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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Turtle Skinning for Gold - Levels 35-40

Just wanted to write the way I made easy cash and got my mount plus all my skills and 3-14 slot bags atlvl 40. First of all this works best if you have skinning at least and with leatherworking up to master lvlyou are going to profit big. Once you hit lvl 35 go to Menethil Harbor and take the boat to Theramore.
From there grab the flight path for later use if you don't have it already then simply leave the front gateand make a right turn and proceed to grind on the lvl 36-38 turtles that you will find along the beach. Youcan make 3-5 gold just on the green items, gems and speckled shell frags that they drop per hour. TheSpeckled Shell frags sell for 45 silver per stack of 5 and they drop frequently. Now if your skinning is high(mine had been maxed out since mid 20's) and you have master leatherworking so you can make TurtleScale Helmets and other turtle scale items that is where you will rake it in. On my server (Boulderfist PVP)a turtle scale helm will buyout at 4 gold easily. The scales are alot easier to come by than most otherscales I have tried to skin for in the game. The turtles also skin for Heavey and thick leather. The turtlesare fairly easy to grind on as they only aggro if you attack them, however they are social animals orwhatever so if you attack one to close to another you will wind up fighting them both. Between levels 35-40 I made 120 gold and had an easy time grinding on these turtles and when I got bored I just swam over
to the nearby islands and killed Murlocs for awhile (got some tastey green items from them as well plus 1-3 silver per kill). Thank you drive through.