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Friday, September 21, 2007

1K WOW Gold An Hour, Level 60 Mage

It possible with some work, a lvl 60 mage, and some hacking. Use this while you can, because the market will probably be flooded with Plans:Invulnerable Mail in no time.

You need to be familliar with Mobius. Here is what you do:

Go to Blackrock Spire. Teleport to 'Anvilcrack'. He should aggro you immediately. Teleport to 'Anvil Kill'. Wait a few minutes for the mobs to get there. 3 Dragonkin in the area should also aggro you there. AOE away, loot. Exit the instance, remake your group and repeate.

Code: BRS outside exit -1225.953 -7522.485 285.7321 BRS Inside -226.841 78.3534 49.76617 Anvilcrack -243 137 126 anvil kill -245 109 112

Occasionally a Dreamweaver or Flamedrake will agro too, if this is the case, just leave, remake the group and start over. In general this is rare though.

Anvilcrack drops 3 main loot drops that you are looking for. Plans:Invulnerable Mail 2% drop rate, Plans: Arcanite Champion 6% drop rate, and Plans: Masterwork Stormhammer 7% drop rate. So in about 50 runs you will have several of these. The sell value varies from shard to shard but they are no doubt worth quite a bit. I sold an 3 Arcanite Champ for 220 each, hammers for 45 and the Invulerable Mail for 650.

Each run takes about 10 minutes so you can get several plans in no time, though it can take several hours to get Plans:Invulnerable Mail. I was lucky and got 2 in about a 4 hour period.

You also get a good amount of incidental wow gold and occasional other good loot too (they are high level elites after all).

I would keep this to yourself. If you tell people or make it public, obviously word will spread and the plans will be worth next to nothing overnight.

A Solo Molten Core guide will be available in a day or two for that Epic Set loot!!