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Sunday, December 30, 2007

WoW mud dolls, made by a fan in China

The use of the term "mud dolls" threw me for a second here, but I think the folks at MMOsite mean clay dolls, as they have posted extremely cute little WoW figurines made out of clay. What fascinates me is that not only are these cute and really stylish, but they really capture each race and class-- the Blood Elf really does look snobby, while the Dwarf looks like he's had an extra ale or two.

Amazing. No word on if they're for sale or not-- MMOsite makes like you can have one on your desk, but the original site is (of course) in Chinese, and so even if they were for sale there, I wouldn't know. Although I did find the hilarious Ony scene above-- if anyone can translate in our comments, please do.