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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Money Making Guide For The Beginners (5-20lvl)

This guide is for levels 5-20. This guide is for people who are new to World of Warcraft and don't know a thing about it.


  • In my opinion, skinning is the best profession for fast money making.

  • Skinning:
  • Keep all the Light Leather you get. Anything less than that (a grey item), just go to a vendor and sell it. (A vendor is a NPC where if you hover your cursor over them, it changes into a bag.)

  • Keep all the Linen Cloth and Light Feathers you get.

  • Keep all the green items you get. (Green items are the items that have names in the text colour green).

  • The more items you get, the more money you make. Loot everything, if you can.

  • There are more items, but these are the ones you will mostly see when you're leveling up.

  • Auction House:
  • Keep all the stuff you didn't vendor and go to the Auction House in Orgrimmar.

  • If you don't know where Orgrimmar is, then I really don't know how to explain it except for that it's north of Razor Hill which is in Durotar.

  • Selling:
  • Click on the search bar and type in "Light Leather" and click Search.

  • If a 20 stacked one is selling for 40 silver, sell yours for around 35 silver.

  • Selling [continued]:
  • In a matter of minutes, or hours, your items will be bought by somebody since they are cheaper than the person below yours.

  • To sell the greens, search the name of the green and look at what the price is.

  • Then sell it for a couple silver cheaper.

  • Another Example:
  • If you have three 20 stacked Light Leather and somebody is selling them for 45 silver each, you should sell them for 40 silver each and when somebody buys them, you will have 1g 20s already.

  • My accomplishments:
  • It isn't much, but I had about 1g 80s and I sold two 20 stacked Light Leathers, one 20 stack Linen Cloth and two greens.

  • Now I have about 4g 17s.

  • My friend (who is level 17) has 18g and 6 pending Auctions from doing this as well.
  • Tuesday, November 27, 2007

    Fishing for World of Warcraft Gold

    You have chanced upon a page from my wow gold making guide where I have chronicled my trials at making gold - World of Warcraft gold! For this entry in my Journal, my thoughts are turned to that sedate of professions that we humans call 'Fishing' and which the Horde call Ka-Splash!

    As a Mage in my early levels, I thought the secondary art of Fishing a complete waste of time. Why, in Blizzards name, would anyone want to stand idly by watching his bobber - well bob? So I put aside the idea of Fishing and continued my daily grind for experience, oblivious to the gold making strategies at the end of a hook and line.

    Now listen closely friend, for I'm about to impart an important gold making tip: there's Warcraft gold to be made from the secondary profession of Fishing. For just a few copper coins you can purchase the skill of fishing from many a trainer throughout the land of Azeroth. You must then purchase a fishing pole.

    Now a word in your ear, Friend, for here's a tip. Don't listen to those big girls the Elves, for when it comes to fishing, size surely does matter. The bigger your fishing pole the better as this will give you an advantage. Listen instead to the Horde in this matter. 'It takes a big one to catch a big one!' It's well known that the Horde like to catch really big fish which they use as an off-hand weapon.

    So, fork out and buy a Strong Fishing Pole, as this will give you a fishing advantage. It also comes in handy for beating any Murloc over the head with, should one wander by and disturb your concentration.

    Now the products of fishing are- well fish. But not always, for as your skill advances your chances of catching the odd loot locker increases along with other items of use and value. The fish can be eaten raw, but provide better sustenance if cooked, greatly adding to the health and stamina qualities of the food. The smoking of Sagefish for example provides the food with Mana. Any surplus cooked fish can be sold in the Auction House or used to feed your pet.

    Now it's easy to level-up the fishing profession. Just find a body of water and cast your bobber. Within a few minutes you will have caught some fish and increased in level. With increasing experience, you will be able to fish more zones (higher zones require a higher skill in fishing) and catch a wider variety of fish. Many of these fish can be cooked (thus increasing your cooking skill) or eaten, and some are required as ingredients in alchemical recipes and thus in demand in the Auction House.

    Monday, November 26, 2007

    Seven Must Know Gold Tips For World of Warcraft Newbies

    These tips below are really focused towards the new World of Warcraft player. With the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade expansion on the way we will see an increase in brand new players and I haven’t really seen any good information out there for them. Read on for the tips in no specific order.

    Vendor Trash Is Your Friend

    I know you are thinking that you wouldn’t like to be friends with trash but you are missing the point. (Almost) Every time you kill something in WoW you will probably get some items that have grey text. These items are vendor trash, which sell to the vendors for money. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

    Become One With The Gold

    I know that sounds very deep but it really isn’t at all. All it really means is to always have World of Warcraft gold on your mind whenever you are playing. That will help you decide if what you are doing will actually help increase your gold or not.


    Whenever I hear the word grinding I always think of boring but yet it can sometimes be a vital part of obtaining World of Warcraft gold. There are many ways to spruce it up a little bit and one of those ways is to play some music, movies, or talk to friends while grinding. Also sometimes following a grinding guide can also help spruce up the art of grinding.

    Don’t Purchase Armor or Weapons From Vendors

    I am hoping that you pretty well knew this one. We all see the in game vendors that sell items for extremely high prices and the items are almost always crap. So don’t waste your hard earned gold on these. They will only make you broke in the end.

    Have Maximum Amount of Storage

    This one really goes hand in hand with the vendor trash one but can really be applied to any method that you use to make WoW gold. It’s yet another simple tip since it is obvious that having more space in your inventory will allow you to gather more items that you can sell. Still you really need to keep in mind what level you are as it will have an impact on the size of bags you will buy. For example if you are level 5 I doubt you have enough gold to purchase 4 Traveler’s Backpacks which sell for around 10 gold a piece.

    Limited Supply Items Are A Must

    I have used this strategy over and over again to make tons of World of Warcraft gold since I first learned about it. You can check out more in-depth information about limited supply items by checking out this guide: How To Make Easy WoW Gold Using Limited Supply Items.

    Farming Instances

    Now this is a bit more complex but if you have a high level friend that will run you through the low level instances it can be a great way to get more linen cloth as well as green items and even find some good armor for yourself. If you don’t have a high level friend don’t worry because there always seems to be a bored level 60 character around to help out the lowbies!

    Those are just a few tips that I find useful for new World of Warcraft players. We all know that gold is important in game and if you don’t have any it can really spell trouble for you. Don’t worry though if you follow these tips described above you will not have very little gold troubles!

    Sunday, November 25, 2007

    Another Guide to Making Gold in WOW

    Not as complete as I want it to be, but I'll try.

    Farming is the process of either running around killing mobs and collecting drops, or
    running around gathering raw materials.

    Vendor trash
    Raw materials
    Vendor Farming
    First Aid
    Miscellaneous Vendor Farming Products
    Farming loot falls into the following categories:
    Vendor trash
    Vendor trash (grey item name) is completely useless loot which NPC vendors will
    nevertheless buy from you for good money. No one knows why the hell they want this
    crap, but some of it can bring in quite a bit of silver. The trick is knowing which to keep
    and which to throw away, especially when your inventory is full. Some addons can
    remember vendor prices for vendor trash, so you know which is worth more and which
    less. Good examples of vendor trash which bring in some nice money are Speckled Shell Fragment, Basilisk spine and Soft patch of fur. Raw materials

    Raw materials are used (and used up) in crafting, and can be broken down into the
    following categories:
    1. Food
    2. Herbs
    3. Ore
    4. Leather
    5. Cloth
    6. Ingredients
    7. Items?


    Recipes are pieces of paper which teach you specific crafting abilities. Depending on the profession, they have different names, such as Recipe?, Plan?, Schematic?, Formula?, and Pattern?. Some recipes are easily found, some are sold by vendors, some are sold by vendors on a timer, and some must be found by grinding.


    Uncommon and Rare Items are any items which are not white or grey. White and grey
    items are typically either vendor trash or some kind of raw material. Uncommon items
    are green, and rare items are blue. Epic items are purple, and Legendary items are orange. If you're not going to use these items yourself, you can either disenchant them or sell them.

    Vendor Farming

    Vendor Farming is the most morally dubious form of farming. It involves knowing where
    to buy skill books and recipes, actually getting to the vendors selling them (they're
    usually far out of the way), and then unloading those books and recipes on the Auction House. The easiest products to vendor farm are first aid recipes.

    Vendor Farming is a kind of service. You're making things accessible to people in a
    hurry! Many people will happily shell out an extra gold or two rather than waste ten
    minutes of their time finding the proper vendor. Some aggressive people farm vendors on timers, and camp that vendor 24/7 to prevent anyone else from buying. Since they subsequently charge insane prices for these products, it's very hard to call this practice a service. It's a monopoly, and a form of scheming.

    First Aid

    First aid skill books available for sale from NPC vendors include: Expert First Aid,
    Heavy Silken Bandage, and Mageweave Bandage. You can buy up a dozen of any of
    these (they're not on a timer) and unload them at the Auction House for double the
    vendor price. People always buy these, since they're either too lazy to spend twenty
    minutes running (or five minutes flying) to the vendor, or they don't even know where to get them in the first place.


    The first aid vendor for the Alliance is in Stromgarde in the Arathi Highlands. He is in
    the Alliance-controlled portion of Stromgarde, which is on the right-hand side
    immediately next to the entrance.


    The first aid vendor for the Horde is in Brackenwall Village in Dustwallow Marsh. Balai
    Lok'Wein is under a tent next to the western entrance of the village.
    Miscellaneous Vendor Farming Products
    * Frost Oil Recipes
    * Deepdive Helmet Schematic: There is a little hut on a cliff in Azshara with an npc that sells the engineering schematic for the deepdive helmet. He sells it for 35 silver and on my server these plans fetch around 8–10G on the AH. People dont know its available on a vendor. Easy way to get there is to swim along the east shore of Durotar into Azshara and you should see the hut on the cliff as soon as you get there. The plans respawn after about a half hour or so.
    * Mechanical Dragonling Schematic: NPC vendor in the Hinterlands
    * Mithril Dragon Schematic: Use the Tarren Mill flight path, then just run around to the
    back of Durnhold Keep to the entrance there. Crafting involves either creating new items, or improving existing items. It typically takes an assload of money or time to skill up your crafting, especially if you're going for enchanting. You need a constant and changing supply of raw materials to skill up, and you need a lot of gold to buy new recipes (from vendors or the Auction House) once your existing recipes stop giving you skill points.


    Raw materials
    Raw materials
    You can get raw materials from the Auction House or by Farming. If you buy from the
    Auction House, beware of Speculators.


    You need recipes in order to advance skill in your chosen profession. You can buy
    recipes from NPC vendors or from the Auction House. You can also grind to find a
    recipe, but they are very uncommon drops. Beware! Many Auction House recipes are actually available from NPC vendors; they're just in out-of-the-way places far from civilization. Schemers exploit this by camping out vendors and buying recipes as soon as their timer runs down. It can sometimes be difficult to obtain a recipe except through dealing with them.

    1. Alchemy
    2. Blacksmithing
    3. Cooking
    4. Enchanting
    5. Engineering
    6. Leatherworking
    7. Tailoring
    Speculating is a very lazy and parasitic method of making money in WoW. It can take
    many different forms, but the basic concept is: Buy low, sell high. Speculating involves
    doing almost no work aside from sitting in IronForge/Orgrimmar and constantly bidding
    on auctions. Some people frown on this as unfair, manipulative, and mean. Some see it as a natural extension of the economy.


    Price Fixing
    Money Makers
    Day trading
    Crappy Greens and Disenchanting
    Faction-Specific Items
    Personal Accounts
    Ethical Concerns
    Price Fixing

    One method of speculation is Price Fixing. It is a little risky, especially when the item
    you're controlling has a high listing fee at the Auction House, but the profit margin can be extremely high if you're lucky or skilled. Price Fixing also requires a large grubstake in order to take control and maintain it long enough for you to cash out.

    The basic method for price fixing is:
    1. Choose a market.
    2. Choose a price point.
    3. Buy out everything below the price point.
    4. Start relisting your product at a substantial premium above the price point.
    5. Continue buying out other auctions (or raising their bids) to keep your artificially high prices competitive.
    6. Profit.


    1. Don't list all your product at the same price. Vary it a little. Don't list at exact 1 silver denominations. Take a hint from retailers and list at 99 silver, 99 copper instead of 1 gold.
    2. List using two or more characters so the takeover is less noticeable.
    3. The weekends are generally a bad time to list, as everyone has the time to grind and find things themselves.
    4. Don't buy out product that is very close to your price point. Let it sell and save yourself the trouble of picking it up and selling at a loss (due to AH fees)
    5. Enchanting reagents have no listing fee. Within reason, don't compromise on price;
    just keep relisting at high prices until it sells.
    6. Sell at gradations of price. The higher priced product will make your cheapest
    offerings look more reasonable, and when they're gone, the next cheapest will then be
    7. When possible, overwhelm the market to push other people's product listings off the
    first page.
    8. Don't try building up your stock quickly. Spend a few days bidding on items with no
    buyout. You'll find that you win a surprising number of auctions cheaply.
    9. If someone starts undercutting you, either wait them out, let the market crash and
    rebuild your stock, collude with them, or buy them out and start listing even higher.
    10. Don't try to control the markets with horrible listing fees. It is almost impossible to
    make a profit in the Silk cloth market, since the listing fees are so freaking high.
    11. Don't try to control ore or common herbs unless you know what you're doing and
    you're willing to risk some cash. Low level ore is too common, and high level ore is
    generally too expensive. Low level herbs such as Peacebloom are both common and in
    low demand.
    12. Looking at other sellers on the auction house as competitors is wrong because there's almost always more demand than there is supply when it comes to lower level trade goods.
    13. If the prices get fucked up and nobody is buying what you have to sell at a reasonable (read: high) price anymore, don't give up and list for lower. Keep 4–6 auctions at your standard price and relist if they don't sell. If you do this enough, things will correct themselves. Don't sell for less unless you need money now. And, really, if you have so little money that you desperately need more you shouldn't have been doing this in the first place.
    14. Set a buyout price! People hate waiting.
    15. Don’t set your initial bid price too much lower than your buyout. That’s a good way
    to lose money. Conversely, you can bid on the low bids that other people set, and then sell them back at a profit.


    Price Fixing can bankrupt you in several ways.
    1. Overestimating demand.
    2. Underestimating supply.
    3. Insufficient cash to control the market.
    4. Lack of patience and dedication.
    5. Intense competition at just below your price point.

    The only way to really undercut a price fixer is to buy out all stock, and relist at a 5 silver or smaller price diference. If you have enough stock listed at close enough – but lower – than mine, you'll drive me away from that market. Someone did it with Mageweave (which is almost a loss at the best of times due to 30s deposit on listings) and I've since sold off the 50+ stacks I had at an incredible loss. If you list mageweave 10s lower than me, I lose way more than I would stand to gain by buying you out and relisting. --Lukano

    Money Makers

    Many people have reported great success price fixing the following products:
    * Wool
    * Linen
    * 6, and 8 slot bags
    * Ghost Mushroom
    * Copper bars
    * Greater Fire Protection Potions

    Day trading

    Some markets fluctuate over a period of hours or days. Before you decide to invest your time and money, learn the pattern of a particular market. It varies per server depending on the size of the economy, secondary economies from large guilds, profession distribution on that server, and other factors.
    * Felcloth
    * Arcane Crystals?
    In an economy with intelligent, informed traders, you would expect two equivalent
    products to command the exact same price. Not true in WoW, because most players are dumb and uninformed. Sad, but there is no denying it. Thus, we see strange happenings which are only corrected slowly by the enlightened few. For example, you would expect steel prices to be fixed to iron prices, since it only takes a bit of time and coal to make steel from iron. Not so! For some reason, steel and iron seem to be only loosely connected.

    The same applies to many other equivalent products, some of which can be transformed only one way, while a select fewcan go back and forth. You can exploit this without even feeling guilty about it, since you're kinda-sorta performing a service. Kinda. Sorta.
    1. Iron + Coal -> Steel
    2. Copper + Tin -> Bronze
    3. Cloth -> Bolts of cloth (careful, bolts are typically not in demand)
    4. Greater Essence <-> Lesser Essence
    5. Metal bars -> Engineering parts
    Crappy Greens and Disenchanting
    One rewarding equivalency tactic is disenchanting. You can disenchant any uncommon
    or rare item to get dust, essence, or shards (Rares always give you shards, but the cost of the item is often far more than the cost a shard at the AH). Chance and the level of the item determine what enchanting reagent, and how much of it, you will receive. You can make an absolutely insane amount of money if you know the long-term break even point for a certain level of item. That is, if you buy one hundred items at an average of 1 gold each, and they disenchant into reagents worth a total of 125 gold, you can earn yourself a tidy profit auctioning off the reagents you collect.
    1. You need an assload of cash to start with. You need to be able to bid on every single low-priced uncommon (green) item with no buyout in the entire Auction House.
    Depending on the time of day and the size of your server, this could mean shelling out 20 gold or 100 gold. Most of it you will get back when you are outbid, but some of your bids will go unchallenged.
    2. Patience. If you win only a few items and they all disenchant into a single vision dust each, keep buying! Many of your disenchants will result in valuable essences and shards,
    just wait! (Note that the level of the item determines how many dust you will get)
    3. A good strategy is to bid on any armor or weapon above level 40 or level 45 which is listed at less than 1 gold. Go through every page in the search results and bid, bid, bid. Librams, bags, and bullets, however, can NOT be disenchanted, so don't waste your money.
    4. Items level 45 and above will get you the most bang for your buck, but if you lower
    your expectations to 40 you can still make money. You just don't make as much on
    average, but you're dealing with higher volume so you may actually make more money
    this way.
    5. You can combine your bargain disenchantable shopping with price fixing of the
    reagent market.
    6. Set a buyout price. People hate waiting.
    7. Enchanting components have no worth to vendors, which means the Auction House
    requires no deposit! Don't settle for less, never lower your prices if you can help it. Just keep relisting until it sells!
    8. Use Thottbot to determine what disenchants into what, and AH searches to determine your server’s prices. I sometimes use Allakhazam to estimate how well those prices actually match demand..
    9. There are a lot of enchanters who live hand to mouth; that is, they buy what they need when they need it. It's a good idea to list your essences and shards singly, and your dust in stacks of 2 or 3 instead of 10. You can do this by holding down the shift key and leftclicking on a stack, choosing a number in the dialog that pops up, hitting enter, and then dragging and left-clicking to drop that number, splitting the stack into two stacks. The fastest way to go about this is to use the right-hand shift key, left-click, then hit enter right away and clicking an empty inventory slot to drop a single dust. Do this twice intead of typing “2” or using the arrow buttons. If you sell in stacks of 2, make sure you inflate your price far past the typical price/dust of a 10-stack. Don't worry! It will sell.

    Many dumb enchanters only want a specific amount of dust, they don't care about the
    savings they will get from buying in bulk.

    Faction-Specific Items
    One complicated equivalency which few people bother correcting is in faction-specific
    items: pets. Alliance pets are generally cute: kittens, pandas, parrots. Horde pets are icky: cockroaches and other yucky things. If you're on a non-PvP server, or you know someone on the opposing faction, you can do some dealing in the Gadgetzan Auction House to transfer faction pets. A 50 silver pet can easily fetch a few gold at the opposing faction's capitol city Auction House as long as you don't flood the market and you keep the technique to yourself.

    Ethical Concerns

    * Speculation cheats people out of their hard-earned money.
    Okay, here's the thing: you can go get this shit yourself. All you have to do is to find a place where level 15–25 humanoids spawn and you're golden. Free wool for as long as you care to stay out there. I have absolutely no problem with jacking the prices up on these goods because the people buying them can all go get them themselves.
    Leather, for instance. If someone is buying my leather there's one of two explanations:
    they don't want to go out and get leather themselves OR they've decided they can
    maintain leatherworking without having skinning as their second profession. In the first
    case, who cares? They're paying for the privilege of not doing the work themselves. The second case is even worse; why should I do the work and make only a tiny profit because some guy doesn't want to have any gathering trade skills?
    Seriously. People make too big of a deal out of AH prices, especially trade goods. No
    trade good being sold on the AH isn't freely available, just stop being lazy. Hell, if I
    could sell copper stacks for 5g each I'd do it in a second. — Paradoxish

    Oh, I guess I can go fucking pick it myself. What a concept.— Nail Rat

    Scheming is the most heinous form of Speculation. Most forms of scheming involve
    tricking people, either directly or indirectly, into (deliberately or accidentally) buying
    your goods at an inflated price.

    World of Warcraft 3rd Year Anniversary Sweepstakes

    1. Eligibility.
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    2. Disclaimer
      . Released Parties are not be responsible for: (a) lost, late, incomplete, inaccurate, stolen, misdirected, undelivered or garbled entries; (b) lost, interrupted or unavailable network, server, Internet Service Provider (ISP), website, or other connections, availability or accessibility or miscommunications or failed computer, satellite, telephone or cable transmissions, lines, or technical failure or jumbled, scrambled, delayed, or misdirected transmissions or computer hardware or software malfunctions, failures or difficulties, or (c) other errors or difficulties of any kind whether human, mechanical, electronic, computer, network, typographical, printing or otherwise relating to or in connection with the sweepstakes, including, without limitation, errors or difficulties which may occur in connection with the administration of the Sweepstakes, the processing of entries, the announcement of the prizes or in any Sweepstakes-related materials. Released Parties are also not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate information, whether caused by site users, tampering, hacking, or by any equipment or programming associated with or utilized in the Sweepstakes. Released Parties are not responsible for injury or damage to participants' or to any other person's computer related to or resulting from participating in this Sweepstakes
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      Odds of winning a prize depend on the total number of eligible entrants for the applicable drawing. Nonwinning eligible entrants from one drawing will be included in subsequent drawings for the same Sweepstakes. ALL FEDERAL, STATE AND LOCAL TAXES ASSOCIATED WITH THE RECEIPT OR USE OF ANY PRIZE AS WELL AS ANY COSTS AND EXPENSES ASSOCIATED WITH ACCEPTANCE AND USE OF A PRIZE ARE THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE WINNERS. Prizes returned as undeliverable or otherwise not claimed within the time period specified by Sponsor will be forfeited and, at Sponsor's discretion, awarded to an alternate winner for the drawing at issue. Prizes are not transferable. No substitutions or exchanges (including for cash) of any prizes will be permitted, except that Sponsor reserves the right to substitute a prize (or portion thereof) of comparable or greater value for any prize. Limit one prize per household or address. All prizes are awarded "AS IS" and WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, express or implied, (including, without limitation, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose). All prize details are at Sponsor's sole discretion.
    7. Determination of Winners
      . Drawings for prizes will take place each week during the Sweepstakes Period, and each potential winner will be announced on the website located at by announcing the name of the character, and the server that the character is assigned to, which has the most time played on the user account registered by the winner. Additionally, potential winners will be notified by e-mail within five (5) days thereafter. To claim a prize, potential winners should follow the instructions contained in their notification. Entrants whose names or screen names are posted on the website as winners are not eligible to receive a prize until the verification process has been completed and they have complied with all requirements imposed on winners set forth herein. Each entrant can only win one (1) prize during the Sweepstakes Period.
    8. Affidavit & Release.
      As a condition of being awarded any prize, potential winners may be required to execute and deliver to Sponsor within a specified time period an Affidavit of Eligibility, Release of Liability and, unless prohibited by law, Publicity. Failure to do so within the time period specified or noncompliance with these Official Rules will result in disqualification and Sponsor may, at its discretion, award the prize to an alternate winner for the drawing at issue.
    9. Collection of Information.
      The information submitted to Sponsor during your World of Warcraft account registration will be used to contact you in the event that you are chosen to receive a prize and as otherwise specified in Sponsor's Privacy Policy, available at
    10. General Release.
      By participating, eligible individuals agree to release and hold harmless Released Parties from any liability whatsoever, and waive any and all causes of action, related to any claims, costs, injuries, losses, or damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with the Sweepstakes or delivery, misdelivery, acceptance, possession, use of or inability to use any prize (including, without limitation, claims, costs, injuries, losses and damages related to personal injuries, death, damage to or destruction of property, rights of publicity or privacy, defamation or portrayal in a false light, whether intentional or unintentional), whether under a theory of contract, tort (including negligence), warranty or other theory.
    11. Winners List, Rules Request.
      For a copy of the winners list, send a stamped, self-addressed, business-size envelope after December 21, 2007 and before April 21, 2008 to Sponsor at the following address: "World of Warcraft 3rd Year Anniversary Sweepstakes -Winners List," c/o Blizzard Entertainment, P.O. Box 18979, CA 92612. To obtain a copy of these rules, send a stamped, self-addressed business-size envelope to Sponsor at the following address: World of Warcraft 3rd Year Anniversary Sweepstakes -Rules Request, c/o Blizzard Entertainment, P.O. Box 18979, Irvine CA 92612. Residents of WA and VT may omit return postage on rules requests.
    12. Copyright Notice.
      The Sweepstakes and all accompanying materials are copyright © 2007 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.
    13. Miscellaneous.
      The Sweepstakes and these Official Rules will be governed, construed and interpreted under the laws of the United States. Entrants agree to be bound by these Official Rules and by the decisions of Sponsor and judges, which are final and binding in all respects. Sponsor reserves the right to change these Official Rules at any time, in its sole discretion, and to suspend or cancel the Sweepstakes or any entrant's participation in the Sweepstakes should viruses, bugs, unauthorized human intervention or other causes affect the administration, security or proper play of the Sweepstakes or Sponsor otherwise becomes (as determined in its sole discretion) incapable of running the Sweepstakes as planned. If terminated, Sponsor may, at its discretion, select the potential winner(s) for the Sweepstakes and/or drawing at issue from all eligible, non-suspect entries received for that Sweepstakes and/or drawing prior to action taken or as otherwise deemed fair and appropriate by Sponsor. Entrants who violate these Official Rules, tamper with the operation of the Sweepstakes or engage in any conduct that is detrimental or unfair to Sponsor, the Sweepstakes or any other entrant (in each case as determined in Sponsor's sole discretion) are subject to disqualification from entry into the Sweepstakes. Sponsor reserves the right to lock out persons whose eligibility is in question or who have been disqualified or are otherwise ineligible to enter the Sweepstakes. If you have any questions about these Official Rules or the Sweepstakes, please e-mail them to or send written questions to "World of Warcraft 3rd Year Anniversary Sweepstakes -Information Request," P.O. Box 18979, Irvine CA 92612.
    14. Sweepstakes Sponsor.
      The sponsor of the Sweepstakes is Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., P.O. Box 18979, Irvine CA 92612.

    Saturday, November 24, 2007

    It's WoW's birthday and you may be getting the gift

    wow annivsary

    As we mentioned yesterday, it was World of Warcraft's 3rd anniversary of their North American launch. In celebration of the birth of the 800-pound gorilla of MMOs, Blizzard wants to give you free loots.

    The first week it's $100 J!nx gift certificates. In the second week it's World of Warcraft action figures. And for the last week they are handing out an Apple iPod Touch and 2-year WoW subscriptions to five lucky winners.

    There are, of course, eligibility requirements, but the basics are that if you have an account in good standing and are 18 or over then you are automatically entered in for a random drawing every day. Check out their official rule page for all the details.

    When it comes to contests, nothing beats just showing up to qualify. And who wouldn't want to have their subscription paid for?

    Friday, November 23, 2007

    World of Warcraft Comic

    Ever been grouped with someone who wandered off to mine a vein in the middle of a pull? Or just addicted to the plink, plink, plink or your own mining pick? If so you'll definately relate to Adventures in Aggro Management!

    WoW Comic

    Wednesday, November 21, 2007

    World of Warcraft: Valentine's in November

    2.4 Combat Log Changes

    Iriel (Blizzard MVP) posted about a complete overhaul of the combat log in 2.4. Slouken (Blue Poster) confirmed it and posted a preview at the combat log changes yesterday. With these, the old combat events are no longer generated, all existing combat log AddOns will need to be rewritten.

    The combat logging mechanism is completely overhauled with explicit data instead of text strings delivered to the UI. See slouken's post below for a sneak-peak at some of the current details. Highlights include detailed flags indicating relationship of involved units to player, unique identifiers for units with the same name within the combat log -- great for log analysis.

    Combat Log Revamp!
    In 2.4 the combat log is being completely reimplemented so that it sends events with arguments instead of text strings to the UI code.
    The old combat events are no longer generated. All existing combat log AddOns will need to be rewritten.


    Daily Blue

    2.3 Known Issues list (src)

    Hortus posted a list (rather long) of known issues that will be fixed in upcoming patches (2.3.1 and/or 2.3.2). You read about them here.

    Arena: Season 4 (src)

    The personal rating requirement will only apply to season 3 items when season 3 begins (season 2 wont be affected), also there is a possibility when season 4 comes out that requirements for season 3 will get removed.

    Live Servers: Blind and Stoneform (src)

    There are no plans to change Stoneform so it can dispel Blind like it did pre-2.3.

    Armory Issue (src)

    We currently have a database issue that is preventing talents from properly updating and it is being worked on. If other aspects of the armory are not updating then I need to know so that it can be properly investigated.

    Sneak Peek at Valentine's Day

    A player "Mushuu" (Bonechewer server) is a packrat that still has all his stuff from the previous Valentine's day (February 14) in-game holiday. Upon opening the pledge of adoration gift box this week, he saw that it had been re-seeded like new, including new items that are presumably intended to be introduced this next year, including a rare permanent picnic basket and a new rocket named "Love Rocket" that makes a heart effect. Thanks Cento for the info.

    Romantic Picnic Basket: Its a permanent item, much like the card games, 3 min cooldown

    Valentine's Day buff: The basked gives you a "buff" while you wait for somenoe else to click, once they do you get a new one, saying your enjoying a romantic picnic
    Valentine buff

    The best of all, Love Rocket: Its like engineer rockets, with a heart decoration when it goes boom

    Monday, November 19, 2007

    Mage Grinding Guide

    Horde Grinding Spots:

    • 0-15 - Questing fastest possible exp.

    • 15-20 - The Barrens - Harpies *

    • 15-20 - The Barrens - Bristleback(s) *

    • 20-25 - The Barrens - Bael Dun Exavs *

    • 20-25 - Hillsbrad - Hillsbrad Farmers (etc)

    • 22-26 - Thousand Needles - Galak Scouts (etc) *

    • 26-30 - Hillsbrad - Mud Gnolls *

    • 25-30 - Thousand Needles - Grimtotems

    • 30-38 - Shimmering Flats - All monsters. *

    • 38-40 - Dustswallow Swamp - Very North East Islands, Murlock Warriors/Oracles.


    Horde And Alliance Grinding Spots:

    • 40-46 - Ferales - Woodpaws (stay away from the ones that disease for slow
      casting speeds) **

    • 46-48 - Ferales - Frayfeather Skystormers *

    • 48-50 - Ferales - Harpies

    • 48-51 - Southwest of Gadgetzan - Thistleshrubs *

    • 50-54 - Western Plaguelands - First 'field' to the left, assorted monsters.

    • 54-60 - Western Plaguelands - Scarlet Lumberjacks

    * = Recommended

    EXP Rates:

    • Levels 30-40 = 18-20k exp/hour

    • Levels 40-60 = 20-30k exp/hour

    Spell usage and order:
    Typically, you don't want to use spells such as Arcane Missiles, Frost Bolt,
    Cone of Code, and other horrible DPM/slow spells. Your basic spell order should be
    something similar to; Fireball, Fireball, Fireball, Frost Nova + Strafe Away,
    Fireball (Until low HP), Scorch (Until dead). Of course, this doesn't work for
    everything, but you get the general idea.

    Tip: Strafe SIDEWAYS away from monsters, instead of
    just backing up. Backing up is 70% movement, Strafing sideways = 100% Movement.
    I've seen LOTS of mages just back up. Getting optimal distance helps a lot -
    especially if you're using intelligence gear.

    Tip: Loot fast! Shift + Right click the body of the monster to auto-loot everything.
    So many people don't know about this feature, it's amazing. I admit, I didn't
    even know about it for a very long time.

    Knowing your mage:

    Knowing how much damage your spells do helps A LOT. This doesn't only help in
    grinding, but with PVP too. I would suggest getting a UI that displays the
    opponents (monster/player) HP as a percentage. This makes it easier to
    familiarize yourself with damage. I suggest using either Nurfed's UI or CT Mod.
    Personally, I use CT Mod and some of the Nurfed add-ons together. The general
    point to knowing your mage's damage, is optimizing your mana use. You don't want
    to cast a fireball when the monster has only 10% health left - because your
    fireball's normally do around 20%. Get the idea?

    UIs and Add-ons:

    As I just previously said, I personally use CT Mod with some of the Nurfed
    Add-ons. However, there are some other good UIs out there, such as Gypsy that
    lots of mages use.

    As for add-ons, I also use the following:

    • CastAway: Spell Sequencer with adjustable reset timer

    • Spell Alert: Notifies you when an enemy monster/player starts casting, and includes what spell they're casting.

    • CoolDownHud: Displays transparent icons on screen of the spells that are on cooldown, along with how long is left on each.

    • StatusBars: Displays your HP/MP at the bottom of the screen.

    • Decursive: Lets you bind a hotkey to decursive, which will cast remove curse on you/your party/your raid, if they have a curse on them.

    Mage Gear:
    Initially, I would suggest all mages get any * of intelligence gear possible.
    Max your mana out as much as you can. If not, settle for Eagle/Owl gear. You
    don't want to start having eagle gear equipped (as a priority) until 40+.
    Meaning, every time you go to AH, check out gear for levels 40+, because eagle
    gear gets harder to come by.

    What about AOE leveling?
    Lots of people claim AOE leveling is the best possible way to level at all
    times. I haven't found this to be true. However, there are certain spots/levels
    when AOE grinding is the best and easiest way to level. I
    haven't find many other AOE spots in which I consider viable. It's important to
    note that dying decreases your exp/hour rate A LOT, so if there's a good chance
    of you dying, it might not be worth the trouble at all. However, I must say that
    if you have a priest, then AOE leveling becomes a much better possibility.
    However, designing your talents around AOEing slows you down for obvious reasons; you
    always will need a priest to level at maximum speed, and it's not solo.

    Talents, what's the best?!
    I've leveled 3 mages past level 40, in retail. Two of them being 60, and the last one
    being 40. This doesn't include any of the betas. I can safely tell you from what I've experienced, a pure fire
    build is the fastest way to level initially. This doesn't mean being pure fire at level
    60, however. As many know, talents such as clear casting are very good. I've
    toyed with this a bit. I've noticed clear casting doesn't start making a good
    amount of difference until around 40-45. So, I would suggest picking a pure fire
    build (please stay away from some of the less-used fire talents, such as flame
    strike), and have it planned out in a way that when you hit 45, you'll have 16
    arcane and the rest into fire. Why? 16 arcane is IAM, Clear casting, Evocation,
    and IAE. All the necessary and supporting spells a mage needs.

    Tips: Read Alcaras's thread on talents, located

    Plan your build in a way that meets what I said, but conforms to one of the arcane/fire // fire/arcane builds. This might save you some cash in the long run, while giving you the opportunity to test out one of the best viable builds in the game.

    Manage your time away from grinding:
    WoW is a very easy place to waste time in. From constantly checking AH to doing
    professions, you can find yourself with a huge amount of wasted time on your
    hands if you don't pay attention.

    • When checking AH, check for gear for later (but not too far off) levels too.
      Doing this will save you AH trips in the long run.

    • Know what spells you get every two levels. Typically, it isn't worth
      interrupting your grinding if the spell you receive isn't going to increase your
      grinding time. If, for example, you're getting a new fireball spell, that's
      definitely worth the trip.

    • WoW is WoW. There is no getting around it. Traveling in WoW takes a huge
      amount of time. I've seen a huge amount of people go looking for better pits,
      for an extra 1-2k an hour, instead of just sticking it out and getting that 20k+
      for that amount of time the other guy wasted LOOKING for a place to level. Even
      with teleports, don't fool yourself, try to limit your traveling as much as you

    • Professions. Professions are a very popular time waster. STOCK UP. Instead of
      turning clothe into bolts, and bolts into gear, every time you get materials,
      STOCK UP. Do it all in big bundles. Keep the materials in your bags if you don't
      need the space (some spots don't drop so much, some do), if not, stock it up in
      a local bank.

    • Instances. Lower level instances are such a waste of time for a mage. The
      equipment received from doing them doesn't increase your performance like melee
      classes. I suggest skipping the lower level instances and head straight for the
      ones that matter; the end-game ones.

    • Dying. As I said earlier, if
      you're dying a lot, it might be best to chose an alternative pit. Dying reduces
      your exp/hour rate a lot. It pretty much is equivalent to AH trips as a mage.

    Best professions for a mage:
    This is typically different for the type of server you're on. The best options
    for a PVP mage are Alchemy and Engineering (I cant confirm Engineering myself,
    but there's a large amount of mages that think so, so I'll go with that for
    now). Other options would be Enchanting and Tailoring. I wouldn't suggest
    tailoring, I consider it quite useless. I've had 260 tailoring on one of my
    mages, maxed tailoring on another. There's very few items you can make that
    you'll find useful, mainly bags. Tailoring is probably a lot more useful on a

    Mage Armor or Ice Armor?
    It really depends on the monsters you're grinding on. You'll want to use Mage
    Armor when you can. Although the spell does very little, that little might be
    the 20 mana you need to caste a scorch or fireball to finish a monster up. If
    the monsters do quite high damage, use Ice Armor. An example of this, would be
    (from experience): Woodpaws in Ferales don't hit hard if you level on them
    correctly (the basic spell order I stated at the beginning of this guide), but
    the Stormers (initially) after Woodpaws hit faster/harder, so I had to use Ice
    Armor to grind there (only the first level).

    The 1-2 levels before a new fireball spell:
    These levels can be VERY painful. What I found to help a lot is saving all
    quests for these levels. Even if, for example, it's quests you complete by
    simply grinding on monsters (Shimmering Flats), don't turn them in until they're
    going to turn gray or you're on one of the levels before a new fireball spell. I
    do NOT suggest doing purely quests, but knowing which quests are easy/grind-able
    on helps a lot. Also, a higher level friend might be more willing to help you,
    if they know it's the level (or two) before a new fireball spell, and they know
    you've stacked up quests so they have a wide selection to help you from. If you
    cant do this, simply keep grinding and deal with the extra couple hours or so of
    how long it takes to level. Personally, all I did was not turn in grind-able
    quests as long as I could hold out - until these levels came up.

    Dealing with the boringness of grinding:
    There's no way to get rid of it. There's ways to deal with it, fortunately. The
    basic ways are to simply play music while grinding, or position your TV to a
    location where you don't have to turn much to watch it, or chatting in game.
    Grinding doesn't require you to watch your screen 100% of the time, even on a
    PVP server, so watching TV isn't too hard. A method I personally like is talking
    to friends, RL or on team speak, both are good choices to help you forget about
    what you're doing. One thing I urge everyone NOT to think about is how long it's
    taking to level, it'll make you extremely bored/frustrated.

    Why do people grind if it's so boring?
    A simple, yet complicated question. The simple answer is that we're power
    gamers/PVPers. We want to get as strong as possible as fast as possible. The
    part where it gets complicated is where casual gamers and such are reverting to
    grinding, too. With the current state of WoW, there's very little reason to do
    quests. One of the only reasons is that you get more involved with the
    story/history of WoW. Another is that it is more entertaining than grinding.
    While I'm not going to try arguing with either of those, I will tell you the

    There's very few rewards to doing quests, one of them being able to buy mounts
    from other races in your faction. This, funny enough, isn't very possible. The
    other being you get discounts. I'll let you know now that you can easily obtain
    an honorable status by questing from 1 to 14-15, which is what I did. Grinding
    rewards better than questing, more materials, more gold, more of a chance to
    receive rare drops (blues that bind on equip), and most importantly,
    faster/better exp. Also, you can grind to 60 and then proceed to do instances,
    which means you end up with the same gear as everyone else, but faster.

    There are different types of power leveling.

    Grinding - Single target grinding, which is
    what this guide is based on. Some quests are done, but only the ones that can be
    done while grinding. This is -the- most boring form of power leveling.

    AOEing - Killing multiple monsters at the same time
    with AOE spells. Sounds better than it is. Some quests are done, but only the
    ones that can be done while grinding. More entertaining than normal grinding.

    Power AOEing - AOE grinding with outside support.
    This outside support is usually a support class healing you, which enables you
    to AOE a larger number of monsters and not have to worry about your health or
    survivability. Survivability is why solo AOE grinding is flawed. Little quests
    are done. Probably the best form of leveling. Fastest and most entertaining (you
    have someone to talk to, joke around, etc). The only downsides are finding
    someone to preform this task for you. Note: Outside support means you're
    not partied, IE; you're getting all of the experience.
    Well, which is that fastest?! Power AOEing -> Grinding -> AOEing

    How long did it take you to max, using these methods?
    7 days 7 hours. However, I did it while the DM AOE grinding spot was still
    viable. This was recently nerfed. This took off a bit of the time it wouldve
    normally taken me to max out. This guide gives you the luxury of already having
    all of the spots listed out for you, and if you follow the guide, it should
    shave quite a bit off the time for you to max out. So with those changes, you
    should still be able to each a 7-8 day marker.

    Mage Macros:
    Here are some macros for mages. They work great for their purpose.

    • Polymorph Macro:

      Announces the gender of the target, as well as their level.

      /script if UnitSex("target") == 1 then
      SendChatMessage("Sheeping Female " .. UnitLevel("target") .. " %t","say") else
      SendChatMessage("Sheeping Male " .. UnitLevel("target") .. " %t", "say"); end
      /cast Polymorph(Rank 4)

    • Counter-Spell:

      It will cancel whichever spell is casting and cast counter-spell. Works GREAT in PVP.
      /script SpellStopCasting()
      /script CastSpellByName("counterspell")

    • WOTF:

      When you get feared in PVP, you automatically lose your target, this will automatically target the last person when using WOTF.
      /cast Will of the Forsaken(Racial)
      /script TargetLastEnemy()

    • Reparty:

      This will leave the party and reparty the person of your choice, resetting the instance. Replace "Person" with the players name.
      /script LeaveParty()
      /invite Person

    Top 15 World of Warcraft Player Tips

    Tips For All World of Warcraft Players

    Tip 1 - Read your Quest Journal
    Now we hate to snipe here, people, but the "L" key on your keyboard opens up your Quest Journal. This handy-dandy little item contains literally all the information you need to solve whatever quest your given. Check it early and check it often because if you're cluttering up the "General" chat channel asking "Where's the Wailing Caverns?" 47 times not only will you learn all sort of new Azerothian insults, but when you eventually find the place, it's not going to win you any friends when you then start looking for a group to explore with. Your Quest Journal has directions so precise they make MapQuest look vague to avoid precisely this situation. Read your Quest Journal! Read your Quest Journal! Read your Quest Journal!

    Tip 2 - The City Guards are your friends - use them well.
    This is kind of an adjunct to the whole "Read your Quest Journal" thing, but the other thing that clogs up the general chat channels is people asking for directions in the hub cities. Fortunately Blizzard has come up with a simple solution - just ask a city guard! They'll give you directions to everything in the city and even provide you with a little flag in your mini-map! You know, the employment situation in Azeroth must be pretty bad when you consider that most of these guards are level 75 or so and can easily wipe out virtually every monster in the game and they're taking the time out of their busy schedule to help you. The least you can do is avail yourself of their services. I don't even think they get paid!

    Tip 3 - Every trade skill in World of Warcraft has a complement.
    Players can only learn two "professional" trade skills (Fishing, Cooking, First Aid and a few others don't count). Be aware that with the exception of Enchanting and Tailoring, every trade skill has a "gathering" skill and a "crafting" skill. Blacksmithing, for example, requires raw materials that can only be retrieved by Mining. Be sure you select the appropriate skill; otherwise you will end up buying raw materials at auction or trying to trade your raw materials for finished goods.

    Tip 4 - The Num Lock key is your auto run.
    This should be obvious, but you'd be surprised how many players forget to use their auto run. Auto run is your best friend, though. During long runs you can be checking your quest log, futzing with your inventory, or chatting with friends. Use it!

    Tip 5 - Control your Pets.
    This, of course, only applies to pet classes (Warlocks and Hunters), but if we had a gold piece for every Warlock and Hunter who left his pet on "Aggressive" we'd - well, we'd have a lot of gold pieces. Your pets are tools. They're used for very specific purposes. Putting them on Aggressive lets them attack indiscriminately and can draw a lot more monster attention than your group is ready to deal with. All too often a pet on the loose means death for the group and a long, boring corpse run.

    World of Warcraft Alliance Player Tips
    Tip 6 - Looking to solo? Get yourself a Night Elf Hunter or a Warlock.
    While there isn't any one particular character template that works perfectly for soloing, this is about the best that there is on the Alliance side. First, there really isn't any equal level monster in the game that a properly tricked out Hunter can't tackle one-on-one without breaking a sweat. While Warlocks are a bit more fragile, they have an excellent complement of damage dealing spells that will let them survive - albeit while taking more damage. Unfortunately, many creatures will attack in groups if they notice one of their buddies getting pounded on (Elite creatures are particularly nasty with this).

    That's where pets come in, Any "Pet" class can use their animal (or demonic) companion to do what's called "crowd control" - basically pulling one creature away from a group and a time and killing it. The Warlock's Void Walker is particularly good at this. Night Elves quest lines at low levels are also pretty self-contained within the geographically isolated Teldrassil, meaning you never have far to run to reach a quest destination or to retrieve your corpse.

    Tip 7 - Gnomes have the best (worst) dancing emotes.
    Trust us on this one. Simply typing /dance into the game while playing as a gnome will show you what we mean. Gnome dancing is the most offensive thing in Azeroth - rumor has it that the Horde offers 10 gold pieces to anyone who can actually manage to kill a Gnome in PvP during a dance. Therefore it makes Gnomes perfect for role-players who want to annoy other players and have a good laugh.

    Tip 8 - Everyone loves a Human Priest.
    This is the perfect class for players looking to group. Humans' racial talents help a Priest hold his or her own in combat and there isn't a group alive that isn't thrilled when a Priest shows up just before heading into an Elite dungeon or an instance. Priests are also pretty rare in the game, there aren't really all that many players who enjoy taking on the social/support roles, so your skills will always be in demand - and you'll level pretty fast.

    Tip 9 - You don't have follow the quest lines for your own race!
    One of the biggest misconceptions that new players have about World of Warcraft is that quests are restricted by race - in other words, that if you're playing a Human, you must take the "Human" quests in Elwynn Forest when you start out. That's simply not true. Players can take any level-appropriate quest regardless of their race. For Alliance players looking to level up a bit faster, there is a bit of a shortcut. Simply head to the hub cities of Ironforge or Stormwind as soon as you're strong enough to get out of the newbie zone (around level 5). From there, find the passage to Teldrassil, the Night Elf homeland and start collecting quests. Teldrassil is very small, contains the hub city of Darnassus that offers every service, and players rarely have to run far to complete quests. You'll find yourself at level 10 or even higher in no time!

    Tip 10 - The Alliance means more content, but more people.
    For whatever reason, the Alliance races as a whole (Humans, Night Elves, Dwarves, and Gnomes) are more popular with players. This can often mean severe crowding in popular regions along with what we like to call "mass extinction events". That basically means that several quests in the area that require players to kill a particular animal may make it hard to find that animal for a while - and that you may be racing other players who are standing around waiting for them to spawn. The good news is that the Alliance has a lot more quest-based content than the Horde. While this isn't noticeable at the earlier levels, many Horde players often find themselves running low on quests around level 25-30 and being forced to just "farm" random creatures for experience.

    World of Warcraft Horde Player Tips
    Tip 11 - You will end up in the Barrens - accept it.
    Throughout the beta process, the one zone that everybody complained about the most was the Barrens, a level 15-20 zone that is quite literally in the center of everything for the Horde. As a result, this zone has the dubious distinction of undergoing almost constant revisions. The good news is, it's much better than it was - the bad news is, it can still be long and tedious. The thing is, most Horde quest lines eventually send players to the Barrens and it contains access to one of the neutral towns where Horde and Alliance players can get together, so the place is absolutely crawling with players. While that can be good for making friends, it's also the place that's the most hunted and overcrowded on the Horde side. Unfortunately, the Barrens is just a fact of life for Horde players - better to go, do what needs to be done, and get out.

    Tip 12 - Want to get to level 10 quickly? Visit dead people.
    More accurately, visit Undead people. Since Quests aren't race specific, players can accept any level appropriate quest regardless of their race. That means that Horde players have access to a slight shortcut to level 10 similar to the one enjoyed by Alliance players. In the Horde's case it means hightailing it to the Orc hub city of Orgrimmar as soon as you can survive the trip and catching a zeppelin ride to Tirisfal Glades. Head south from the zeppelin tower to the Undead town of Brill and start looking for quests. Like Teldrassil for Night Elves, the quests in Brill are a bit easier and can usually be solved without a tremendous amount of traveling, significantly shortening your trip to level 10.

    Tip 13 - The Horde has the best and worst hub cities in the game.
    Both sides in World of Warcraft have three hub cities designed for players to congregate, buy and sell items, and deal with NPC vendors and trainers. The Horde is blessed with the best and cursed with one of the worst hub cities in the game. The best city to do business with NPCs in is the Undead Undercity. If you have a choice of heading to one hub city, this is the one to pick. It's the smallest major city, meaning you don't have to do a tremendous amount of running to get to the shops you want. The city is also basically a circle - meaning it's almost impossible to get lost. Orgrimmar, the Orc hub city, on the other hand, is incredibly confusing, with twisting paths that sometime loop back on themselves. Orgrimmar means a lot of running and it's all too easy to get lost. It's also kind of the center of the universe for Horde players, so you really do need to learn it if you hope to use the auction or make new friends.

    Tip 14 - Tired of fighting for elbow room? Join the Horde!
    For some odd reason, players seem to choose to play as Alliance characters far more often than as Horde characters. The good news for Horde players, though, is that fewer players mean fewer people jockeying for resources. Even the Barrens, probably the most crowded Horde region, never see the problems with "mass extinction events" that routinely plague the Alliance. If you're interested in questing and not interested in hanging around with ten other people (at peak hours) waiting for a monster spawn, why not join the Horde?

    Tip 15 - The Undead are just psychotically cool!
    While everyone has their own opinion, ours is that no World of Warcraft race gets as many "coolness points" as the Undead. First, the character models are just a riot with hairstyles that literally defy physics and a facial customization options straight out of the Velvet Dungeon. The designers also clearly had a ball putting the Undead lands together because every area and storyline within the Undead zones is filled with clever asides and subtle (and not so subtle) humor about the Forsaken's unusual situation. Role-players will also enjoy playing the Undead since they're as close as any World of Warcraft race comes to being "evil". True - they are an oppressed minority, but they're also planning universal genocide, so you make your own call.

    WoW Gold Guide: Grinding Spots Guide

    This guide will be the "mother of all guides" when it comes to grinding locations. Many of you have asked about a guide that has nothing but grinding locations for WoW so here you go! All of these spots have been tested and verified and for some ppl are the best grinding locations that they often spend time at.

    Warning: You might see some World of Warcraft cheaters using bots in these grinding areas. The grinding spots are in order of level and class of character.
    All the gold counts per hour just stands for the amount of actual gold you make while grinding and vendoring the trash items. It doesn't include any items sold to the auction house. I am wanting to expand this guide even more so if you have a grinding spot please let me know and I will add it here.

    **Level and class of character**)(**Location**)(**Level of Mobs**)(**Total Amount of Gold per hour in that spot**)

    Level 32 Warrior (Arms spec)Location: Shimmering Flats, running laps skinning/mining en routeLevel of Mobs = 30-35Total Gold = 3.3g/hr

    Level 33 MageLocation: Shimmering FlatsLevel: 30-35 crittersTotal Gold = 3.24g/hr

    Level 35 WarlockLocation: Boulderfist Outpost (near Refugee Pointe)Level of Mobs = 30 - 32Total Gold = 2.50g/hour

    Level 38 Rogue Location: DeadminesLevel of Mobs = 15-25Total Gold = 7.55 g/hr

    Level 44 mageLocation: STV gorillas NE of BBLevel of Mobs = 40-41Total Gold = 4.5g/hr

    Level 44-45 MageLocation: STV Nagas NW of BBLevel of Mobs = 43-44Total Gold = 2.68g/hr

    Level 47 Warrior. Location: Tanaris Ogre campLevel of Mobs = 46-48Total Gold/hour = about 4g/hour

    Level 47 PaladinLocation: Undead in Azshara Level: 45-47 IIRCTotal Gold: About 6-7g/hour

    Level 48 DruidLocation: Tanaris(SandSorrow Watch)Level of Mobs = 43-45 Elite TrollsTotal Gold = 5g/hr

    Level 48 NE HunterLocations: Scarlet Monastery grounds and interior Outside the instancesLevel of Mobs = 29-32 EliteTotal Gold = 4.66g/hr

    Level 48 Warrior.Location: The Slag Pit in Searing GorgeLevel of Mobs = 46-48Total Gold = about 6g/hour

    Level 50 MageLocation: The HinterlandsLevel: 49-50 Saltwater Turtles on the Shore North of Horde town.Total Gold: 6.60g/hour

    Level 54 HunterLocation: Nagas in AzsharaLevel: Lvl 48-51Total Gold: 15g/hour

    Level 56 HunterLocation: Razorfen DownsLevel: 37-42 Elite mobsTotal Gold: 5.06g/hr

    Level 58 RogueLocation: Scarlet Monastery - Library SectionLevel of Mobs = 32-35 EliteTotal Gold = 19 - 21g/hour

    Level 60 HunterLocation: All Blue Dragonkin, Azshara loc roughly (39,77)Level of Mobs = around 51 eliteTotal Gold = 7g34s/30 minutes

    Level 60 HunterLocation: STV - Cold Eye BaslisksLevel of Mob: lvl 40 Total Gold: 4g50s/hr

    Level 60 PaladinLocation: Khazaran, Deadwind PassLevel: 59-60 Undead ResidentsTotal Gold = 4g44s/hr

    Level 60 rogueLocation: Jadefire Run - Demons - Northwest FelwoodLevel of Mobs = 51-54Total Gold = 5.67g/hour

    Saturday, November 17, 2007

    The Art Of Making Gold In Wow And The Burning Crusade

    There are many WoW gold making guides that have been outdated since the release of The Burning Crusade. There are so many alternate ways to make gold but there I have found the most profitable ways to making gold. Every gold farming method seems to result under these categories:

  • Grinding

  • Auction House

  • Professions

  • Questing

  • It was impossible to quest for gold back before TBC. Questing is actually a huge part of any time gold income at level 70. Questing can bring you in mountains of gold because most quests include the rewards of both grinding for gold, and then the questing rewards that you get when you turn in the quest. The best thing about questing is that it does not end! TBC made questing a viable option for Gold farming because there is an endless list of quests.

    Many people on every server are still trying to complete all their quests. At the time of writing this we are still 5 months into the release of TBC. You can see how many quests there really are and how long it will actually take you to clear your quest log. When you reach level 70, all the quests stop giving you experience (simply because there's no experience needed to be gained) but instead of experience rewards you are given more gold! This gives every player a huge incentive to continue questing beyond level 70.

    Professions have been a descent part of gold collecting since the game begin. However TBC has made a professions explode. Jewelcrafting, Mining, Herbalism, Skinning, are just 4 professions that made it huge. These are the 4 professions that you can make the most money from however every profession is profitable once it reaches a certain level.

    Playing the auction house is still a great way to make money! Less people are making mistakes because they use Auctioneer. However there are still things you can do inside of the auction house that auctioneer will never be able to automate. Things like buying out all the low level gear and re-listing it for higher prices!

    Also manually searching he auction house to find items that are in very low stock, but in high demand. This includes things like Copper, Tin, Bronze, Linen, Low level Gems, and twink Items. That's just the beginning of the list because it goes on. You just need to find what your server is in need of and go farm it!

    Grinding is still one of the greatest ways to make gold. Grinding for reputation items to sell is a great way right now while guilds are still trying to conquer new content. Everybody will want the hottest new reputation rewards but most players will be to lazy to actually farm them. Just like players farmed for Argent Dawn reputation items you can do the same at our level 70. Finding Aldor or Scryer items will give you a great gold income while people are continuing to get their reputation up.

    Mote's and Primals play a huge role in the grinding game. Primals are used in every good crafting recipe at level 70, even some below! It takes ten motes to create one primal. This means you will have to farm a huge amount of Motes just to create enough primals for a few recipes. If you understand farming that is GREAT. This means grinding for motes will never end because players will always want more.

    Motes can also be found from gathering professions so it makes them just one more step ahead of other professions. They are random drops inside of herb's and ore. You will still get your herbs and ore when you loot them but you will get a special present with it!

    Top 10 World of Warcraft Pets

    If you’ve ever played a Hunter in World of Warcraft, you’re constantly on the lookout for a more powerful pet. Even though you may have become emotionally attached to that bear or panther you tamed at level 10, there are many creatures that make much better World of Warcraft pets than good old “Mr. Whiskers”.

    Although some pets are better in certain situations than others depending on whether you want a tank or dps, there are a few animals that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Here’s a list of the Top 10 World of Warcraft Pets along with where they’re found, their ability modifiers, skills, and whether they make a better tank, dps, or general pet.

    10. Nether Ray
    Found in Outland, this WoW pet has a body much like a stingray with a long tail and two feathery plumes. It has crystalline growths and stripes running down its body, and all types are brightly colored. Nether Rays can be found in Netherstorm, Zangarmarsh, and Shadowmoon Valley (caster stats) with the Fen Ray from the Underbog as the only-non caster of this creature.

    Nether Rays get a big bonus to health (+10%), a smaller bonus to damage (+3%), but take a hit with well below average armor (-10%) and can be considered a hybrid dps/tank pet with the emphasis on dps. Their big “coolness” factor puts the Nether Ray at number 10 over other average to above average pets.

    9. Wolf
    Wolves are indigenous to many parts of Azeroth and are a very popular Hunter pet due to their large variety of skins and locations to find them at along with their Furious Howl and Dash skills. Wolves are average in damage and health but have above average (+5%).

    8. Crocolisk
    A crocolisk is a lizard-like creature, massive in length, and covered in thick, rough scales that run from the end of its tail to the tip of its maw. Mottled green in color with yellowish fangs, the beast is supported by six squat legs with webbed feet, each of which ends in short, black claws. Crocolisks are usually found near bodies of water and, in particular, in Durotar, Loch Modan, and the Wetlands.

    This World of Warcraft pet can learn Cower, Bite, and Growl but offer no unique pet skill. Some Hunters are annoyed by the hissing noise they make when sitting still, but their high armor (+10%) can make up for that and their lower health (-5%) if you’re looking for a tanking pet.

    7. Gorilla
    Gorillas are found only in Stranglethorn Vale, Feralas, and Un’Goro Crater and can learn Cower, Growl, Bite, and their unique skill Thunderstomp which inflicts area nature damage and causes a lot of threat. Gorillas are not very popular as a WoW pet due to their scarceness and fussy diet (fruit and fungus) but their unique skill, medium health bonus (+4%) and damage bonus (+2%) make them a good tough pet.

    6. Wind Serpent
    A brightly-colored, winged serpent with a feathered head - essentially a flying snake. Found primarily in Horde territory, the Wind Serpent has high damage (+7%) with average health and armor. What makes the Wind Serpent a special World of Warcraft pet is it’s lightning breath skill which deals a decent amount of ranged nature damage that scales with the hunter’s ranged attack power. Unless fighting monsters with low armor or innate nature resistance, a Wind Serpent will have the highest dps of any pet. Be careful though, a large number of Wind Serpents have caster stats if you tame them as a pet. Stick with those found in Barrens, Thousand Needles, and Feralas just to be on the safe side.

    5. Spider
    Spiders can be found nearly everywhere in World of Warcraft and, although they’re not very popular with Hunter’s due to their lack of a special skill (they can learn Cower, Growl, and Bite), they have high damage output (+7%) and no penalties to health or armor giving them one of the highest net bonus totals among all WoW pets.

    4. Owl
    Like Spiders, Owls have one of the highest net bonus totals among all pets with their high damage (+7%) and average health and armor. Although some Hunters dislike the Owl becuase their large wings can interfere with targeting, their huge skill set (Claw, Cower, Growl, Dive, and their unique Screech skill) make them very popular especially for pet tanking. So popular, lower level Horde Hunters have been know to sneak into Teldrassil (the only place Owls are found pre-level 48) to tame one.

    3. Bat
    There are a number of Bat species in Azeroth which can be cound in Tirisfal Glade, Blackrock Depths, Razorfen Kraul, the Eastern Plaguelands, and the Ghostlands. Bats have the same skills as Owls with the same high damage output (+7%) and average health and armor. More available to Horde than Owls, Bats do get a slight edge over Owls for number 3 due to their fearsome looks although the novelty of a Horde Hunter with an Owl may outweigh the coolness factor for some.

    2. Ravager
    Ravagers are World of Warcraft pets that are found in Outland and Azuremyst Isle and Bloodmyst Isle in the low-level Draenei areas. Ravagers have low health (-7%) but more than make up for it with very high damage (+10%) and good armor (+5%). Ravagers can learn Cower, Growl, Bite, Dash, and Gore which is a cheap instant attack that does small damage but has a 50% chance to do double damage (or quadruple damage on a critical hit). The Ravager’s useful skills and high-end damage make them a very good Hunter pet.

    1. Cat
    Cats are by far and away the most popular Hunter pet. Their appealing looks, commoness throughout Azeroth, large amount of availible skills (Bite, Growl, Cower, Claw, Dash, and Prowl), and variety make them the top choice. Their Prowl ability works very well with a Night Elf Hunter’s Shadowmeld skill. Cats also have the highest net bonuses at +8% with high damage (+10%), lower than average health (-2%) and average armor. Unless you dislike the idea of having the most popular World of Warcraft pet, cat is the way to go.

    WoW Gold Farming – A Few Spots You Should Know

    WoW Gold Farming is a lot easier with a good guide, but today I am going to tell you a few spots where you can make a lot of money WoW Gold Farming.

    The main area I talk about that is brilliant for WoW Gold Farming is the Eastern Plaguelands where there are a lot of creatures and monsters you can kill for gold.

    Although WoW Gold Farming in the Easter Plaguelands can take a while as the creatures don’t drop masses of gold they still tend to drop more then in most areas of the game. If you have a few hours though and want to make a lot of gold WoW Gold Farming this is the spot for you.

    The first creatures that you should kill for WoW Gold Farming is the Mossflayer Zombies and although they don’t drop masses of goodies they are quite east to kill. The main reason you should use the zombies for WoW Gold Farming is they drop runecloth on a regular basis and this can be sold for big money!

    This is a also a brilliant WoW Gold Farming spot as the monsters don’t take to long to respawn and you can make good money if you kill plenty of these!

    Also keep an eye out for Plaguebats as these drop quite a few goodies and can be excellent for WoW Gold Farming. One of the best WoW Gold Farming items they drop is called “Evil Bat Eyes” and you can sell these items for 2 gold a piece.

    While WoW Gold Farming you should also concentrate on the skinning profession as the bats you can skin and sell their hides for quite a lot of gold apiece.

    The next monsters you should target for WoW Gold Farming is Carrion Devourers and there are loads of them in the Plaguelands, they will drop Larval acid which you can sell fro about 8 gold and as you can probably see makes the Plaguelands one of the best places for WoW Gold Farming.

    The best thing about WoW Gold Farming and the mobs mentioned above is they are all relatively easy to kill and you will soon be making a lot of money. Have Fun!

    Your One Way Ticket to Become Rich in WoW

    One of the hottest MMORPG or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games to hit the market today is World of Warcraft. Here, you will join an online community full of real people who also play the game. You will take part in quests and also build your reputation by leveling up to the highest level. You will also be able to socialize with other people through chatting and this game is also known for having its own economy.

    In the game, World of Warcraft, you need to remember that having gold (currency in the World of Warcraft) will increase your chances of being successful. Gold will have a major effect on your game play as it will be your tool to purchase the latest weapons and also purchase different kinds of skills for your character to learn.

    Perfecting your character means that you will need a lot of gold to do so. Basically, you will be able to earn gold by killing monsters and also through trade. However, you need to remember that this is not the only way to earn gold in the game. So, here are some tips to get rich quick in the World of Warcraft.

    The first tip is that you should get a profession early in the game. With a profession, you will be able to have the advantage over other characters as you will be raking in the gold faster then they can and you will also be able to purchase more powerful weapons and armor to help you level up faster and also to improve your character. The two kinds of professions that is highly recommended and are very good in getting gold is mining and skinning.

    Skinning refers to killing animals and other creatures in the World of Warcraft game. When you kill animals and other creatures, you will be able to skin the animals and sell the to AI vendors or also to other players with profit. The great thing about this is that as you kill animals and creatures, you will not only profit from it, but you will also level up your character.

    The mining profession is also a gold raking profession that will definitely give you some profit. As you play, you will come across prosperous mineral ores. Normally, you will run into these ores in caves. You also need to remember that there are different kinds of minerals in the game and some are very high in demand and very valuable that can earn you lots of gold.

    Another great way to earn gold in World of Warcraft is by taking on quests. You will normally be given quests by AI characters which differ from level to level. The great thing about taking on quests is that not only will you gain experience from killing monsters while you are on the quest, but will also help you gain some great items and money. This is great for players who want to level up faster and also get richer.

    Of course, as you level up, you will need new gears in order for you to become more effective in killing monsters. More powerful gears will get more expensive. This is why it is important for you to invest wisely on the gears you purchase. For characters that are in levels 1 to 40, it is highly recommended that you should not invest a lot of money on gears and items. This will enable you to save money to let you buy more powerful gears, items and skills.

    These are the things that you need to remember when you are playing World of Warcraft. With this in mind, you will be able to get rich and also level up faster in the game.

    Wednesday, November 14, 2007

    Farming 3000 WoW Gold Per Day

    Farming 3000 gold per day,do you believe?

    WoW, that's a big box

    Dark Legacy Comics #116

    Keydar is back with another funny issue of DL Comics. If you've ever been frustrated by that pesky evade bug, now is your chance to exploit early and exploit often! View issue #116 here.

    Tuesday, November 13, 2007

    WoW Hunter Guide: Grizhak's Guide to "Gray" Pet Levelling at 70

    By Grizhak

    After reaching Outland and level 70, people complain about the types of pets available to them on that level. This guide will hopefully give you a look on how to level a pet from a level from totally useless to above 60 - where raw grinding and instance runs take over.

    Of course, you *can* do instance runs with your level all-too-low pet, but as most people tend to hate and blame a low level pet for everything, far less permit the hunter to bring it, I will focus on getting the little bastard to 60 for now. The hard way, all solo of course. Be warned, once the pet reaches 60, the process of levelling will go much slower as he will require almost four times the amount of xp needed to gain a level. If someone could provide me with the exact numbers I will include them here (with credits, of course).

    This is my first guide, and lacking other guides on the subject, why not write one? So here you are... comments and suggestions are welcome, as long as you keep it civil and constructive ;)

    Table of Contents

    Part 1 - Getting started
    Part 1a - Skills and talents
    Part 1b - Equipment
    Part 1c - Pet skills
    Part 2 - The technique
    Part 3 - Places to grind
    Part 4 - Conclusion
    Other stuff

    Part 1 - Getting started

    Part 1a - Skills and talents


    - Aimed Shot
    - Concussion Shot
    - Scatter Shot
    - Steady Shot
    - Aspect of the Viper
    - Hunter's Mark


    A good marksman build with a few points in survival and beastmastery works well here. The trick to this way of doing it is to down the enemy before it gets too close without burning too much mana and without using your pet at all. I will give you a sample build and explain some of it now. - 10/43/8

    This build has a few survival talents that helps against the enemies featured in this guide as your prime target - humanoids. It also features Hawk Eye, which is almost mandatory for a hunter these days, even so for us in this situation. Efficiency points may be sacrificed for Careful Aim, depending on your preference. Remember, this is an optimized variant of my character's levelling build, and a more general approach would be preferred if you plan to do other things than just levelling a grey pet. The other Beast Mastery talents helps your overall damage and survivability in melee. As long as your build contains the above mentioned skills and preferrably Savage Strikes and Hawk Eye.

    Part 1b - Equipment

    Nothing really fancy. A good dps gun with a steady shot rotation you're familiar with and an OK melee weapon. I prefer slow two-handers for Mongoose Bite and Raptor Strike, but do what you feel is best.

    My weapon of choice: - Ornate Khorium Rifle. Good, slow and with a nice DPS to boot. A bit more expensive than - Valanos' Longbow, but I recommend either of these for the task ahead.

    Oh, and a decent crit rate (15% and more) is a plus, but you can manage without. It'll just be a bit slower.

    Part 1c - Pet skills

    Before you tame your pet of choice, be sure to have learned all the skills you plan to teach him. For example, before getting my Ashmane Boar I had to tame a Rip-Blade Ravager to learn it's Gore rank 9, a Plagued Swine for Charge rank 6 and I already had Dash rank 3.

    See for a list of pet skills and where to get them.

    Part 2 - The technique

    So, how to do it? I'll give you a short walk trough an average battle:

    Hunter's Mark when running to range, Aimed Shot, Concussive Shot (if melee mob), Arcane Shot, Steady Shot, Auto Shot, Steady Shot (Concussive Shot will have worn off by now). Depending on your number of crits and the mob's health you can now either finish him off in melee, try to finish him off while still at range, or Scatter Shot him and do a Steady Shot + Auto Shot. He should be dead by now.

    If you fight casters, you might want to use Silencing Shot. If you get the distance right, he will stop running towards you and start casting again before getting too close for you to shoot him.

    In any case, remember to use Aspect of the Viper. Don't be ashamed if you get some downtime, personally I solved that by not using Arcane Shot unless the mob was closing in on me with 2000+ health. With decent gear that won't happen often anyway.

    Rinse and repeat in your area of choice or until the pet gets level enough to hold aggro. That's when you can begin the "ordinary" grind.

    Side note: Traps
    I tried using traps for this kind of grind, but it's not worth the time or mana. Use some extra mana on your shots instead.

    Side note 2: Stings
    Not worth the mana either. The mob will die before too long has passed, and the dot effect of Serpent Sting breaks Scatter Shot. Mana better used on something else.

    Part 3 - Places to grind

    Grind. A terrible word. But that's what it is - experience grinding. I have chosen these areas out of efficiency, not out of drops. These are the areas I have tried and have experience with, you might have other favourites. The level range is from 62 and above because at level 70, neither you or the pet (at ANY level) will get experience from mobs at 61 and below.

    Preferred place, second if not alone: Firewing Point (Terokkar Forest) - around 70,35
    Mob level range: 63-64
    Mobs: Around theglowing centre with the manabomb - Mainly warlocks, which stays at range most of the time. Casts shadowbolt and immolate, often resisted. Some melee mobs. All the mobs have a small chance to drain about 1200+ mana if you're closer than approx. 20 yards.
    Common drops: Silver, Netherweave and Runecloth, water and bread, Firewing Signets (low-level scryer rep) and very rarely Arcane Tomes.
    Great if you are alone, because you can mainly grind off warlocks. Only technique to worry about is to keep distance. Once they start casting they'll stay at range. Downside is that the place is a quest place, making it quite possible someone else is there too, "stealing" your mobs. Also the warlocks do some damage, making it likely you will get some downtime. Otherwise a brilliant spot :) Can also be used at levels above 60.

    A close second: The Den of Haal'esh (Hellfire Peninsula) - around 26,75
    Mob level range: 62-63
    Mobs: Melee and ranged casters. Some grey level birds, easily avoided. Melee mobs might get a running speed buff, which makes raptor strike useless. Use Scatter Shot instead to gain range if needed.
    Common drops: Silver, Netherweave and Runecloth, a few pieces of meat and some water. Also tons of light feathers.
    This is the place I found the most effective in pure xp value. The mobs respawn quickly, the ones questing in the area leave as soon as they are done and there are no high level gankers around. Also, if you are horde like me, the vendor at Falcon Watch is only a minute away.

    A close third: Veil Shienor (Terokkar Forest) - around 58,23
    Mob level range: 62-63(?)
    Mobs: Melee and a few stationary ranged casters. A named quest mob.
    Common drops: Silver, Arakkoa Feathers (used for Lower City rep), Netherweave and Runecloth, Light Feathers, meat and water.
    The skettis camps in Terokkar is often crawling with both alliance and horde, and mobs can be scarce at times. The Arakkoa Feathers make these camps popular for level 70 rep grinders. Still, I find Veil Shienor, just northeast of Tuurem, to be the better choice over the others. If you are alone, you will soon find your own "rounds" in the camp without waiting for respawns.

    Fourth: The Hewn Bog (Zangarmarsh) - around 33,33 and as far as the ogres go
    Mob level range: 62-64(?)
    Mobs: Melee and semi-ranged casters with fire nova totems. A named quest mob. The melee ones enrages on low health. The casters are slow patrollers, but not enough to be a problem.
    Common drops: Silver, Netherweave and Runecloth.
    Between both alliance and horde towns, these ogres are close to both and a good grind. The distance between them tends to be big if you cleared out an area, and they don't respawn as fast as the arakkoa in Hellfire and Terokkar. Low health and easily downed if you got a good gun. Still, you hardly get your rythm going because of gankers and other questers killing the mobs.

    Part 4 - Conclusion

    So there you have it. That's how you can level any pet of any level to level 60 and above with (hopefully) minimum amounts of pain as far as soloing goes. Great thanks to... umm... Blizzard for making this game and my Ashmane Boar Borka for staying with me. He's been level 70 for some weeks now, and now it's the Noxious Plaguebat Greywing's turn!

    Other stuff

    Some nice to know facts:

    - You and your pet shares the aggro range, regardless of level. That means the pet won't aggro pull because of its low level.
    - All pets will are able to learn Cobra Reflexes. No need to level King Bangalash just for that skill.
    - There are no beast-class (tameable) boars above level 60.
    - For most pet-related questions, see
    - Cower sucks.

    Update: Added an "Other stuff" section and a link to pet skills.
    Update 2: Added Firewing Point to "Places to grind".
    Update 2: Edited some "nice to know facts".
    Update 3: Minor reprasing some places, moved Firewing Point to "Preferred place" position.