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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

World of Warcraft Gold Guide - Sweet Tip


Alright everyone, I want to cover a pretty sweet technique for you to use while playing World of Warcraft: Add-ons!

Have you been running around WoW and wonder how some of the other players always seem to know where everything is: ore/treasures/etc? Well, most of the best and most experienced players use add-ons to help with their in game experience. There are plenty of add-ons that you can download and install on your computer, but today I want to cover one add-on in particular today as well as a great website that I like to use when playing.

The add-on is called Gatherer.

"Gatherer is an addon which tracks items you gather in the course of your adventures and records their locations on your minimap so that you can keep track of their locations as you are adventuring around Azeroth or the Outlands."

How many times have you been mining some ore and had to ask yourself, "Where the heck did I find that Mithril?" Well if you download this add-on, you won't ever have to worry about losing track again. I highly encourage using this add-on.

Now for a website that works well with Gatherer.

Mapwow is a great complement to Gatherer.

This is a sweet mapping site that behaves like a Google map. You can zoom down into the map just like you would if you were looking at your own home on Google Maps. The real treat though is that you can select the map to show where Treasure/Ore/Herbs can be found. If you are a miner/gatherer, then using this map coupled with the "Gatherer" add-on will get all the ore/treasure/herb locations recorded fast!

Ok, so how do these two tips help you in your quest for WoW gold? Simple, if you are in a gathering profession, these two tips will save you tons of time which translates into stacks and stacks of materials to sell. And you know what that means, more gold!

Good luck!