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Sunday, May 03, 2009

WoW reference found in Wolverine game

X-Men Origins: Wolverine came out in theaters yesterday, to fairly dismal reviews, and like any good summer movie, it has a tie-in video game. Why are we talking about it here? Because the game contains a hidden nod to our own favorite digital pastime, WoW. I'll put specifics (and a screenshot) behind the cut, in case you don't want to be spoiled for the Wolverine game.

Apparently, in a hidden area of the game, there's not only Frostmourne encased in ice, but also a skeleton with a big gold "!" floating above him. Discovering this cave, at least on the Xbox 360 version of the game, unlocks an achievement called "WoW!", which reads "You feel cold as you examine the skeleton and read the name 'Arthas' etched into the nearby sword." Kotaku has some nice pictures of the cave. A cute reference, for sure.

And now I'm imagining a Wolverine Lich King. That's pretty terrifying. Thanks, guys.


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Kenta said...

Looks great. I would like to play the World Of WarCraft game almost all the time. It is my most favorite game.

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