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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Buying Void Crystals - Patch 2.4

One of the great things for savvy auctioneers in World of Warcraft is waiting for new patches and the gold rushes they often bring.

On February 1, Blizzard poster Drysc wrote the following:

You’re pretty close, but it’s actually going to be a part of Enchanting. Once every 24 hours, through Enchanting (not Alchemy) you’ll be able to split a Void Crystal into two Large Prismatic Shards. This is through a new recipe that’s being added in 2.4.
This helps reduce the exorbitant prices currently being seen for Large Prismatics, and helps raise the value of the Void Crystals. While this is the only change planned in 2.4 to help the Void Crystal prices, we’re still looking at the possibility of additional ‘help’ for Void Crystal value in the future

So do I really need to tell you that you should probably start taking a long, hard look at the Void Crystal market on your realm?

Void Crystals (Wowhead Wowecon) are currently averaging about 16.7 gold on US Alliance markets, while Large Prismatic Shards (Wowhead Wowecon) are currently going for an average of 23 gold in the same markets.

On the surface of things this doesn’t seem like an extremely lucrative deal, however the markets on your particular realm and even blind luck can heavily skew profit margins in your favor. So it is worth at least a look.

One extremely important thing to note, however: if you are holding any Large Prismatic Shards with the intent to sell them on the Auction House do so ASAP! Or well, at least before Patch 2.4 hits the servers. This is sure to make the price on these drop fast. I would also recommend against buying any unless you actually use them for crafting or unless you see what would be a common sense purchase (i.e. you see one selling for five gold).