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Thursday, April 10, 2008

WoW: Easy Cash for Mages lvl 60 150g hour!!

Easy Cash for Mages (Level 60)

Location: Silithus.
Build: Preferably Frost.

Essence of Air Grinding
In the northwestern corner of Silithus, there are approximately 50-70 air elementals. They have a slim chance to drop Essence of Air (these baby's sell for 10-20g each on our server), but this slight probability is reduced if you're killing all 70 at once.

Let's get some dosh!
Start on the outskirt of the elemental spawn. Throw on Ice Barrier (it won't ever break, really) and gather one elemental by running into it. Cast Rank 1 Arcane Explosion and run to another elemental. For each mob that aggros you, cast Rank 1 Arcane Explosion once. This will make sure that they never de-aggro you and run back to their original spawn point. Repeat the process until every single air elemental is following you, or an amount that suits you.

Followed by:
Next, Frost Nova followed by Cone of Cold, then spam Arcane Explosion until they all die. They're a pain to loot sometimes since they're all clustered together, but by maneuvering your screen cam around, you can easily loot every single mob. Each pull takes next to no time to re spawn and you can repeat this again and again.

To conclude:
On average, we gathered about 15 Essences using this method, in roughly 50 minutes. That's 150g per. hour at least.
We recommend you have decent gear when attempting this as if you are fresh into level 60; you may experience difficulties.


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