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Friday, July 27, 2007

How to make WoW Gold 100 G in one hour

How to make WoW Gold 100 G in one hour
You have to be lvl 60 or else you cant run pass all the mobs. (else you have to fight you way) And you have to know Enchanting or know a friend who can do it for you.
I my self died the first 3-4 times before I got it right. And now I dont die on these runs.
Go to Uldaman, and take the back entrance. (Time start) (Run pass all mobs so they dont discover you)
Run north to Galgann Firehammer (Time used 52 sec) (he has two guards just ignore them) (he is by the "Lost Tablets of will" look at this map
Kill Galgann Firehammer and loot him (Time used 2 min and 14 sec)
Run out again (Time used 2 min and 55 sec.)
Rest (Time used 3 min and 30 sec)
Do it again, and again .. you can do it 15-17 times in one hour. Disenchant all the items and sell it on AH.