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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Morning Funnies: You are not an ostrich

From the training of a rat to a meeting of the altaholics, to a little bit of man lovin', this week's comics progress storylines, provide gaming commentary, and bring out the laughs.

1 This week, The Scout Report teaches us a bit more about Ogre culture.
2 On Teh Gladiators, Trevor tries to train his hunter pet, the valiant rat.
3 Monkey Punchers goes all-out for the Man Love this week!
4 This week's LFG was definitely hilarious. I won't even comment, so as not to spoil it.
5 Shakes and Fidget are out for Rock 'n' Roll this week.
6 Dark Legacy's NPCs are getting Stinking Rich.
7 Okay so WoW isn't as customizable as the generic MMO featured in this week's NoObz, but I think we can all relate. Besides, Wrath is bringing us new hair!
8 Ding! talks about altoholics.
9 Quite probably my personal favorite this week, The Adventures of Disgraph T. Dwarf, Episode 14: Orphan Saga, Part 1.


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