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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How To Make Gold In World Of Warcraft: Disenchanting Guide

First thing’s first: visit and download enchantrix.
Better yet, download the package that gives you auctioneer, enchantrix and tooltip. Set enchantrix to always load for your character.

To make it work in-game:
Type /enchantrix load always in the chat panel while you are playing Warcraft.
Now, you will be able to tell what each item is most likely to disenchant to just by clicking on it, or hovering over it.


Let me repeat that


These professions are a great way to spend gold not make it!
And yes there ARE a few ways to make gold with them, at higher levels.
We’ll cover those in a different post.

Instead, farm cloth, create green or blue items via tailoring, and disenchant them.

Sell the disenchanted mats at the AH. Undercut, ok?
List the mats individually!

If you have 20 illusion dust, sell them one at a time, NOT in your stack of 20.
You will sell singles much faster than you will sell stacks of 10 or 20.
Most enchanters only need a few of a dust, essence or shard.

At higher levels no one wants to spend a hundred gold for 10 of something when they only need two of them.
I have found that it works just as well for lower level mats as higher ones.

Yes, that means you have to list 20 auctions.
Good thing its free to list enchanting mats.
Shift + click separates stacks of items.

Also, in the case of Greater / Lesser Essences, check the prices on both, sometimes the 3 lesser essences total more than the greater.

Now, Lets Get Specific:

Buy the White Bandit Mask Pattern as soon as you see it listed on auction
The pattern itself is a green world drop, and, last I checked, the price ran from 3-6g on average.
Your server, of course, could be different.

Now. The Mats for the bandit mask are:

  • 1 Bolt of Mageweave
  • 1 Bleach
  • 1 Heavy Silken Thread

Assuming You farmed the mageweave, you are only out the cost of the bleach and thread.

*** Now, it is possible to still make a tidy profit by buying your cloth instead of farming it, but that mostly depends on your server, how much starting gold you have, and how many people are doing the same thing.
Competition is only good for the buyer!

Something else to keep in mind, When you park yourself in front of a tailoring supplier, make sure you are in a main city, and that you are at least honored with that faction. This way you will get a discount on your purchased mats, and maximize your profit.

Now for the good stuff: Say you manage to make 20 or 30 of these masks. What now?

Well, when you disenchant them, you will get one or more of the following items:

  • Vision Dust - Mostly you will get this. I have seen these go for as much as a gold each before.
    However I was controling the market at the time, on a highly populated server (best case scenario). On average they are 10-20 silver each.
    Your Server Will Vary - look them up. The good news is, that’s the booby prize.
  • Lesser Nether Essences - Truly these have been the Grandaddy of all gold-making items for me.
    I can only hope they sell as well for you. They are your mid-level prize. You actually get them fairly often by disenchanting the masks.
  • Small Radiant Shards - The Grand Prize, they go between 4-7 gold average at the Auction House.
    Again, your Server may be different, look them up.

I hope you can see how a small investment of time and gold can return large profits. The secret here is, make sure you have enchantrix!

I have found this to be true: Among the tailoring items, every cloth (Linen, Wool, Silk, Mageweave, Runecloth, et, al.)
There will be one created item that is cheaper to make, but still disenchants well.
That is, it will take less mats than the other items made with that cloth, but disenchant the same or better.

Am I going to tell you what items they are? Sure!
Just as soon as I am done making gold off of them! *winks*
Seriously, download Enchantrix, and take a look at your tailoring list with new eyes.