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Sunday, September 23, 2007

5000 Gold per Hour

lBlizzard really made a mistake when they added the DM East wing because they always had 2-3 Rich Thorium Veins at the end of the instance. Are you sick of running all over Burning Steppes racing Chinese farmers and the like to these veins? If so, this guide is for you.
I made over 5,000 gold in only 3 slack nights using this routine. If I did a full day I could easily get that amount. Bear in mind, that also depends on AH prices -- which change depending on your server. I imagine the possibilities of making more are endless! It is very repetetive and does require patience, but once you get it working properly, it pays off better than anything else I have found!
Here are the drop rates for a Rich Thorium Vein:
Star Ruby - 0.74% Blue Sapphire - 0.56% Arcane Crystal - 2.96% Huge Emerald - 0.53% Large Opal - 0.55% Azerothian Diamond - 0.57% Thorium Ore - 99.51% Dense Stone - 40.10%
I average about ~12-15 Arcane Crystals a run, plus countless other rare gems which sell for a load on the AH!
Let's get started.
All you need for this exploit is Mobius.
Either create a saved.xml in your root Mobius folder, or open it and add the following: Code:
DM Entrance - East

Thorium Deposit

Now here's the process.
Speak to a friend beforehand, and have him your primary person for invites at the end of each run. I recommend typing /macro and setting one up for the person, as you'll be inviting them a lot.
1. Open Mobius.exe.
2. Teleport to DM Entrance - East. 3. Go inside the instance. 4. Once inside, teleport to Thorium - Veins. 5. Mine the 2-3 veins that appear in front of you, and make your way to the instance exit at the top of the hill. 6. Once outside, press the macro button you have setup -- or re-invite your friend. 7. Once he accept the invite, right click the icon of your character, and leave the group. 8. Teleport back to DM Entrance - East, and venture back inside. 9. Rinse and repeat.
Once you get the process down, it will actually be rather quick. Enjoy it while it lasts!


Anonymous said...

Whatever..... You get banned if you use Mobias. This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

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