the next kind of cloth which is called Netherweave Cloth. Tailors also use Primal Mooncloth and Bolt of Soulcloth. Rugged Leather is also a great thing because before Leatherworkers can make anything with the new leather called Knothide Leather and Heavy Knothide Leather. You start using Knothide Leather at level 320 Leatherworking. You should save up your Thorium Bars. Thorium can get quite expensive so It's not the main thing you should save up. Blacksmiths will also need Enchanted Thorium Bars because that is another thing that they will need for the expansion until around 315 when they can use Fel Iron. The same applies for the Engineers. Jewelcrafting is using an enormous ammount of the jewels already in the game so get ready to horde them for all the rich people who want to power level Jewcrafting.

Instances will definately get you a lot of EXP and gold while you are trying to hit lvl 70 since the lvl cap is going up. There are going to be a couple of added instances in the new expansion so get ready and don't worry about your current gear and buy that 200G BoE Epic in the AH. There will be plenty of new items for everyone, including the BoE's. Remember that if you get a green or higher BoE that you win and if you have no use for it; toss it in the AH which will ring you up some money.

I hope this guide helps you in your experience with the Burning Crusade! Now that's it from me. Peace.

Make 1000 Gold in 2 Hours

Strapped for cash? need to buy epic flying mount? Want to make 1000g in 2 hours?

Nagrand - Elemental Plateau (67,23)

Wind Elementals = Drop 1-2 motes of air, 10x combines to 1 Primal Air = ~20g per
Fire Elementals = Drop 1-2 motes of fire, 10x combines to 1 Primal Fire = ~25g per
Water Elementals = Drop 1-2 motes of water, 10x combines to 1 Primal Water = ~20g per

2 hours of farming yielded 978g

Nagrand - Lake South of Throne of Elements (58,26) under the water

Water Elementals = Drop 1-2 motes of water, 10x combines to 1 Primal Water = ~20g per

Netherstorm - Ruins of Enkaat (34,57) north of area 52

Mana Wraiths = Drop 1-2 motes of mana, 10x combines to 1 Primal Mana = ~15g per
Rock Elementals = drop 1-2 motes of earth, 10x combines to 1 Primal Earth = ~10g per

1 hour of farming yeilded 500g

Shadowmoon Valley - The Hand of Gul'dan (47,45)

Fire Elementals = Drop 1-2 motes of fire, 10x combines to 1 Primal Fire = ~25g per
Rock Elementals = drop 1-2 motes of earth, 10x combines to 1 Primal Earth = ~10g per

2 hours of farming yeilded 840g

Monday, September 10, 2007

Farming 100 WoW Gold Per Hour: Mage Solo ULDM

As a Mage,you have more advantage than other classes, because Mage can AOE . So if you are a Mage, you can get World of Warcraft Gold quickly.

New Record Maker Interview: Level Up to 70 in 23H

Here is the new record maker--Silver Dragon infro:

ID: Silver Dragon
Class: Hunter
Guild: GreenBase
Server: Un′Goro(Horde)

Below is interview:

1.) Hello, Firstly,Congratulations! You broke the record of 28 hours abroad for leveling to 70 in 24 hours .Could you please introduce yourself?

silvern dragon: Well, my name is GoodWell, if you still remember hackers union "Greenbase," you should know me. What i want to say is this is not my success,it belong to our guild. In my mind, Greenbase is the most important, I am here to thank each guild members.

2.) Tell us about "Greenbase" ?

silvern dragon: Yes, our guild called "Green Army" in the World of Warcraft at the beginning, then moved into Un'Goro server. Earlier this year we change the name to "greenbase" and we have 2,000 member now.

3.) Level to 70 in 24h!Did you have a plan for the goal?
silvern dragon: In June we set a goal: 27 hours to level 70. Now, we did it under the whole guild's effort, and even better than expected. At 11:20 on September 6 i landed server, and at 10:48 on September 7 i reached to 70, only spent around 23.5 hours.

4.) From 60 to 70,you need more than 3 million experience,in other words, you must get more 100,000 experience per hour.So could you give some tips how to gain experience quickly?

silvern dragon: Before TBC, I keep some old quests which had done. When TBC launched, these quests brought me about 200,000 experience. Taking into account TBC just launched, so we didn't stay in Hellfire Peninsula,we went to Terokkar Forest directly.And the whole guild helped me in the entire upgrade process.

5.) When you target one, your guide members helped you to kill it?

silvern dragon: yeah, it is just so. You know, 24 hours is long, so we assign our guild members as several teams.Those tearm helped me to kill monster by turns.Therefore, I am here once again to thank our guild. It's their efforts that help me success.


Saturday, September 08, 2007

WoW Gold Guide - Defias Windmill

Defias Windmill- This is a great place to farm that can be done at almost any level. This spot was revealed on the official forums right after release and to this day it hasn't changed and is still great.
If you head out to the Gold Coast area in Westfall you will find a windmill on a hill overlooking the beach (there is a murloc camp right below it on the beach). Surrounding this windmill are a ton of Defias mobs that you can kill and get a ton of linen and other good humanoid loot. They are only around level 12 so it easy to do.
What makes this area so great is that their respawn rate is almost immediate. Even at level 60 I can come here and farm linen cloth and they have started respawning before the first of them are even dead.
I'm serious when I say it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to kill them all before new ones respawn.
You can take them on one at a time or AOE if you have the ability and farm non-stop.
You can easily make a lot of money off the linen and low level greens that drop here. In fact, like I said above, this spot is so good that I still grind it at 60 when I need cash fast. You will get numerous stacks of linen and a ton lower level green rank items. This will work at even low levels.
Dark Iron Mining- This is the gathering technique I routinely use to make 30-60 gold in an hour. Yes, you really can make that much gold using this system.
Dark iron is a very valuable material that is used to craft high-end items and also for reputation gains with the Thorium Brotherhood. Put simply, it is worth a lot of gold. It is only found in two places in the entire game, Blackrock Depths and Molten Core. Obviously, Molten Core is a 40 main raid instance so you can't sneak in there to get ore. That leaves us with BRD.
Upon entering the BRD instance there is a door to your left. You will need to be able to lockpick it or you will need to have the Shadowforge key to open it (obtained by completing a quest inside BRD).
Once through there you can either walk straight ahead or turn right through another door. You want to walk straight ahead to the area called the Dark Iron Highway. In this area is where you are going to make tons of gold mining ore.
There are numerous dark iron spawn points in this area and on each run you should be able to get to one or two of them. Simply mine the ore, leave and reset the instance to do it all over again. You will need a couple of people at least for this or if you are a rogue or druid you can stealth in. Also, hunters can run in and feign death to escape the mobs around the ore.
Some times you will need to clear some mobs around the ore to mine it. Sometimes it will all be clear for you. Other times it will be behind so many mobs you won't be able to reach it and will have to reset the instance right away.
A word of warning about the mobs in that area-there are bloodhounds in this area that can see through stealth from very far away for their level. Also, they hit very hard but fortunately don't have much health. You may have to fight a few of these to get to the ore, but they can easily be soloed if you are careful.
I average about 20-40 dark iron ore per hour using this technique. Considering that dark iron ore sells for anywhere from 1 gold to 4 gold a piece it is easy to see that this is insanely profitable. I had the money for my epic mount using this technique for just two days. It's that good!
As an added bonus, the dark iron ore points also have a chance to drop the Blood of the Mountain, a component for rare recipes. This sells for around 30-100g. Sometimes I get two of these per day and other times none. If you see one just consider it an extra bonus.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Chinese TBC: New Record:60-70 only 23H!!!

Chinese TBC launched yesterday,however,a player has leveled up from 60 to 70 in less than 23H.Below is his info:

ID:Silver Dragon

Some timestamp log of the leveling process

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Basic Moneymaking Guide

In this game there is serveral ways to make money, I would like to introduce a few of them in this guide.
Step 1 - Change from Crafter to Gatherer
Change your tradeskill into two gathering skills if you see that your tradeskill doesn't bring much profit, in fact tradeskills mostly bring very few profit because there is just too many high level crafters with the time progressing. Leveling tradeskills or gathering skills in this game is really not hard, at high level it requires maybe 2-3 days of work to max a skill. If there was really some big profit to make with enchanting/leatherworking/smithing/tailoring, don't you think that other people who can spend more time than you online each day, would have already long ago maxed those tradeskills and started to flood the market with items?
In fact they did; actually shortly after people start to hit 60 on a new server people start to exploit all possible ways to make money to the maximum, so you got two possibilities to make money. You can find a niche, a little secret way of making money, which is extremely profitable but which is not known (well) by other players. As long as your secret stays one, you will continue to make nice money, but be sure that you wont find such a secret on any public forums as spoiling it would also ruin the profit from it. (As soon as people know a way to make money, many start to provide the same sort of item and flood the market with it = decrease of demand = decrease of price = no profit for you) The second way, which is the interesting way for us, is to provide the market with items that are needed on a large base and that are always demanded. What are those items in general? Right! Ingredients for tradeskills.
Step 2 - Choose your Gathering Skill
Almost every tradeskiller wont, at some point, be able to provide himself with all the ingredients he needs. The more people there are who stick to their tradeskills and don't want to give them up, the better the profit will be for you. This is why you should choose two gathering skills (cannot choose more than two). People will ask themselves now... but wait, if I give up my tradeskill I won't be able to make myself armor anymore? For that problem there is a simple solution, use mostly drop/quest items. If you use items that drop instead of crafted items, you wont be much behind (difference between items you can make and items you find at your level while questing and hunting are mostly very small) and also you will be able to concentrate fully on gathering ingredients which you will sell on the AH. This way you will - in a short and fast way - make a lot more money than any crafter and will eventually be able to buy yourself any crafted item (if you should really want one).
Now there is only one problem, which gathering skills to choose? Well this is really your choice and depends on the economy of your server, but I will try to make a general list of the gathering skills, ranking them by how much profit they generate,helping you to get an overview.
1) Mining - Mining is maybe the most profitable gathering skill. Why? It's used for 3 different tradeskills => Weapon/Armor Smithing + Engineering. Also some ores/metal bars are used for potions and other tradeskills. You can mine several ores from one mining spot and you can melt the ore yourself to bars. The other VERY important fact is that you get rare gems from mining spots which are needed for tradeskills and other things. At high levels these rare gems start to pay off a lot, as one arcane crystal for example can be sold for a lot of money on the AH, because it is needed for making Arcanite Bars the most precious and rare metal there is.
2) Skinning - Skinning is also a very profitable gathering skill as you get all your leather while hunting. You have to kill beast type of mobs which can drop different sorts of leather. Sometimes you get rare scales and quest items which are also extremely precious. Skinning is so profitable because you can do it while killing mobs, that means you go into a cave with beasts and kill them for a certain among of time which brings you extra loot + money as well as loads of leather.
3) Herbalism - Herbs are a bit hard to find, but if you know the spots it becomes actually easy if you have no competition. Herbs sell surprisingly well on the AH and are not offered often. If you really search good spots in high level zones, with not too many people you can make nice money out of this. Especially because you can get up to three herbs from one plant.
4) (Dis)Enchanting - The last and certainly least profitable gathering skill is disenchanting items. You take blue/green/purple drop items and disenchant them to get ingredients for enchanters, who then can enchant armor with stats. This is by far the most pricy skill to raise as you miss out on all the profit from dropped items which you could sell. Enchating ingredients can be sold for nice money on the AH, but keep in mind that you will not be able to sell any good item that you see dropping if you take this skill serious. Also you will have to ask and beg in groups to get not needed armor/weapon drops in order to disenchant them, if you dont play in a guild, you will certainly not be successful with your requests often.
Step 3 - Organised Gathering
Now you need to start gathering items. It doesn't matter if you raise your gathering skills while leveling or as a high level, you will always want to keep these things in min:
* Ingredients drop according to zone level. That means, the higher the level of the ingredients you need, the higher level the zone gets in which you have to search. * Always keep up your tracking. If you do mining or herbalism, make sure to ALWAYS have the tracking for those items switched on, after dying for example it turnes itself off and you wont see any yellow dots anymore on the map. * Find the good zones. There is certainly better zones than others for gathering skills and good spots for finding beasts to skin, you will have to find your very own favorite spots which are not too crowded, but there are already people who found out about the good zones for gathering. On our forums here you can find a complete compendium of the best zones for each herb for example and there is more to come about this shortly. In the meantime you don't have to go and search through all zones, you can simply use and check where the ingredient you need can be found most frequently. * Make dots on your map. Either use the dot system (from cosmos or insomniax) for making dots where you find certain minings spots/herb locations, or use a mod that will do this for you automatically; you can find one in our download section. This will allow you to go directly - without losing time - to the possible spots for ingredients and check if they are up. The longer you do this and the more different paths you take through a zone, the more dots you will get and the faster/more efficient you will become while gathering. For skinning its slightly different; here you will most likely find caves with a lot of beasts (like the ape cave in Un'Goro or the Yeti cave in Winterspring), but make dots anyway so you can quickly go to another skinning spot if there is already someone hunting at yours.
Step 4 - Use all Your Options
You will have to combine your gathering skills with a few other things to really make the biggest profit.
* While searching ingredients or while waiting on the respawn of your mining/herb spots, KILL THINGS. Kill things as much as you can on your way. Don't kill any trash like Oozes for example, but kill stuff that drops cloths (humanoid mobs) or mobs that drop other useful stuff. If you really don't get the time to kill mobs on your way then go into instances from time to time. Make sure to find a rule for the loot that is distributed and make sure to always ask if anyone needs an item, if not everyone should roll on this dropped item.. Eventually you will win stuff and be able to sell in on the AH. Additionally, in instances you will find a lot of cloths from mobs which you can sell in stacks on the AH. * Always empty your bags before going to gather stuff or before going to an instance. This is extremely important, bag space = money. Therefore try to invest early in 14-16 slot bags to carry as much loot as possible. * When you do quests, and when you don't need any of the items that are offered as reward, make SURE to always pick the biggest Axe/Sword/Plate Armor. Those sell for a much nicer money than cloth items at the merchant. * Friends who do tradeskills can help. If you got friends who do tradeskills PROFIT from their knowledge and ask them about how the economy goes for ingredients, what do they need the most right now, what is the hardest item to find currently etc. * Make Mules. If you lack bank space don't buy pricy bank slots, just make a mule and log it in when needed, using the postbox system or a friend or a second computer (if mule is on second account) to transfer items.
Step 5 - Auction House is Your Friend
Now we get to one of the most important factors for money making, the Auction House in short AH. Almost all ingredients/gems/armor pieces can be sold for a bigger money at the AH than to the merchant. Even if the price difference is only 1 gold, it pays off with the time coming. And there we already get to the most important rule about the AH - PATIENCE. You will have to get to know the AH, it's prices and it's moods, it's times and it's secrets. Don't mind studying the AH for a lot of time, it's well worth it. There are UI mod's that write down automatically on item windows the prices that they were seen for last time on AH, this makes your work much much easier. A few things that you need to work out about the AH:
* Get to know the prices, play with the prices. Get to know the going prices for items that are offered on the AH. This will allow you to estimate the best prices for your own items and will allow you to even play with these. This means, if you know exactly how much an item is worth normally, why not offer it for a slightly higher price when there is noone else offering the same item? Right, this is where the actual profit comes from, knowledge about prices and the AH. * Offer all your items. Even if it might be a bother at the beginning and even if it might take a while, you will get used to it and find out eventually which items sell on the AH at all and which not, allowing you to sell the ones that don't sell well at all to the merchant immediately. You will pretty quickly get the drill and become a pro, you will be able to memorize prices and use them quickly to set values for your goods in order to move on faster to more farming. * Watch the AH. This will allow you to detect certain leaks and holes. Sometimes items like ores are offered in a huge amount and prices drop, you might want to keep your items and sell other things first while waiting for a moment when there is less of these items for sale. You might EVEN consider (if you find cheap merchandise on the AH) to buy up all of it yourself and sell it for a higher price afterwards, people will be forced to buy from you and forced to pay the price you set because there wont be any other source for this item, than yours. * Whatever you do, DON'T UNDERBID. People tend to make the prices for items lower in order to sell them faster and to underbid competitors, this however is very narrowminded. It will hurt you in the end and cause you to have to sell your items cheaper and cheaper, getting less and less money in the long run. Look at this example: Mostly tradeskillers start off selling crafted items for a big profit, then when competition comes they have to lower the prices and at the end they end up selling their stuff for slightly more than what it cost to make it. So if you can prevent a price decrease, rather be patient and leave your items at the same price, eventually they will get bought, even if it takes several tries. * Look at what times items sell the best. This sounds easy but it's actually something you always have to keep in mind. If, for example, you hunt in an instance and get a blue item, you will want to put it on the AH fast. But lets assume that you are playing at a very late time, like 3 am. If you put the auction for your blue item now with a 24h duration, the auction will expire at 3 am the next night, not leaving many people the chance to overbid each other at the end. (most bids are made at the last moments) So always look what is the best, 8h duration or 24h, always check if you shouldnt maybe wait for the next day rather to offer your item for sale, etc... * Always put up buyout prices. Never make auctions for items without having a buyout price. Many people who want to raise crafting or want an armor piece fast don't want to wait 1 day in order to know if they won an auction or not. This is especially true for crafting ingredients. Imagine you are a crafter, would you want to bid on one stack of mithril bars and then wait like 1 day just to know if you won, although you need the bars now? Most likely you wouldn't, so always put a buyout. Also there are many people who have a lot of money and really want an armor piece, those will gladly pay the buyout price if they really desire what you sell and if your buyout price is not way too high. * Last point is.. what to put as buyout and what to put as base bid? This is something you will have to find out yourself but a general rule that you can apply at the beginning is, don't ever go lower than the default base price that is given to you as starting bid. Also if you are not sure what to put as buyout, look at other auctions selling the same item, if there is none, put the double of the base price (+ a bit more maybe) until you get to know the economy. But beware, this is only a vague rule for beginners, getting to know the prices of your AH is OBLIGATORY.
That's it so far, I hope this helped.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Easy WoW Gold Guide using SH - Broken into sections by level

This is for alliance only so Hordies, your SOL

In light of some completely useless threads WoW Gold making, I thought I'd consolidate the majority of my knowledge when it comes to turning coin. This guide will take you from level 1 to level 40 and if you use these strats you WILL have your mount paid for by 40 and you WILL have top notch gear plus all your spells. The profit margin on these are great and in a few cases HUGE, you just have to invest the time it takes to get the items. That being said, let's get started.....

level 1-15:
Darian Singh in Mage Quarter SW
Sells: blue fireworks schematic
Purchase: 18s
AH price: 1-2g

Soolie Berryfizz in Tinker Town, IF
Sells: Free Action Potion recipe
Purchase: 18s
AH price: 3-4g

level 15-20:
Wenna Silkbeard in Sundown Marsh, Wetlands
Sells: Green Leather Armor and Red Whelp Gloves patterns
Price: 20s
AH price: 1g (each)

Frad Swiftgear in Sundown Marsh, Wetlands
Sells: Minor Recombobulator schematic
Purchase: 15s
AH price 1-2g

level 20-30:
Bliztik in Raven Hill, Duskwood
Sells: Shadow Oil Recipe
Purchase: 15s
AH price: 3-5g

Zan Shivsproket in Ravenholt Manor, Hillsbrad Foothills
Sells: Gnomish Cloaking Device schematic
Purchase: 15s
AH price: 8-10g

level 30-40:
Rikqiz in Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale
Sells: Gem-studded Leather Belt and Shadow Skin Gloves
Purchase: 35s **** (Thottbot says 35s but I remember it being around 1g each)
AH Price: Belt sells for 4-5g and gloves sell for 3-4g