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Saturday, January 10, 2009

We love Food Network edition

Or, perhaps, we'd love to slaughter the Food Network. In World of Warcraft, of course. This week when I asked what everyone was up to, Daniel Howell (whom you may also know as BigRedKitty) graced us with one of his infamous top ten lists:

BRK's Top Ten Things to Do in WoW This Weekend

10. Install IE 6 on a 80386 PC so I too can complain about the menus on WoW Insider.
9. Claim I'm raising money for a very reputable charity, then /ninja everything and boogie to Monte Carlos.
8. Show up buzzed to the maxx from Jolt Cola for the WoW Insider podcast, then fake a French accent and ridicule England until Turpster explodes in a profanity-laced tirade.
7. Write an interview with the farmer who leveled Mike's hunter. "You should see his bags, BRK! Nothing but flowers, rum, and non-combat cat-pets. My boss said, 'Level that toon, but then delete it from our database. Eww.'"
6. Do a video reminiscent of "The Super Fans" from SNL, but all of us are hunters. "Daaaaaa huntahs!"

More silliness and WRUP for the rest of the team after the break!

5. Announce that in patch 3.0.8, the new 51st talent point in the warrior protection tree is going to be Avenger. An Avenger Warrior's shield will act like a totem and give off an aura when equipped, as well as making the shield pulse-n-glow with power.
4. Write a story about how Ghostcrawler is quitting Blizzard and starting to write for WoW Insider, then do a post as Ghostcrawler, demanding the Blizzard update their website showing I've left their company.
3. Create a guild called The Shard Squad. We run raids and make movies of us disenchanting every piece of gear we find, teasing the people watching the video with taunts and cackles.
2. BRK Worldwide Amalgamated Productions presents "Cooking with BRK!" Forty-five 10-minute movies of BRK standing in front of a fire in Icecrown, making feasts and mammoth bites. The Food Network has already bought all syndication rights, and Bobby Flay is rolling a Troll Warrior for his own show.
1. Prepare to re-spec Survivalist next Tuesday. SmallBlueKitteh... /sniff

What a weekend! This of course launched into a lively discussion about whether Bobby Flay would play on a PvP server, whether he or Alton Brown would win in a fight, what classes the rest of the Food Network team would play, and all manner of related silliness. Oh, right, and the rest of the team is playing WoW... at least for the most part.

Adam Holisky: Instead of playing my characters I'll be sitting down with the girlfriend, per the advice of our readers in a breakfast topic this week, and introducing her to the world that is Warcraft. We've been together for six years, so hopefully she won't be running for the hills when she finds out that I can give an hour lecture on the complexities of Protection Warriors.
Alex Ziebart: I'm sort of skimping on WoW this week because a buddy hooked me up with Left 4 Dead. Those zombies are way scarier than the Scourge, sorry.
Allison Robert: In all likelihood I'll be spending this weekend trying to figure out why I cannot stay connected to the game in a raid. :( I think God is having a bit of ironic fun at my expense since volunteering to write Ready Check for January.
Amanda Miller: I will be rescuing my Death Knight from being stuck at level 70 in the Taunka-le Village. Sunday, I'll be finishing up this week's Naxx run with the last two bosses, as well as Obsidian Sanctum. Hopefully, I'll squeeze in some herb farming.
Christian Belt: I'm spending the weekend in the manner in which I firmly believe everyone should: anxiously engaged in the mindless slaughter of the Alliance. I will kill them on the beaches of Strand of the Ancients. I will kill them on the icy slopes of Wintergrasp. I will kill them beneath the blazing sun of Tanaris, and under the red glow of Hellfire Peninsula's many moons. Unless they are Death Knights. Death Knights are scary.
Dan O'Halloran: Just made 77 and trained in Cold Weather Flying so much of this weekend will be spent flying over various parts of Northrend to finishing off Wrath exploration achievements and maxxing out my mining skill. Also plan to powerlevel Cooking and explore the Wrath Cooking achievements.
Eliah Hecht: Death Kniiiiiiiiiight.
Elizabeth Harper: It's a raid weekend! 10-man Obsidian Sanctum, 10-man Naxxramas, and old world fun in Ahn'Qiraj.
Krystalle Voecks: I have a friend who just came in on a 10-day trial under Recruit-a-Friend, so I expect we'll be tearing around the Eastern Kingdom on a couple of undead characters at some point. Beyond that, I'll be finishing out the achievements for Fallout 3, playing some more FusionFall, and getting ready to head back to college Monday.
Lisa Poisso: Less WoW, more sleep! Too many late-night heroics this past week -- by Thursday night, I was so pooped that I had to go to bed by 9 p.m. :(
Matt Low: Going to head into a cleared OS 25 and start doing some planning for the OS 3 drake attempt.
Matt Rossi: We finished Maly off early so working on 3 drake Sarth 10 and 25.
Michael Gray: Takin' mah first crack at Naxx 25 with my intrepid, lovable Guild. I'll be wearing pants for it, this time.
Mike Schramm: Running Heroics, finishing up quests in Icecrown. If I'm lucky I'll finally get in on a Naxx PUG.
Robin Torres: More leveling of the Mage and the DK and maybe the other DK and possibly the Druid and why am I looking at my Priest again? Hi! I'm Robin and I'm an altaholic.
Zach Yonzon: Figuring out where to spend his Honor points and grumbling at the fact that the cap still hasn't been raised beyond 75,000 despite Honor being e-z mode at Level 80.

So, now that you know what we're up to, what are you playing this weekend?


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