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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Yao Ming's World of Warcraft

In real world,his name is Yao Ming,with 2.26 meters height,310 pound weight.He is a super centre in Houston Rockets in NBA,and his task is score in basketball court.However,in World of Warcraft,his task is assassination,as his career is rogue.
Yao has played WoW more than one years,which become a indispensable part of his life.In WoW,Yao kills people like flies.Some characters named like "I am Yao Ming" or "Yao Ming lower than me" can't escape death,if they meet Yao Ming.
Now,A lot of people,I believe,wonder which Realms does Yao palys and what's his character name.But no one konws except himself.