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Sunday, September 30, 2007

WoW Gold Guide: Easy Gold - 40-45 - Nice XP As well

After ignoring blacksmithing for a long time, I decided to level quickly in it and went up about 100 levels in a single night. Of course, this left me 10-15 wow gold poorer after buying all my resources from the AH, even after making the items and selling them. So I thought I would pass along how I made about 20 gold in a little over a day.
Specifically, I went to Tanaris (Gadgetzan). Someone else had mentioned how you can make gold and level by killing wastewander bandits and thieves, which are levels 40-41 for the most part. You can also go after other wastewander mobs in the area that range from level 42-45. These drop occasional nice things and, therefore, are certainly worth your time.
However, there is a mob that many people overlook entirely in this area: Glasshide Basalisks. These are all over the place around gadgetzan - they are the red/blue crocadile looking things that look alot like the crystal spine basalisks in stranglethorn vale. I fell in love with these things in stranglethorn as a way of making money. Large basalisk tails and squishy eyeballs sell for 6-8 silver a piece and are frequent drops. Then you can get prismatic scales and other drops that give you 10-14 silver. These also drop the occasional nice 1 gold plus value drops too. In the past couple days, I have looted weapons and plans that are very valuable. In addition to a sword with "Flamberge" in the name that sold for over 3 gold at ah (1 gold 75 silver to vendor), I also received tough scorpid plans (helm, gloves, bracers, and a couple others). The helm alone sold at auction for 5 gold, while the gloves, which are more available, sold for 75 silver. These plans and weapons also drop off of the wastewanders, so just stay in the area and kill basalisks and the lower level wastewanders. In addition to the xp and the dropped cash, you get some very nice loot drops.