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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Selling World of Warcraft Traveler's Backpack

Very good way to get lots of WoWgold is by selling Traveler's backpacks. I do mean ALOT! Usually,Alliance are two times or even three times more populated than hordes. To start your main have to be on Horde side, because he'll be getting the money. You will also need to have an Alliance character. Farm a little bit money for your Alliance character, when you get about 20g, go to the nearest AH and buy Traveler's bag. Then fly to tanaris, and set buyout very low.

Relog with your main, and buyout those bags. Be sure to do it quick. Ok you got the bags? What
next? - Since the Alliance population is much bigger, there are much more bags on AH, and they
cost much cheaper. My server on alliance side I can get one bag for 5 gold but on Horde it costs 10 gold. So I bought one bag for 5 gold, sell for 10 gold and I profit 5 gold per bag.

If iI farmed with my alliance char 20 gold, and bought 4bags, with main char I gained 20 gold.
Nice? Now you get your main a little bit money, and you farm again with Alliance char. Now you put it on tanaris, if you buy bag by 5g per one, then put on tanaris on 6g per each, so you will get a little bit money down from your main character, but not with your alliance char, because tanaris takes 15% from the item to themselves... I farmed in one week about 4.000golds! Good nah? Good
luck! :)