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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Easy money in TBC Starter guide

Essentially, this guide was written from a Horde perspective, & being an undead Warlock, solo questing & farming is fairly easy. I am Demo specced, for Felguard, but even though you may not be a lock, don't think that this guide isn't for you!

Things you will need:
Atleast lvl 58 character and the expansion
Plenty of Food and Drink
Empty quest log
Empty bags
Healing and Mana potions
A support profession such as skinning or mining at 300 skill
Nothing to do all night
First thing you need to do is go through the Dark Portal, pick up your quests to go to Thrallmar & go see the WindRider. Next you need to load up your journal with every quest you can find, not only for exp, as it takes alot to progress through the levels now, but also because the upgrades are great, the money is good, & if you cannot use the upgrades, they sell nicely.

After you have grabbed all of your quests, go grind out the mobs you need, do the collections, & so on, but do not forget to go see your trainer and become a grand master whatever your support trade is. I myself am a skinner, and skinning out here is good!

The skinning off of the beasts out here yields knothide, & it is selling extremely well. Skin other people's kills, its all money for you. The only bad thing is, you need to go to your home city to use an AH, and do class training, there is none of that here. I would suggest getting directions through Terrokar forest to Shattrath City. Here you can bind your hearth in an inn, & use portals located in the center to return to your hometown, then hearth back & use the flight path to get back to Thrallmar. More on that when I continue my guide later.

Now, back to drops, I have found many upgrades for other classes that are 55-58 that drop here that are really nice & sell well on the AH due to them not being able to get here due to the lvl 58 lvl restriction. Not too mention, if you don't do tailoring or really use first aid, the Netherweave Cloth drops off humanoid mobs here are selling for 7g+ per stack on my server!

Blizzard has introduced flying mounts which costs tons of gold, like 5k and up, which is a good reason for large amount of money drops in TBC, so you may think, well, money is easy so I have no worries. That's not entirely true. Most players are only making about 2k wow gold by the time they are level 70, provided they just level like the freaks they are. This is where you need to be smarter & play the AH to the fullest with these drops & tradeskill drops before they become old news so to speak. Once this happens, the mudflation ballon affect will be gone & you will have a slightly harder time making more than just the average player.