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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Making More than 1000 Gold a Day With Jewelcrafting

With the addition of jewelcrafting to the list of crafting options in World of Warcraft, the opportunity to make large sums of gold in a single day also rose. There are numerous methods to do so, but I will share one in particular that has worked incredibly well in the past.

First off, you’re going to need a supply of Adamantite Ore, something that costs about 20-30 gold per stack in the auction house. You can choose to either stockpile such ore with your alternate mining character or buy it off the auction house. Either way, a little bit of investment is going to be needed.

Basically, you’re just playing to the odds that there is as rare gem stacked in with your ore. Because rare gems tend to show up 1-4 times per stack of ore, you can extract them and make up to a 300% profit if you have a lucky purchase. Of course, this is a bit of risk and therefore requires a bit of capital to start off with. But, if you have the capital and the luck, you can make up to 100 gold in profit per stack of Ore.

The best way to go about making money is to just spend about an hour or so a day finding and mining supplies of the Adamantite Ore. Build up a nice supply of it and when you have enough, you can prospect out the gems. Sell the gems in bulk as well, usually 10 or more at a time and you can probably make a larger profit than in the Auction House.

Your prospecting skill, which allows you to find rare gems in ore, can be trained starting at level 20. To reach the level necessary to prospect Adamantite Ore, you’ll need to have 325 skill, but it’s entirely worth it.
Copper = 1
Tin = 50
Iron = 125
Mithril = 175
Thorium = 250
Fel Iron = 275
Adamantite = 325

When you prospect a stack of the Adamantite dust, you won’t come up completely empty handed if there are no rare gems. You can still sell the dust to a vendor for about 4.5 gold or so and you will usually find a few uncommon gems, which sell for 20 gold per stack to vendors. For those with the right amount of gold in capital, you can prospect upwards of 1000 gold worth of rare gems each and every day.

Overall though, you’re risking a little bit if you list rare gems on the Auction House for set prices alone. It’s always better to sell them in bulk to ensure sales and make sure you don’t get undercut in price. Also, the deposit fees on dozens of single auctions are too high to make enough profit as well. With the right approach though, you can make a substantial amount of gold in a very short time by simply buying and taking apart existing ore.