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Monday, April 27, 2009

WoW Guide: 2009 Noblegarden Season Guide

It has been my first attempt at Noblegarden since seasonal events were introduced. It took a bit of a learning curve at the beginning, but I might say I have mastered it from knowing nothing of this event. Started yesterday in the evening, and I have completed most of the achievements already. Only two more to be done and claim my seasonal title. One step closer to that Violet Proto-Dragon Mount obtained by finishing all the achievements of each season event.

You will find a commoner NPC sitting in any city giving you a quest to visit the Spring Gatherer NPC at a local town. The quest is titled: Spring Gatherers. Otherwise, you can find the Noblegarden NPCs at:

HORDE: Brill (Tirisfal Glades), Razor HIll (Durotar), Bloodhoof Village (Mulgore) and Falconwing Square (Silvermoon)

ALLIANCE: Goldshire (Elwynn Forest), Kharanos (Dun Morough), Dolanaar (Teldrassil) and Azure Watch (Azuremyst Isle).

You will be given two quests: The Great Egg Hunt and A Tisket, A Taskest, a Noblegarden Basket.

All you have to do is to find purple eggs hidden around the town. When you click egg items in your inventory, a random item will be looted, destroying the egg in the process. Most of what you will loot are chocolates. These are not just good to eat and to give you a buff. No. It is also your currency to buy items off the Noblegarden Merchant.

These are the items available for purchase:

My first choice after studying all the Noblegarden achievements was to go for the pet: Spring Rabbit. I have been collecting pets for the first time in a mad spree in the past 48 hours. Thus far I have 53 pets. So I chose to start by gathering 100 chocolates to buy the Noblegarden exclusive pet. What’s special about this pet? While you are walking away or riding away, the Spring Rabbit will randomly stand still and stay behind. Suddenly it will jump across high above the ground to catch up with you.

Once that was out of the way, I gathered 50 chocolates to buy the Spring Flowers. It is necessary to complete the achievement: Shake Your Bunny-Maker. Use: Shake your Spring Flowers to place rabbit ears on yourself or someone else. (5 minutes Cooldown)

So here you can see why I chose to do this achievement in particular first. It has a 5 minutes cooldown, and you need to find a female of each of the 10 races: Blood Elf, Human, Troll, Draaenei, Night Elf, Undead, Dwarf, Orc, Gnome and Tauren.

This achievement will take you 50 minutes worth of Cooldowns—and that’s not considering the amount of time spent running around Dalaran in circles for some races in specific. Those players who don’t have a lot of time in the evenings to do this achievement—due to their jobs or school, might be in trouble. So I advice you to get your pet first and the Shake Your Bunny-Maker achievement next. Noblegarden ends on Saturday, May 2. Hurry up! There are only two quests during the Noblegarden seasonal world event, but none is consequential toward the Noble Gardener achievement. Let’s get started with the guide. You will find both quest NPCs at the door of an Inn at the otwns mentioned earlier: The Spring Gatherer and the Noblegarden Merchant.


Note: This is a daily quest until Noblegarden season is over.


Note: You will get an Egg Basket. It is not there on your character’s off-hand for looks. Drag the item icon on your keybinding slot. Each time you press 1 in your keyboard you will get a speed boost of 60% for 10 sec. It can give you an edge if you are the ninja-type. Don’t waste time looking outside the borders of your town. Stay within the small area. Eggs can be hidden inside bushes, in corners of buildings (outdoor). Some eggs can be found below furniture, inside boxes, water fountains, and below wagons. You won’t find eggs inside buildings. Once you finish gathering 10 eggs, return to the Noblegarden Merchant to turn in the quest. He will give you an Egg Basket that binds to you permanently.

Note: Very straight forward. The first egg you gather will trigger this achievement.

Note: Since you are gathering 100 eggs to purchase your Spring Rabbit and need to gather 100 chocolates for the Chocoholic achievement, you don’t need to worry too much. Eventually one of the eggs will grant you a White Tuxedo Dress and a Black Tuxedo Pants. Sometimes more than one of each.

Note: Remember I suggested to buy the Spring Rabbit as your first thing to go after? This achievement needs you to already have a Spring Rabbit. Once you have it, summon it. Walk into other players who have a Spring Rabbit, or ask a guild member to come along with you. When both rabbits stand nearby, you will see red heart animations pop above their head, along with a sound effect. They will spring bunny babies. Go to each of the four towns requested and do the same to complete the achievement requirements.

Note: As soon as you get a White Tuxedo Shirt and a Black Tuxedo Pants find a player wearing a pink Elegant Dress. Type /kiss. You will get this achievement completed. Dalaran, Orgrimmar or Ironforge are good places to find people wearing the Elegant Dress. Otherwise, ask your guild members to wear it for you.

Note: The Spring Robes will drop for you randomly from Eggs. You can also buy it if it hasn’t dropped from an egg yet, but it costs 50 chocolates. Once it drops, go to the places mentioned in the list. All you need to do is to wear the Spring Robes. Take a flightmaster trip to those locations and click your robe to plant a flower. You get credit silently for each location you go and plant a flower.

Horde: I suggest to go first to Badlands to plant your Spring Flower there. Then use the Hearthstone to return to Dalaran City in Northrend. Take the portal to Thunder Bluff. Take the flightpath to Desolace, then to Thousand Needles, Tanaris and Silithus.

Alliance Players: I suggest to go first to Badlands to plant your Spring Flower there. Then use the Hearthstone to return to Dalaran City in Northrend. Go to the Violet Citadel and teleport to Caverns of Time. Plant your Spring Flower there. Ride to Gadgetzan in Tanaris and take the flightmaster to Silithus. Then to Thousand Needles, and to Desolace.

Note: The Elegant Dress is a random drop from the eggs. If it doesn’t drop by the time you bought a Spring Rabbit and completed the Chocoholic achievement, you should start worrying. You can also buy it from the Noblegarden Merchant for 50 chocolates

Note: First thing you should do is to buy Noblegarden Egg from the Noblegarden Merchant for 5 chocolates. Remember the reward from the first quest (The Great Egg Hunt) given by the Spring Gatherer? Ask a player or one of your guild members to help you complete this achievement. Ask him/her if he/she has a Blossoming Branch. It is very necessary to complete this achievement. Both of you must go to the Golakka Hot Springs in Un’goro Crater [31,52]. Once you are atop the geyser, ask your friend to zap you with the Blossoming Branch. It will transform you into a rabbit. Open your inventory bag and click the Noblegarden Egg (the one you purchased for 5 chocolates at the merchant). Place it on the hot spring water. Achievement completed.

Note: After you have purchased your Spring Rabbit (100 chocolates), you should consider to buy a Spring Flowers for 50 chocolates. It will allow you to complete this achievement. Go to Dalaran (Wrath of the Lich King players) or to Orgrimmar (Horde) / Ironforge (Alliance). The Darkmoon Faire if you can’t find anywhere an opposite faction player. Now click the Spring Flowers while targeting a player. That person MUST-NOT have bunny ears already. If they do, and you click the flowers, you wasted it. The Spring Flowers has a 5 minutes cooldown. You can’t attempt another one until the cooldown is over. This achievement requires you to spend a minimum of 50 minutes due to the 9 cooldowns you have to wait for, and the time spent looking around Dalaran or other city for a race/female player required to complete this achievement.

Note: Go to the Noblegarden Merchant and buy a Noblegarden Egg for 5 chocolates. Go to Silvermoon City (Horde) or Exodar (Alliance). Within the city, click the Noblegarden Egg item in your inventory bag and hover the mouse over a corner, bush or furniture/box. The achievement will be completed.

Note: Upon completion of all the Noblegarden achievements you will get the Title: the Noble. If you complete all the seasonal world events throughout the year, you will be rewarded with a Violet Proto-drake Mount. Happy Noblegarden !


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