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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WoW Video: "Ninja-ing mount, sry"

We don't really know how or why you would make an intro movie for a raiding guild, but there you go. That's the intro for Goon of Kil'jaeden, who are apparently currently working on Sarth 3D. I like the music, although as a trailer, it doesn't really work that well. Exactly what is coming soon?

Looking for your fix of guild drama, downed and recruiting news for the week? It's right here in GW. If you've got a tip about any guild from around the realms, feel free to send it in to us at (we've got tons of tips coming in lately, so if you don't see your guild here this week, it'll probably be in next week). Click the link below to read on.


  • Ninja alert: Pudge on Hellscream was leading a successful raid the other day in OS when he "accidentally" gave the bag to a Paladin named Spinnaz instead of the player, Tott, who actually won the roll. We hear Tott rolled a 94 to win the loot, but Spinnaz rolled a "/roll 95-100," and after the loot got passed out to the wrong person, Pudge apologized and said he didn't realize it was a joke. A ticket was sent to the GMs as the raid broke up, but then Tott noticed something interesting: Spinnaz and Pudge were fighting in the same Arena together. "Accidental" mis-looting doesn't seem so likely after all.

  • Karmok, Alizey and Potgrum also ninja'ed all of the loot from a Sarth run, and apparently got kicked from Dark Chaos on Maelstrom for doing so. We also hear the guild folded, but kudos to the folks on Maelstrom for calling out idiocy -- apparently Alizey had an alt in Saint of Killers and he got /gkicked, too. That's cold!

  • Of course, there's usually no /gkicking involved if the ninja is a guildleader. Like Cãt of Outbot on the Alliance side of Maelstrom. "I just wanted it, so I took it." I have to say, I wouldn't be in a guild with that guy.

  • Larias of WoA on Illidan is reportedly on quite a power trip -- when he announced he was leaving the guild for another server, many of the people in the guild weren't quite keen on going with him (not to mention his looting of the guild bank to finance the new guild elsewhere). So two guildies apparently had a nice chat on Vent about it, saying to each other that they were bummed about leaving the server and that they didn't think it was very fair that Larias was ditching them and taking the loot with him. As fate would have it, he happened to be listening, and /gkicked both guildies for talking about him behind his back. Since then, he's kicked all of the guild's old members, leaving them with nothing. Sounds like you're better off without him, guys -- sucks he took all of the loot, but it's time to pay the money for another charter and start rebuilding without the jerk.

  • This isn't a ninja per se, but it is someone to keep an eye out for. Lungbutter, formerly of Under Construction on Kul Tiras apparently picked up Betrayer of Humanity from a guild run in Naxx 25 (as well as a guild-supplied enchant), and then ditched the guild and the server. He changed his name, and they don't know where he went, but they're asking everyone to keep an eye out for a dual-wielding female Undead Fury Warrior with Betrayer of Humanity and the Jawbone and Berserker enchanted on both. He'll probably be with his girlfriend, a female Blood Elf Holy Priest, and his girlfriend's brother, a female Tauren Elemental Shaman. So if a Fury Warrior fitting that description shows up trying to get into your guild, definitely ask which guild he left behind.

  • This one was apparently big this week: a Paladin decided he needed The Turning Tide to help with his tanking skills. Guys, I hate Paladins, and know almost nothing about them, and even I know that's not a Pally tanking sword. But the thread really gets good when a little Internet detecting gets done and we get Armory links of the raiders in question.

  • Azerothian Protectorate over on Zuluhed had about enough of the racial slurs and obnoxious behavior of the two idiots on their server, Masiah and Holyherbman, and have publicly called them out on the guild website (bewarned, there is some offensive and NSFW language in screenshots on that page). These guys don't seem like much more than your run of the mill Xbox Live idiots, but who knows -- maybe calling them out for other guilds to see will teach them a lesson. As our tipster says, if people are going to go to those lengths to show off that they're idiots, the least you can do is show everyone else for them.

  • I've been known to have a beer or two while I raid, but we hear that Hakkapolita of Guardians of Azeroth on Gnomeregan took it a little too far -- he showed up to a raid drunk and belligerent. When he messed up some of the raid strategy (he planted the Grobbulous clouds right in the middle of the raid), they tried their best to correct him, and he snapped back at them with insults. Eventually, the raid had wiped again and again thanks to this guy (racking up a 175g repair for the main tank), and when they finally called it, Hakka took the profanity off to guild chat. When he was asked once more to cut it out, he /gquit. What a mess. Coincidentally, the guild's message of the day happened to be "don't drink and DPS" -- too bad Hakka didn't get the message.

  • After careful consideration, we have concluded we have no idea what's really going on here (probably not what either of these guys are saying), but this is funny: apparently Ownsjo on Nazrethim got called out Hiiji of Savant for supposedly stealing a loot card code from a disabled kid who was wondering how to enter it into the game, and got suckered on the phone into giving it away. Unfortunately, we have no idea if that's true or not, or if the kid even exists or how you can convince a kid to give up his loot card code. But don't worry, it gets better. Apparently something happened, because Ownsjo shows up later on in another thread saying that he didn't do it -- he got hacked! How is that an explanation for his supposedly calling the kid up and taking the code from him that way? We have no idea, but remember, we didn't say it made sense. We just said it was funny.

  • Hey, a ninja from my old realm Thunderhorn! Brud lead a raid with Paranoid and a few PuGs, and then when the Grand Black War Mammoth dropped, he took it and said "ninjaing mount, sry." Sure, he apologized, but it was still a jerk thing to do.

  • Shadow Syndicate on Exodar had an interesting guild bank ninja recently. Their GM logged on one day and was unresponsive, then proceeded to take everything in the guild bank, all four tabs of it. They sent him tells, they asked him what was up, but he didn't answer at all. Turns out the GM had actually eBayed the character he was using to run the guild, and whoever sold him the character decided to turn back up and take it back. Lame, but then again -- if you bought a character on eBay (which you already shouldn't even bother doing) and were in charge of a big guild, would you use that character as the guildleader?

  • Finally, a bombshell: Vicarious on Area 52, one of the top guilds in the US, has apparently been bored in game while waiting for Ulduar. So bored, in fact, that their guildleader is reported to be selling large amounts of gold off to China for real-life money. And not only that, but he's apparently selling loot for RL money as well. There was an accusation on the forums, but it got deleted -- so it's been moved off of the official forums and onto the realm's unofficial forums. There's other accusations in there (favoritism towards certain guild members and a few other things), but wow. We have to echo the first question: Blizzard can track gold sellers. How did that much gold go around (600k is the figure quoted) without them noticing?


  • NEED A DISPENSER HERE of Darkspear-H has cleared all Wrath content except Sarth 3Dand will be taking serious runs at Ulduar once it drops. They are actively recruiting Warlocks, Priests (disc and shadow), Boomkin and Elemental shamans, but will consider all apps.

  • Horde Defense League on Zul'jin took down Malygos this week, completing all 10-man content. They're 9/15 in 25-man Naxxramas, but need more players! If you're interested in a casual, older raiding group, with no mandatory attendance, and a focus on camaraderie first, then give them a look.

  • Awakening on Uther dropped KaelThuzad in 10-man Naxx the other week, and joined up with Chaos Incarnate to finish off the Spider, Plague, and Military Quarters of 25-man Naxx. They've also finished off 10 and 25-man OS, and are still working on drakes. They're also recruiting: 1-2 Healers, 2-3 DPS (casters preferred). Contact an officer in game if interested to apply.

  • Beartron on Eonar cleared out Naxx 10 the other week, and also OS 10 (with three drakes, we assume) as well. They're seeking a few more healers and ranged DPS, including an elemental Shammy, for the 25-man team.

  • Silent Redemption on Feathermoon has downed Malygos 25. Grats!

  • Over the past several weeks, Knights of Ni on Dawnbringer have been rocking it. They cleared 10-man Malygos a few times, 25-man Naxx has been conquered, and they've taken out Sarth 1D so far. 25-man Malygos is on notice next, and Sarth 2 and 3D will go down soon after that.

  • The Schadenfreudian Slips (winner of this week's Best Guild name award -- someone asked why we didn't have it last week, and it was just because none of the names tickled me) of Hyjal have finally taken down Naxx 10. Malygos 10 is up next, and eventually they're planning to do some 25s together.

  • Burnination of Elune cleared Sarth 3D the other night -- they formed about five months before Wrath launched with the goal of downing Illidan, and they've done way more than that since, including completing all of the 25-man raid content in the game so far.

  • Dissonance of Alleria finally downed Sarth3D in the 10-man version the other night. Grats on the black drake!

  • dulcis quod decet on EU Zenedar-H had their first guild Naxx-10 run the other week, downing Arachnid and Plague in quick succession, getting past Patchwerk and eventually calling it on Grobbulus. They're a casual guild looking around for caster DPS and healers to round out the raiding team. If you join, please bring your sense of humour and a reasonable grasp of English.

  • The Empire on Eitrigg downed Naxx 25 the other week. This was their first attempt at Sapphirion and KT in Heroic. They send out big thanks to everyone that put in the effort, showed determination and got this done! Malygos is on notice, and they're currently recruiting Hunters, Shamans, DPS Priests and Warlocks.

  • ULrebels of Uther-A has finally cleared 25-man Naxx in only their second week attempting it. Not to mention that all bosses were one-shots except for Thaddius who took three. 10-man Malygos has also been finished off, and Sarth 1D got dropped using only one tank. Grats!

  • Reroll on Drakkari finally cleared out Sartharion 3D to get the realm first Vanquishers titles. They used a VW tank (which they probably won't be able to do again), and here's the real kicker: the guy who won the drake picked it up and then when asked to show it off, discovered he didn't actually have the epic riding skill. Whoops.

  • Gurubashi Gurus on Durotan cleared both Obsidian Sanctum and Naxx this week (we're guessing it was the 10-man versions). Malygos is on notice, and then it's onto achievement raiding.

  • TheCloakAndDagger of Drenden successfully cleared Naxx 10 the other night on their first run. Next up, they're headed to Malygos, and they want to send out special thanks to the folks from Fail.

  • Liquid Courage on Ysera cleared a guild first 10-man Sarth 1D, Malygos, and came within an ill-timed frost tomb from getting Undying. Sarth 2D is on notice.

  • Eternal Scars on the Turalyon has cleared VoA, OS and Spider Quarter of Naxx on 10-man. Plague is on notice.

  • The Murloc Noise on Rivendare got the Undying achievement on 10-man Naxx, with two new guildies being in there for the first time. Sarth 2D is on notice.

  • Enduring Vision of Tanaris took down Heroic Malygos to clear all endgame content to date. Next up is gearing up for 3.1.

  • Who Pulled on Aman'thul-H has now cleared Malygos... finally. Took 3 nights of attempts, we hear, with a couple of single digit wipes, but he's finally down. Sarth 1D is on notice, and they're headed up to 3D. They'll report back when they do that -- we're waiting with baited breath.

  • Seraph Templara on Daggerspine-H downed 25-man Sarth 1D and bumped their heads up against Malygos for the first time, but he'll have to go down next time.

  • The Schwartz of Alleria has downed Malygos 10 but unfortunately broke down after that: the guildleader apparently thought the raidleader was aparently trying to take over the guild (the real question is: was he?). Anyway, they're all in Nouvel Riché now and raid plans are still on schedule. Grats?

  • Cubik and Proud Crusaders of EU Hellscream banded together to clear Naxx 25 out completely. Very nice job.

  • Electric Sheep of Kargath Successfully did Sarth 3D 10-man for an Alliance first and realm second. Grats!

  • Knights Templar on Boulderfist downed 25-man Malygos. Sarth 3D is on notice, as that's the only thing left before the patch.

  • Heavens Plague of Spirestone downed Sarth 2D. They're going for all three next week, and everything else before the patch is dead already.

  • FYSK on Frostwolf downed Sarth 3D a little while ago. Grats!

  • Aint Afraid Of No Ghosts on Kil'jaeden has downed all content except Sarth 3D Heroic (which we assume is on notice) and are looking for Holy Priests and Pallies.

  • The raiding collective Adjective Noun Raiding (of Earthen Ring) has downed Sarth 3D. Grats!

  • Ruin (on Nessingwary) downed Heroic Sartharion with three drakes, which means they have now officially cleared all 25-man content until Ulduar is released!

  • The Vigil on Moon Guard cleared Naxx 10 on their fourth foray into the floating citadel, snagging the Safety Dance achievement as well. It was also their first time up against KT, who they one shotted to add some icing to their victory cake!

  • Reign on EU Quel'Thalas managed to get both the Dedicated Few and Undying done in one run the other week. Pretty impressive.

  • Shadow on Firetree has cleared all Wrath content with the downing of Sarth 3D. Ulduar is being put on notice early.

  • Knights of the Talon on Draka have downed Sarth 10 man with no drakes up in their first guild event. They even one-shotted him, too, and just for the heck of it, took out the 25-man version as well. They're also recruiting -- they're semi-casual and planning to raid 1-2 days a week while learning the endgame content.

  • Distortion of Caelestrasz took out Sarth 3D and then nabbed the Dedicated Few achievement in Naxx for good measure. They're heading to Ulduar next when it comes out. They're also recruiting -- please be experienced and ready.

  • Lucid on Dethecus-H downed Sartharion 2D. Sartharion 3D is on notice if they haven't completed it already.

  • Red Phoenix Crusaders on Twilight's Hammer cleared out Naxx 10, which is quite an achievement considering they only had six active members in the guild a few weeks ago. Congrats to everyone who went in on the raid and helped out.

  • Tre Lowen on EU Hellfire downed Sarth 3D Heroic the other night, and apparently there was even some drunken singing in their Vent channel. Can't say we really want to know, actually.


  • We Punt Gnomes is a new social / co-op guild on Korialstrasz inviting all classes and levels to join up and help progress through content. Please be mature and casual, ready to have fun while moving forward -- the game should be a game, not a second job. They have a tabard, bank slots, and as they get more members, a Vent server is on the way. Apply on the site if interested.

  • MINISTRY OF TRUTH is recruiting Horde players on Winterhoof. With a mix of seasoned veterans and brand-new players still learning the basics, they welcome any player, regardless of class or current level.

  • Not The Face, an Alliance guild on Aman'Thul, is recruiting all classes and specs to round out the 25man team. They've cleared all content save Heroic Eye of Eternity, and are currently farming Heroic Naxx. They're de'ing lots of good loot, so anyone who can commit to at least two days of raiding is welcome to come along.

  • Northrend Explorers of EU Quel'Thalas are recruiting. They have cleared all Naxx10 and Sarth +1 drake, and are looking for more people to start raiding Naxx 25 regularly. Almost every class and spec needed.

  • Echoes In Eternity on Dunemaul-A are looking to recruit easygoing casual players in the Australasia region or up late anywhere else. They're running Heroics now, and gearing up for raids soon.

  • Fueled by Ignorance on Baelgun-H is recruiting healers and DPS. They raid two days a week, Saturday and Sunday.

  • Scions of Proteus on EU Nagrand are desperately in need of tanks. A DKP system has caused some guild dropouts, and now they need tanks to farm the 10-man content and progress through the 25-man. So if you don't mind DKP, like friendly people, and are preferably over 16, hit them up.

  • E M F of Perenolde is on the lookout for quality players. Said players must be able to jump out of void zones, and always be prepared to move out of fire waves! It's true -- endgame raiding is mostly a game of not standing in stuff.

  • Two Percent on Uldaman-H is looking for some more healers and tanks who want to join their two Naxx and OS groups, with an eye towards Malygos. They are one of the oldest casual guilds on the server, so if you'd like a guild to hang out, quest, instance, and even raid with, but aren't expected to raid 4-5 days a week or forced into respecs, they may be the guild for you!

  • Inquisition on Kilrogg is recruiting all classes to help fill out their 25 man groups. They've downed all but KT in 10-man Naxx, Four Horsemen and Thaddius in Naxx 25, and are working on making Sartharion with one drake consistent. They are a fun, nice group of people, and are looking for people who fit in with a tight-knit group and are respectful and mature.

  • Dragon Knights on Area 52-A are recruiting any interested raiders to pursue 25 man content. Go say hi on the website if interested.

  • Italian Most Wanted is an Italian guild on EU Darkspear and have recently cleared Naxxramas 25 and OS with one drake up. They are a friendly guild but with an eye on progression and are looking for Italian Paladins, Shamans, and DKs.

  • Forgot to Wipe on Thunderlord-A is currently looking for DPS and Healers for Sarth 3D and in preparation for Ulduar! They recently transferred to Thunderlord and have all other content on farm, so they're really gunning for the achievement before 3.1.


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