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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

World of Warcraft: How To Make Gold In WoW

How To Make Gold In WOW isn't actually that difficult contrary to belief! You do not have to go and buy WOW Gold from any of these illegal gold selling websites and on top of that you may well get your account banned!

Today I am going to give you a quick guide on How To Make Gold In WOW with the least amount of fuss so you can start getting rich! If you really want to know all the ins and outs of How To Make Gold In WOW you should look around the webs to find a guide on the subject.

This guide will start you off though and you should have no problems knowing How To Make Gold In WOW after you have read it!

The first spot I would concentrate on is Felwood that lies just east of Darkshore and here you will find beasts called Withered Protectors. You will want to kill as many of these as you can because they drop high level herbs and once you have 20 or 30 of these herbs they will sell for 20 Gold and upwards at the auction house.

Another good way to learn How To Make Gold In WOW is take up a trade like engineering and you will be able to make high level bombs which you can sell for a good amount of gold. Once you become better at engineering you will be able to make higher level explosives which will sell for even more gold at the auction house.

Another very quick way on How To Make Gold In WOW is to purchase 30 wool cloth and use you engineering to make exploding powder. You will also need twenty stones but once you have made these they will easily sell at the auction houses for 6 Gold upwards. Applying this method on How To Make Gold In WOW you can make up to 3000 Gold in just one week.

Another way to learn How To Make Gold In WOW and if you don't mind a bit of grinding you should head to North Western Westfall and go up to the cliff top there. You will find shed loads of Defias Mobs and although they are only levels 12 and 13 they respawn very quickly so be careful.

You should kill as many as you can though as they will drop linen and lots of it. You can get about 100 linen in five or ten minutes. Once you have enough linen this too can be put up for auction and you should make plenty of gold of it!

Above are just some of the ways you should try when learning How To Make Gold In WOW and they are all legal.


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