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Saturday, February 07, 2009

WoW Article: Turning our world upside down

How about that. Blizzard dropped bombs of announcements yesterday with the proposed changes to Patch 3.1. Yesterday, I asked what changes you expect or foresee with the new patch, but I don't think any of us seriously expected the huge changes that they announced. Wished for, maybe, but didn't really think it would happen.

In fact, some of these changes were more unthinkable than the fake patch notes we had posted earlier. I mean, no more ammunition for Hunters? Wasn't that one of the most wished for wishes in the history of wishland? The closest thing Blizzard ever came to fulfilling this wish was with Thori'dal, the Star's Fury (which I hear is a Rogue weapon). Now, everyone and his uncle can have their own version of the legendary bow. Kind of.

Oh, and guess what? Blessing of Kings is baseline now. Take a moment to reflect on that a moment. It's freaking trainable! The best raid buff in the game is available to all Paladins now, regardless of spec. After years and years of the Paladin community whining asking for it, it might actually become reality. Blizzard seems to have a knack for turning our worlds upside down. I mean, I wouldn't actually be surprised anymore if BigRedKitty's *ahem* "patch notes" actually come true now. Alright, probably not that far out, but you know what I mean. What about Patch 3.1 has knocked your socks off so far? What other changes do you expect?


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