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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bloodvine Farming--to get wow gold

My hunter collecting Bloodvine and voodoo dolls from Zul'gurub(easily doable naked).I collect a total of 7 voodoo piles and how ever many herbs i find. This particular run i got 5 different voodoo dolls(10-15g) and 3 bloodvine(20-25g).My record to this day is 6 bloodvine from one run :). Of course the prices depend on the server, my server is rather low i'd say, and they sell pretty fast.
It is Possible to solo this, if you have a AFK Friend or something to keep you in raid, like this!Summon pet, use Eyes of the beast, ( pet NEED Dash/dive ) go towards the Enemys, Dash with pet!Run Quickly Away, pulling all mobs from the "Herb" you want, and then, You can Easily Pick the Herb without much problem, The longer you come into the instance, the harder, i've Even Solod the Vodoo thingy ( the one BEFORE Raptor boss (The room before him) So its not that hard)You get into combat, so you need to run away to a safe spot and Feign Death when you get it. Failed? then Ress pet, And try again, And keep doing this until you get it. Watch out for : Bats, They are fast, Berserkers, They are even faster. thats all for today!
If you arent saved to the instance you can simply zone out leave party and get invited by someone else, if your saved, zone out wait 15 min and zone back in. The instance is reset if you see the Orange text once you enter.