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Friday, December 26, 2008

Five WoW movies to help get your Festivus on

Merry Christmas World of Warcraft players! No matter what you celebrate, whether it's Festivus for the Rest of Us or full blown Christmas cheer, you can appreciate some quality holiday movies this season.

Let's take a look at five festive holiday machinima productions over the past few years.

Of course it needs to be stipulated that there are no Gnomes or Paladins in these movies, since they're godless heathens. (Insert /sarcasm here). But for the rest of us these movies will delight and titillate our holiday spirits.

Take a look after the break for our five holiday machinimas you won't want to miss! And don't forget to check out of coverage of the Feast of Winter's Veil if you're looking for something to do between all the holiday fun times.

The 12 Days of Winter's Veil

I really wish that on the first day of Christmas my true love would have given to me a Gnome head on a Christmas tree. Unfortunately I don't think Katie would enjoy the bloody mess. And you know, we don't even have a Christmas tree really.

But Oxhorn got one. And that's cool. And so is this machinima.

This is only part one of Oxhorn's contributions to the five WoW Christmas movies. Part two comes later. Read on.

The Guild: A Christmas Raid Carol

We all love The Guild and Felica Day, right? Last year they produced the Christmas carol above. Grats to Codex on the ring! They've also made a nice jingle this year.

I had to laugh at the end when Vorik is singing about questing alone on Christmas. I'll find some time today I'm sure to log on and do a daily or two... by myself... but I won't have any turkey. At least I hope not.

Christmas Time in Dun Morogh

Are you one of those people who keeps their Christmas decorations up until July?

I hate you.

No really. I do. "DIAF," as the kids like to say.

While I don't have any up at my home, my father will be taking his down tomorrow around noon. Not in Dun Morogh however, where it's always Christmas time.


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