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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

WoW: Feast of Winter Veil Events Announced

'Tis the season again and Blizzard is collaborating with Father Winter to bring the Feast of Winter Veil events from December 15th till January 2nd. In addition to the regular events, this year we'll enjoy a few more special surprises:

-The Preserved Holly that players can get from completing special holiday quests
can now be used on flying mounts. This will temporarily turn their flying mount
into a flying reindeer that trails sparkles as it flies through the air

- Handful of Snowflakes: this is a new item you can obtain by /kiss -ing
a Winter Reveler NPC. It will create a light snowfall above any targeted player.

- Burning Crusade Holiday Bosses: as in past years, certain bosses will
be dressed in a festive fashion and will drop seasonal hats when defeated. The
holiday versions of the bosses will begin on Dec. 25 and end on Jan. 2. These
bosses include:

*Grand Warlock Netherkurse (Shattered Halls)

*Grandmaster Vorpil (Shadow Labyrinth)

*Exarch Maladaar
(Auchenai Crypts)

*Captain Skarloc (Durnholde Keep)

*Nethermancer Sepethrea (Mechanar)

*High Botanists Freywinn

- Mechanotoy: This is a new gift that can be obtained from
under the Winter Veil tree in Ironforge and Orgrimmar. It lets you summon a
Mechanotoy non-combat pet to follow you around.

Plus, check out the rest of the events below:
Greatfather WinterWoW: Feast of Winter
Greatfather Winter is visiting the great cities of Ironforge and Orgrimmar - courtesy of the fine folks of Smokywood Pastures and he's spreading cheer in celebration for the Feast of Winter Veil. But, all the cheer-spreading is making Greatfather Winter hungry, and he's looking for adventurers to get him his daily fix of milk and cookies.

Smokeywood Pastures' Missing Shipment
WoW: Feast of WinterSmokeywood Pastures needs a few brave adventurers to investigate the disappearance of a shipment of holiday goods. Rumors are the shipment is in the possession of the Abominable Greench, found somewhere in the snowy regions of the Alterac Mountains.

Metzen the ReindeerWoW: Feast of Winter
Disaster has struck! Metzen the Reindeer has been kidnapped! Metzen is one of Greatfather Winter's eight reindeer - and property of Smokywood Pastures. The Jinglepocket Goblins have received two ransom letters from groups claiming to have Metzen. Concerned adventurers should visit Ironforge or Orgrimmar for more information.

WoW: Feast of WinterJinglepocket Goblins' Fare Shops
The Jinglepocket Goblins have set up their seasonal fare shops in major cities. Adventurers can purchase many holiday favorites - including Greatfather's Winter ale, candy canes, gingerbread cookie recipes, and mistletoes.

SnowballsWoW: Feast of Winter
Whether you pick them up from your local vendor or ask a friendly engineer to craft them for you, no feast of Winter Veil is complete without some frozen projectile-weapons. Get your mitts on some snowballs and say, "Merry Feast of Winter Veil" the old-fashioned way!

WoW: Feast of WinterSnowmen
Accompanying Greatfather Winter in his journeys across Azeroth are his loyal troops of snowmen. They can be found wandering around Ironforge and Orgrimmar, bringing with them the chill breath of winter into even the warmest climes.