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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Make Gold at Level 30 on World of Warcraft

How to make some gold with a horde toon at around 30? One of the most effective ways that I have found is to take your toon and send him or her through rage fire chasm. What you will want to do is get as many green items and linen cloth you can. If you are not a tailor/enchanter then you will want to make a level one toon and train them with these skills. After you get all the green items and linen you can you will want to send the items to your toon that has the tailor/enchanter skills. Use the linen cloth to level your tailoring up till you can make the first green item. This item usually disenchants for one to three strange dust or lesser magic essence.

In the auction house strange dust sells for quite a bit of gold for being such a low level item. Plus you could also use this trick to level your new enchanter toon's skill. At level 30 you should be able to run through rage fire chasm in about an hour. With one run through you should be able to get on average 100 linen cloth and about 15 to 20 green items. If you use all the linen cloth and make green items in tailoring. Then you disenchant all your green items, you should reach about 40 to 60 strange dust. If you sell them in the auction house for about two gold per stack then you will have made about 4 to 6 gold, just on strange dust.

Also if you wanted to gain some experience while making some gold you could try the venture company mobs in strangle thorn vale. These mobs are fairly easy to kill and yield a decent amount of green items, while also having good vender trash items or gray items for those who don't know. Most times these mobs are being killed so you might have a hard time finding the right rhythm. These mobs do have a fast respawn rate so usually by the time you are done with your med break you will be back up and killing as many as you can. The yeti's in hillsbrad foothills also are good experience but I would not recommend them for very much money.

This article is my opinion and if you know of a better place to go and make money then that's what you do. I hope that my tricks and ways to make gold has helped.


Marcus Ty said...

You can take this strategy and apply it to many other locations, instances and mobs - both Horde and Alliance. The key is to have a gathering and crafting profession that compliment one another. As an example I have a level 23 human warrior who has a max of 150 Mining and 200 in Blacksmithing and who still has over 250 Gold in his bags and some loose change!

I explain how in my wow gold making guide which is free to subscribers and can be found at

For the Alliance!