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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Fishing your way to profit

wow fishing

I'm not sure if anyone else noticed, but all of a sudden, fishing seems to have become an extremely profitable profession. With the introduction the daily fishing quests in Patch 2.4, those with a bit of luck have found themselves getting a hefty profit from the Bag of Fishing Treasures that the quests give out as a reward. Any angler worth her salt knows that fishing can be profitable through selling fish cooked or raw through the Auction House, or even as junk through the vendor. Before the introduction of the goodies that come inside the Bag of Fishing Treasures, the Goldenscale Vendorfish was probably the most expensive gray item in the game, selling for 6 Gold to vendors. Anglers who are also cooks could profit nicely from raid buff foods such as Golden Fish Sticks or Skullfish Soup, or simply sell the raw ingredients. Even low-level fish sell rather well to those who would like to level their cooking.

The Bag of Fishing Treasures contains roughly over 7 Gold in cash in addition to rare items such as The 2 Ring, which can sell for a whopping 2,000 Gold on some servers. It can also contain the bind-on-equip Eye of the Sea, which can sell for 400 Gold. Even if you don't have the kind of luck to chance on such rare items, however, it's quite common to pick up insanely expensive gray items such as the Mithril Shaving Razor, which sells for 11 Gold; a Silver Statuette, which sells for 15 Gold; a Beautiful Glass Eye, which goes for 18 Gold; and the mother of all gray items, the Ancient Coin, which goes for a massive 25 Gold.

The white items aren't so bad, either, and are actually collector's items that seem to be aimed at bank toons typically dressed in tuxedo sets. I mean, who wouldn't want a Noble's Monocle? If it doesn't sell on the trade channel or the AH, vendors will take it for a little over 11 Gold. The Ornate Drinking Stein and Antique Silver Cufflinks also sell for 11 Gold while the Gold Wedding Band is a nice 15 Gold item. Some players actually want those items for bank alts or Role-playing marriages. Of course, aside from the nice exclusive gray or white items, there's also a good chance players will get Motes of Water or Elixirs of Water Walking. Even if you won't necessarily want to sell them to vendors, the various baby crocolisk pets are also a nice fishing perk. Although fishing takes a bit of patience (to be honest, it bores the living crud out of me), the Gold that fishing now promises might be enough to encourage some players to take up the skill.


Marcus Ty said...

These are great tips to anyone thinking of learning to fish. I've alos updated my fishing guide which is free to subscribers of my Gold Making Guide.

Marcus Ty