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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

HiredKiller's WoW Gold guide to making 20g-50g A DAY!

Since I am feeling pretty sexy with the new blue name and scholar tag... I will share with you all my ideology on how to make money in games such as this. Rogue's you should pay special attention....
Ok, so you don't have 2 or more people playing your account and you don't have one of those popular farming bots. Well, good news... I will give you some simple tips that are a mainstay for me in these type of games. Its why I have over 700g while others are less then 100g or max'n out @ 300g. Perhaps your not even close. Ok... Simple tips...
1. Keep your inventory clean.
What I mean by this is all those weapons/armor/jewelry you have been hording... Get rid of them. AH/NPC them immediately. Game gives you a higher chance because of the absence of special items in your inventory. I'll explain why I think that towards the end.
2. Farming is Key
We all hate it, but WOW is one of the best "drop" systems I have seen. They reward a farmer hardcore. Now, if you can "farm" a mob that is a quest mob, great, but, quest mobs typically are more stingy.
3. Focus
Focus on a specific mob. Don't go way above your head either, you want to make sure that the mob "cons" yellow or less. The best ones to kill are the ones right before it turns green to you. (What that means? Ok, If you are level 40, and the mob is 40 it is yellow, till you hit about 42/43, then it should hit green) Once they go green they are more prone to drop green items, but, not quite as good as when they are yellow to you. Yellow is less frequent, but better items. ALSO, very important, don't get side tracked and start killing new ones, I'll explain why at the end. This is the main key to ensuring consistant drops.
4. Signs
Watch for the signs. Typically I find that a mob will drop token items, ie. Grey stuff, at higher levels it ain't so bad cause most of it is worth 1-2g. Anyway, look for that, it is a place holder for an actual item. You just haven't "hit" it right yet.
5. Suprise Mobs
Sometimes, if you are in the right area, and kill enough, or walk into a fresh area that nobody has been in, you will find these Silver Elite Mobs. These mobs have a "high" percent chance to drop UBER stuff. They mostly lack armor, so they are easy to kill. For example, I killed a level 61 elite silver, and it dropped some of the best gear I have ever seen. I solo'd it @ 58... Never the less, ALWAYS at least highlight mobs around you, you could be standing at the best drop in the game and it looks like all the rest.
6. Areas
If it looks like there is no reason to be there, and the mobs are highly populated; it means the dev's left a suprise there... IE. Caves, caves can be a beutiful thing, not highly farmed, not alot of opposing faction. There is no "reason" to be there other then the fact that something nice will drop.
7. Collect your booty
Never get to greedy, once you get 3-4 green drops, run to the AH, typically these are real nice items you got, so go post them. You'll find that most of these items will get more then what the typical drop rate is, so feel free to add a gold to suggested price. Don't forget to get "back" to that spot, you're already been working that mob and your constantly turning "tumblers" to initiate the "big" drop.
8. Buyout
Always put on a buyout. You are playing with a generation of impulse buyers. Take advantage. Don't get too greedy, but if the thing is starts at 2g, feel free to push to 4-6, and if it is a weapon or jewelry, go the distance to 7g. It may seem high, but most people HATE losing an auction. Keep in mind it doesn't cost you a thing to post, so post it 2-3 times until you get what you want. Also, you can always overprice, but if you undersell it to begin with, you may lose out on that impulse buyer.
9. Stay out of instances
First off, you never have to split anything if you are solo. Instances have some nice drops, but man, 1/5 chance, and, if you are tossing some dice, probably less, then, if somebody "needs" the item, you get screwed out of a item all together. Think of instances as a break from grinding or to complete a mission.
10. My Ideology
These games work off of a numbers game. Think of it as a lock with tumblers. It's how you don't get 100 of the same item 100% of the time. If your at the right place, at the right time, killing the right mob you have a chance to turn the tumbler. Now, killing the same mob hits that "multiplyer" and turns that tumbler that much more in your favor. IF you follow what I am saying, and just as a gauge look at your XP bar; If you start out at like 1/50,000 xp, you'll probably see 2-4 drops in the first quarter and then, see another 2-4 drops in the final quarter. 4-8 drops easily. Staying focused is "key".
*11. Rogues Only
I believe they gave us a chance to be the richest players in the game. I would tell you get some rogues together with a maxed out deception? (highest stealth) and hit the instances. Kill the mains several times over. You'll find it is the EASIEST way to make money and get items that you want.
I left some Uber secret tips out, and once I have enough money to buy my epic and get some money distance between me and all of you, I will post the rest. I know how to find those "Silver" Elite Dragon mobs alot, and if you follow what I told you, you will understand how these "tumblers" work and you can figure it out probably on your own.
Hopefully this helps... Well GL, or, GL "tweeking" your luck, HiredKiller


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