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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Low Level (20-25ish) - 3 Gold per Hour

This is not very revolutionary, but I just wanted to pass on a method I use for making ~2.5 to 3 gold in a 30-40 minutes..

Specifically, I told a friend that I would help him do Van Cleef the other night. I am level 31 paladin, he was level 24 hunter. Had a level 29 priest with us too. We were waiting for a couple other people to join us just outside the instance when the priest had some emergency and had to log. My friend the hunter just disappeared (turns out it was ISP problems). I was left just outside the instance all alone. The other two guys didn't want to do it since the point was to help my friend. So, I said to myself, what the hell. I'm here, I'm just going to play around in the instance for a while to see how far I can get.

So I enter the instance and start killing stuff. Try to just kill the elite mobs, which for a level 31 aren't all that difficult, but of course got aggro'd a lot by the miners and other lower level mobs. Got absolutely NO xp of course. However, taking my time, making sure I didn't aggro 10 things at a time, I was able to make it through the shredder room no problem. After killing the shredder and operator, I looked in my inventory and, wow - my backpack and 4 10-slot bags were just about full already. Checked out what was there and found 10-12 "green" items and lots of other valuable grey items. I'm sure you could get the occasional blue item even from the early rooms. I deleted a few items that I knew were just about worthless to make room in my inventory and continued on. In the next room, I killed several more mobs when my inventory "full" message came on. I deleted a couple other things, but then I got careless. I aggro'd too many mobs, inluding 5 elite mobs I think. I died.

Instead of running back and getting my body, I just rezed at the cemetary and sold everything. Total take, after repairing my items, was just under 4 gold. Now, some of the stuff in my inventory I had before I went into the Deadmines. So, between looting copper/silver and selling deadmines loot, I estimate that I made about 3 gold from the deadmines itself. Conservativley, I would think you could easily make at least 2.5 gold this way each time.

Now this amount of gold is nothing when you get to higher levels - some of the drops can sell for over 1 gold each at higher level places. However, if you are between, say, level 30-35, this is a very good way to make money with little risk of dying (at least early on if you take your time). Also it is more fun, in my opinion, to be fighting something as compared to fishing, mining, grinding anything.

Therefore, in summary, if you have 30-40 mins to kill, and if you are of high enough level (easist if at least over 30, I would guess), you can simply go to the deadmines and kill everything in sight, loot the mobs and sell everything you loot. I will do this again tonight to see if my results are repeatable.


Shaft said...

Sounds good, definitely useful I think. I'm horde though I have DM once and it was a nightmare as I too was doing it to help a friend well guild member. I am currently waiting to grab a few more levels before I try soloing WC mainly to hand off the leather drops to my Rogue.

beaner_babe4vr said...

i agre wit you i have a 32 hunter and i make at least 3 or four gold a run