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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fast World Of Warcraft Gold - Buy Low, Sell High

Gold is the most coveted commodity in World of Warcraft. If you know how to make fast World Of Warcraft gold, you gain a major advantage for your character training and progression.

Buy low, sell high - this is the basic tenet of making lots of gold fast.

Where and how do you buy low?

Keep an eye on the trade channel - you will often see items for sale cheap. The best time for this is near the end-of-shift of the chinese gold farmers.

How do you sell high?

Watch the auction house - see what people are paying the big money for and go and get the item! Either buy it cheap on the trade channel or go grind for it.

Note for miners: When selling on the AH, check the going prices, and figure out if selling the bases or the product will sell for more. Sometimes, tin sells for 70s a stack and copper for 40s, while bronze only sells for 50s a stack. So don't just blindly smelt copper and tin into bronze. You could lose 10s this way.

A good World of Warcraft gold guide (like Luke Brown's or Derek Bleacher's) will teach you the fastest ways to make gold in World Of Warcraft. You will learn the most rewarding mob farming locations and how to use the auction house to make a huge bounty of gold. Even if you only play an hour a day, you will also greatly benefit from a WoW gold guide. When you log on, you can now make fast World Of Warcraft gold to be able to afford your first epic mount in just a week's time.


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