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Friday, March 07, 2008

Making Money With Mining

Hi. If you are looking at this guide, you are probably wondering how to make money with my Mining Skill. Well, it is very easy to make money off Mining, considering it is a gathering skill. So lets get started and lets make some money.

**Note - this guide contains some Engineering and Blacksmithing. This is only optional to read. Its in there just in case people are worried about selling Vs. making into stuff - **

Chapter One: The Very Beginning

OK, the first thing you must do if you haven't already is get Mining. You can find mining trainers in all major cities. (Ex. Stormwind, Orgrammar, etc.)

The next thing you must do is buy a mining pick, which you can usually get right next to the mining trainer. In that case, they are usually called the "Mining Supplier". Or you can get one from a "Trade Merchant".

You are now ready to start making money.

Chapter Two: Three Types of Money Makers

There are three ways of making money. You can choose any of the three, and they will work fine.

Going To Work

--This is where you will set time to make money, such as saying "Today, I will train my guy 1 level, and do some instances with my guild. Tomorrow, I will go out and mine all day to make gold."--

Balanced Lifestyle

--This is where as you train, fight, do instances, and so on, you will simply look for veins, mine them, and after a while, visit a city and make your cash--

Mixing It Up

--This is where, you will set aside days to make money, as well as set aside days to train, but training will not get in your way of stopping aside to mine veins.--

I suggest the last one, because your being successful at making gold and training at the same time, and obviously having more fun, rather than forcing yourself to walk around looking for veins. Its up to you though.

Chapter Three: Where, What, and How

OK, the first type of mineral you are going to mine is Copper. Copper is extremely easy to find, and can be found near beginning towns. The first thing you want to do is go to your abilities book (Default Button - p) and look for "Find Minerals". Now every time you you see a golden circle on your mini-map, mouse over it. Most likely, if you are in your starting area, it will be copper.

**Note - The "Gatherer" add on is extremely useful in mining. What it does is, every time you mine something, it puts a symbol there, on your mini and world map. This helps your by saying, "Yes, there was a vein there before, and there will be a vein spawn there eventually". get it ASAP. - **

OK, now for alliance, I highly suggest either going to Dun Moroh (Sorry if that is mis-spelled) or Elwyn Forest.And for horde, I would say Trisfal Glades. All of them have tons and tons of copper. Now, what you want to do is go out and mine a lot of copper. I would say about 2-3 stacks (20copper / stack). Then you want to go back to your major city, and smelt these with the Forge. Now, on my server (Dragon Blight) a stack of copper bars will go for 1 gold easily. Now, it may go for 50 silver to 1 gold on other servers. What you want to do with those is sell them, we will say for 3g (1g each stack). In reality though, put them in for 1g10s, or 1g15s. This is so you wont get the auction house cut and only get 95s.

When you get your money, which should be about 3g, you are good.

Chapter Four: A Bit More Money, But A Bit Harder

OK, tin becomes a bit harder to get, because its in higher level places, and is more spread out. OK, lets cut to the chase, mine copper / tin, get it over with, and learn to smelt Bronze. This is where you can get some good cash if you know what you are doing.

OK, first of all, we need a lesson in "Flooding The Auction House". Flooding the Auction House means that you put more than 3 stacks of the same thing in the Auction House. This can lead to very bad consequences. Because WoW is constantly growing, and there are a lot of new players, this is what happens...

You flood the Auction House with 4 stacks of copper 1g15s each. A new person comes and says, "Oh, 1g15s, i'll put my bars in for 1g. Then more people come and they put it in for lower, and lower and soon, people get so used to the low price, it becomes un-reversible, and your stuck with the low price.

So now be sure to never put more than three stacks of minerals in at once.

OK, at a higher level, it is easy to mine, tin, as it becomes as common as copper, but at low levels, its hard. So this is what we are going to do. Go mine 1 stack of copper. Now come back and go into the AH with your 3g from before. Go into the AH (Auction House) and buy 1 stack of Tin for 1g-2g. (Dont be afraid to buy it for 2g, you will make more money anyways) Now you just spent lets say 1g (Common Price) Go smelt this into bronze. Now here is the nice twist! Those 1 stack of Tin and Copper, just made 2 stacks of Bronze. "So?". Well, bronze goes for 2g a stack. So you just spent 1g on Tin, but now you put both stacks in for 2g, and when they sell, you make 4g - 1g from the tin, and you just made 3g easily. Thats how you make money at low level mining.

Chapter 5: Advanced Mining and Cash

Thats actually the basics. Now, once you can mine Iron, you will start to make some cash, but its very hard to find Iron, but you will find it. A stack of Iron Bars can go for 4-5g, and it sells pretty easily.

Then comes gold, which is quite rare (Seeing the ore's text is Green not White). The gold can take a while to sell, cause its not used that often, but it sells for quite a bit. I actually sold about 8 for 4g50s, and it sold.

Then comes the Mid-Money Maker, Steel, which requires Coal (Bought from a Mining Vendor for i believe 4s50c. At this point, you should get all the Iron you mine, buy that amount of coal, and make steel, cause steel is used and goes for a good amount of cash.

Then this is where most miners say "I'm getting a lot of cash". Mithril is pretty hard to find, but its actually found in areas deeply. This is where you will probably need to raise your mining and level at the same time, because it will be located at high level areas, mostly 30s, 50s has a lot. A stack of Mithril can go any where from 12-15g. This is the start of money making at its highest.

Skipping some of the rare mining veins such as Truesilver and Dark Iron, Comes what is known as the "High Level Ores". Adamanite (I believe thats the way it is spelled), Thorium, and Khorium. These will get you "MONEY". I believe a stack of Thorium can go anywhere from 20-25g. Then i Believe a stack of Adamanite can go anywhere from 30-35g. Then it takes a HUGE leap. The Khorium is found mostly in the Outlands, so get Burning Crusade. Khorium, is rare, but needed for epic stuff for Blacksmiths and Engineering. Khorium's price takes a huge leap, and last time a checked, a stack of Khorium bars were going for 100g at the lowest. So beware, this is rare, but thank god if you find one :)

Now when i say rare, i don't mean like, dont get your hopes up. Its just, its scattered everywhere. You may find one along the Eastern Side of Hellfire Peninsula, and only maybe 2 on the rest of the Zone.

The End

So to wrap some stuff up:

--Level and Mine evenly ( You can see why when it reaches Thorium + )
--Be aware of the AH
--Don't Flood the AH
--Have fun with your money