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Sunday, May 03, 2009

WoW Guide: Children’s Week Achievements

I just finished the Children’s Week Achievement within some hours. The most troublesome achievement was the Battlegrounds one, and the fact I had to pay 90 gold for a ... cake. Oh wait, that was 180 gold. Forgot to summon the orphan (bangs head on the keyboard). The 310 % speed Violet Proto-Drake World Event Reward is worth it anyway. First thing I chose to do was the series of quests given by the orphan. It’s a bit time-consuming since you need to go all around the world. All the tips you need to get all the Orphan’s quests can be found at the wiki page.

As for the achievements, they are for the most part easy to do. Let’s take a look at each of the achievement requirements for the Children’s Week, after the break.

In Orgrimmar, you can find Alowicious Czervik (goblin) between the bank and the Inn. In Stormwind City you can find Emmithue Smails (Sweet Treats) between the bank and the Inn. Both of them sell Tigule and Foror’s Strawberry Ice Cream.

You can find Aimee (Pie, Pastry and Cakes) near the Sunreavers bank in Dalaran. She sells Dalaran Brownie, Dalaran Doughnut, Red Velvet Cupcake, and Lovely Cake. The lovely cake costs 14 gold 40 silver. It would be best to drop it during a raid so that everyone is able to loot “Lovely Cake Slice” by dropping it on the ground.

The bad part is that if you aren’t a cook or have the recipe at hand, you have to buy two of these from the Auction House: Tasty Cupcake and Delicious Chocolate Cake.

When you are in the room in front of King Ymiron, summon your orphan by clicking the whistle. Defeat King Ymiron. The achievement will be complete.

When you do any of the quests the Orphan gives you, it would be wise to use the hearthstone with your orphan summoned to complete this achievement. If you are doing the Shattrath City Orphan quests, go to Sporeggar, then to the Dark Portal, return to Shattrath City and talk to Zephyr to teleport you to the Caverns of Time. When you complete that quest, use the hearthstone.

The best daily quests to get this achievement done is currently the Argent Tournament Daily quests. Make sure your Orphan is summoned when you turn in the quests to get credit.

Simply complete all the quests given by the Orphan in Orgrimmar or Stormwind. At the end you get the option to choose one of three pet rewards: Piglet’s Collar, Rat Cage or Turtle Box.

This one can be time consuming and frustrating. Start with the easy ones in this order: Arathi Basin, Alterac Valley, Eye of the Storm and Warsong Gulch.

You get credit by taking the flag in Arathi Basin, Alterac Valley’s tower flags, and by taking the flag in Eye of the Storm and depositing it on any of the tower flag-bases. The only one that breaks the rule is Warsong Gulch. This one is the hardest because you need to kill an enemy player and click the fallen flag to return it. That’s when you get credit.

Get those achievements done during the weekend. The Children’s Week world event ends on Thursday, May 7, 2009. Have fun!


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