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Saturday, August 18, 2007

WoW Jokes:Darling,you can not play WoW like this!

1.The so-called "Farm" is not that i kill monsters and you just loot.
2.If you can not see me after skinning,please make good use of the screen in top right corner,don't shout around me.
3.When i was attacked by many monsters,calm down,my darling,don't cast "Word: fortitude" which can not heal me.
4.It doesn't matter if i died,but i saw you were skinning many times .
5.One time,you cried for help,but do you know what i thought when i found that your level was higher than the monster at least 20?
6.I have said many times that there are so much jewel and pearl in bank as to no place for other items.Darling,you are 52 level now,don't keep those things
7.Do not use "Psychic scream" in dungeon, We almost no friends now.
8.When you use "Psychic scream",don't run with monsters in the same direction.
9.The Major Healing Potion i gave you is uesd in very,very,very dangerous.I couldn't understand that we went to raid with a team,as a Priest,you ran out of 10.
10.Don't forget again that you can heal yourself as a Priest,also can heal me.
11.The Clothes and trousers you made can not be sold,please don't put them in AH.
12.Don't mail useless item to Jack,he is level 70 now.
13.I am glad to see that you spent 1 Gold to change talent.Don't care the money in game.