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Thursday, October 18, 2007

World of Warcraft on Your 360?

Playing World of Warcraft on your XBox 360? Blasphemy! Blizzard said this would never happen!

Ok, ok, don't get your panties all in a bind. While this development isn't exactly playing WoW on your 360, it's the next best thing. Xfire is now releasing a nice bit of free software that allows you to use your 360 controller to play WoW on your PC. Sure, something similar was done in the distant past, but that required a fistful of technical skill (and was a significant pain in the backside). Xfire's software makes using the 360 controller as easy to use and set up as possible. Heck, an orc could do it.

Not only can you kick back while playing WoW, you'll look cool and relaxed, too!

This new fancy-schmancy software is called Switchblade. It's got a nice pre-loaded configuration, as well as the ability to customize the keys any way you see fit. We took a good look at the Switchblade set-up, and it appears pretty intuitive. While nothing will ever replace the keyboard and mouse as a precise interface, the Switchblade setup for the 360 comes pretty close.

As you can see, the 360 controller - Switchblade interface provides for a wide variety of default actions. (No, the /spit and /fart emotes are NOT default actions).