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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Low Level Disenchanting - Easy Cash

If you are struggling to find a second profession you ACTUALLY USE, pick up enchanting.
No no no, I know what you're thinking "Leveling enchanting is expensive......and I don't wanna stand around town shouting Enchanting blah blah".

I hear you, and that's why many people avoid enchanting, but here's the deal. When you "disenchant" items, you get enchanting materials such as "Strange Dust", "Magic Essence", and "Glimmering Shards". ANY enchanted item (noted by a green name in the game) can be disenchanted and provides you with some of these items.

Armors usually disenchant into strange dust, while weapons disenchant into magic essence, greater magic essence and shards. Stacks of 10 Strange Dust sell regularly on the Auction House for 50s-1g. When picking up even a level 6 enchanted piece of armor from fishing or hunting, it can be disenchanted by a novice Enchanter to 2 Strange dust with no problem. Considering most people get 2 or 3 pieces of armor a day from drops, and typically just sell them to vendors for low price here's a great strategy.

1. Train Enchanting at any of your local Arcanery shops.
2. Don't bother leveling up any of the skills at the trainer. You immediately get the ability to DISEnchant ANY enchanted item in the game.
3. When you pick up items you don't wish to use, and won't go for much at the Auction House or at an NPC, just disenchant it. Once you get a stack of 10 or so strange dust, sell it at the AH for 75s or so. It will sell pretty quickly to high level enchanters in the game who are desperate for the stuff. "Small Glimmering Shards", disenchanted off level 16-25 weapons or so sell for as much as 3-4 G in stacks of 10 at the AH! More commonly from all weapons you'll get Greater Magic Essence. These sell for around 1.5G a stack in the AH.

So moral of the story here? There actually is a profession out there that requires NO leveling, and will IMMEDIATELY benefit you with items you loot but don't need. Check it out, it's well worth the effort........considering it only requires walking to the local Arcanery shop.


Anonymous said...

yo dude encahnting is alot of money and u dont need to stand around blah blah blah wut i do is dis encahnt alot of items get the stuff then put a enchant on my bracers like +10 strenght then i do another enchant like +20 health and repeat that!

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