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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Farming motes on elemental plateau - level 70

So the Burning Crusade has been out for a solid four months now, and Tyr?s Hand is virtually deserted. Have you wondered where exactly it is all the gold farmers have been hanging out?

Well they?ve been frolicking around the Elemental Plateau in northern Nagrand, of course! Located just a quick flight above the Throne of Elements, there are Water, Air, Earth and Fire elementals all bundled together. They respawn fairly quick and all enjoy the same obscenely high mote drop rates.

So did I mention it?s heavily farmed? Depending on the time of day, this place can start to remind you of the area in front of the bank in Ironforge. The drop rates for motes from these mobs were also nerfed a little while back. But even with those two strikes, it?s still one of the fastest places to collect motes. And if you didn?t know, the primals these motes combine to form (it takes 10 motes to make one primal) are still worth uberloads of WoW gold at the auction house.

And given that you can easily pull mobs which still have decent drop rates (an 18% drop rate is not bad - not as good as 30%, but still worth your time) and you are even given a nearby graveyard ? it?s almost as if Blizzard designed the Elemental Plateau as a Gold Farmer?s Heaven.

Also, in the water in this area there are six spawn points for Pure Water Pools. But your fishing better be pretty high (as in 375+) to take advantage of that.

If you think this is a good spot to make WoW gold, try Valkor?s Gold-Making Guide. He has loads of other great farming spots, including a bunch that aren?t already overcrowded like Elemental Plateau!