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Thursday, April 10, 2008

WOW - Leveling Summary Of Going From 50-60

Summary of going from 50 to 60:
At 50, head to Ungoro because of all the collection quests avaliable. This is mainly a beast zone, hoever, there isn't an cash drops. There are good chances on items dropping in this zone.Doing each of the quests in Marshall's Refuge will get you 2 levels easily in a day. It is quite crazy how much exp you can gain in this zone with grinding mixed with questing. Just make sure you bring a mithril Casing with you to this zone because you will need it for a certain quest.

Felwood has some good kills that give you faction with the Timbermaws. At this point you should have your weapon (s) of choice until you are ready to do high level instances. So put Demonslay on both. This gives you a chance to stun and deal out an extra 100 dmg on each hit. Felwood is, of course, filled with demons. This area is also good for the lower 50s. I got up to lvl 55 fairly easy in a couple days from lvl 53. There are some nice quests in the southern area of Felwood which are easy to complete.

Now that you have demonslay you can also benefit from the enchantment in Azshara. The west side has some Satyrs to kill which are fairly easy to take down, though they have imp minions. The northern camps have lvl 51 Satyrs if you find the western zone to be slow exp. The mid 50s allow you to move onto Winterspring. In the SW corner, there is a dwarf lady who gives a decent cloak just for walking from one end of the zone to the other. The town also has a nice chunk of quests to complete which give good exp. The really good spot though is Lake Kel'Therill. It has more ghosts that are good for exp and easy kills till lvl 58.

The Plaguelands are the final area to hunt in. The West from 52-55 and the East from 55-60. They are full of undead to kill. Mainly though, you are here for the Argent Dawn faction, which can only be obtained when under lvl 60. Keep that in mind. Might as well get it done before hitting 60. If you are looking for demons to kill the east has a lot of hounds, but that is about it.

In the end your travels will be in Blackrock Stronghold. Getting down the basics of the spawn will kill you off a few times, but once you learn to understand it, the exp is great! Half of it is casters, which are perfect for killing. You will more than likely hit 60 here.

Instances to take into consideration on the side:
Before you hit 55 you will want to run through Mauradon. The trash blade (from killing the princess) is an excellent sword if you are one who weilds a sword. This drop is only beat by a rare drop in Blackrock Spire by killing the end boss. Make sure you finish up any quests in the Sunken Temple too, there are a few that give decent rewards. There are quests for this instance all over the world so do not be surprised if you come along another farther down the line.

Blackrock Depths and Blackrock Spire are where you will want to spend your upper 50s definately. The drops here are ridiculously good and require you to have a skilled group. Mess up just a tiny bit and the group is gone so be careful.

Quick Overview of grinding areas and lvls:

50 - 52: Ungoro Crater
- Marshall's Refuge has easy exp with all of the quests. The quests that tell you to kill Pterrodax do not take though (Waste of time). Start the Linken's Quest.
-Perfect place for skinners to lvl up is the Gorillas on the eastern side and the raptors on the southern side.

50 - 54: Azshara
- Demon Satyrs north of ghosts and in the top (50-54). They have minions though, but not tough ones.

50 - 54: Felwood
-Demon Satyrs in Felwood. Middle-west in zone. (50-54)
-If you do not have Demonslay kill Ironwood Stompers. (50-54)

54 - 60: Winterspring
-Ghosts on the lake. Lower central part of zone. (54-56). Can easily be farmed if you have the quest called The Ruins of Lake Kel'Theril (Just don't loot the shards you dig up) as it spawns 2 ghosts everytime you mine. Easy kills. Good Loot.

54 - 58: West Plaguelands
-Hunt Scarlets in the middle of zone. (54-58)

56 - 60: East Plaguelands
-Demon hounds across south end of zone (56-60)
-Mossflayer and Eyeless in middle of zone (56-58) and northeast (58-60). They spawn with chests.

58 - 60: Burning Steppes
-Orcs are stronghold. Takes a few tries to get used to it. Best place though since more than half are casters. (58-60)


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