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Thursday, December 27, 2007

World of Warcraft and the Feast of Winter Veil

Ahh...the merriment of the holiday season does not escape the World of Warcraft! Being a lower level character I can't get to all the content for the Winter Veil celebration, however I have had some fun with what I can do! I was able to run some quests for Great Father Winter which was a nice distraction from the ordinary quests for a bit.

I did the Gingerbread Cookies quest and brought Father Winter some cookies and a glass of milk. He ate them all and then gave me some nifty gifts! I got a sweet red Santa hat for my Tauren to wear, and some holiday foods and drinks!

Ok...then there are the snowballs these are a lot of fun to chuck at other players and even to have them thrown at you! Since there was no snow here for Christmas it was nice that at least in the game we could have some typical winter fun! Next year I think we should be able to go sled riding! I can see it now, me...a cow...on a sled... zooming down a hill...WOOT!!!

The other thing I have to say I get a pretty big kick out of is the Winter Wondervolt. This awesome little gizmo will turn any race or any class into a gnome santa! You can fight like this and everything! And let me tell ya, you throw some "Aspect of the Cheetah" on that little bugger and he moves out!! This wonderous transformation only lasts 30 minutes though, then you have to go back to one of the Wondervolts and get your Santa-groove on again!

On the right is a picture of my Tauren hunter after stepping into the Wondervolt. I have to say that it kind of startled me when the costume wore off. I was in the middle of a battle and shifted back into a Tauren and for a second I thought someone had cast some wierd spell on me! Yep, I'm a Noob!

There are also Winter Revelers in most towns and the Inns are all decked out for the holidays. The revelers will talk to you and wish you a Happy Holiday. Also if there is mistletoe near them you can blow them kisses by typing /kiss and they will give you a stack of mistletoe which you can use on others to increase their spirit.
wow feast of winter
Don't forget to go to the Smokeywood Pastures vendors for holiday items, they have snowballs, wrapping paper, holiday recipes, etc... Also, be sure to check under the Christmas tree for gifts! Open them and get really cool little surprises. I got a little mechanical robot AND a little winter helper (my daughter was so jealous!).

All in all Winter Veil is a really good time and it gives you the opportunity to celebrate this festive time of year with all your online WoW buddies! So, enjoy it while it lasts and post some comments on your Winter Veil experiences!