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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Selling Your Junks to get wow gold

Obviously one of the things that motivates players the most is earning gold. Gold gets you new
equipment, better abilities, and in my opinion, just looks good in high quantities. So how do you
make gold? Mining is one way, but running instances like the deadmines combines mining to get
bronze with lots of magic/wool/linen drops. And if you can run it alone, plenty of coin drops from
those elites! I found out at an early level that large sums of money can be made with mining.
Shortly after I found that linen stacks can go for 1-2g! I was shocked. I tested it over and over and
with one stack of linen or wool with a buyout of 2g for linen and no buyout for wool can get you
rich! Place both at starting bids of 10s and set for 24 hours.

The Deadmines are a goldmine for getting cash at low lvls. Bronze can even be smelted in mid
instance! Magic items can be sold in AH or to venders and wool and linen are in heavy supply!