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Saturday, September 08, 2007

WoW Gold Guide - Defias Windmill

Defias Windmill- This is a great place to farm that can be done at almost any level. This spot was revealed on the official forums right after release and to this day it hasn't changed and is still great.
If you head out to the Gold Coast area in Westfall you will find a windmill on a hill overlooking the beach (there is a murloc camp right below it on the beach). Surrounding this windmill are a ton of Defias mobs that you can kill and get a ton of linen and other good humanoid loot. They are only around level 12 so it easy to do.
What makes this area so great is that their respawn rate is almost immediate. Even at level 60 I can come here and farm linen cloth and they have started respawning before the first of them are even dead.
I'm serious when I say it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to kill them all before new ones respawn.
You can take them on one at a time or AOE if you have the ability and farm non-stop.
You can easily make a lot of money off the linen and low level greens that drop here. In fact, like I said above, this spot is so good that I still grind it at 60 when I need cash fast. You will get numerous stacks of linen and a ton lower level green rank items. This will work at even low levels.
Dark Iron Mining- This is the gathering technique I routinely use to make 30-60 gold in an hour. Yes, you really can make that much gold using this system.
Dark iron is a very valuable material that is used to craft high-end items and also for reputation gains with the Thorium Brotherhood. Put simply, it is worth a lot of gold. It is only found in two places in the entire game, Blackrock Depths and Molten Core. Obviously, Molten Core is a 40 main raid instance so you can't sneak in there to get ore. That leaves us with BRD.
Upon entering the BRD instance there is a door to your left. You will need to be able to lockpick it or you will need to have the Shadowforge key to open it (obtained by completing a quest inside BRD).
Once through there you can either walk straight ahead or turn right through another door. You want to walk straight ahead to the area called the Dark Iron Highway. In this area is where you are going to make tons of gold mining ore.
There are numerous dark iron spawn points in this area and on each run you should be able to get to one or two of them. Simply mine the ore, leave and reset the instance to do it all over again. You will need a couple of people at least for this or if you are a rogue or druid you can stealth in. Also, hunters can run in and feign death to escape the mobs around the ore.
Some times you will need to clear some mobs around the ore to mine it. Sometimes it will all be clear for you. Other times it will be behind so many mobs you won't be able to reach it and will have to reset the instance right away.
A word of warning about the mobs in that area-there are bloodhounds in this area that can see through stealth from very far away for their level. Also, they hit very hard but fortunately don't have much health. You may have to fight a few of these to get to the ore, but they can easily be soloed if you are careful.
I average about 20-40 dark iron ore per hour using this technique. Considering that dark iron ore sells for anywhere from 1 gold to 4 gold a piece it is easy to see that this is insanely profitable. I had the money for my epic mount using this technique for just two days. It's that good!
As an added bonus, the dark iron ore points also have a chance to drop the Blood of the Mountain, a component for rare recipes. This sells for around 30-100g. Sometimes I get two of these per day and other times none. If you see one just consider it an extra bonus.