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Monday, September 10, 2007

New Record Maker Interview: Level Up to 70 in 23H

Here is the new record maker--Silver Dragon infro:

ID: Silver Dragon
Class: Hunter
Guild: GreenBase
Server: Un′Goro(Horde)

Below is interview:

1.) Hello, Firstly,Congratulations! You broke the record of 28 hours abroad for leveling to 70 in 24 hours .Could you please introduce yourself?

silvern dragon: Well, my name is GoodWell, if you still remember hackers union "Greenbase," you should know me. What i want to say is this is not my success,it belong to our guild. In my mind, Greenbase is the most important, I am here to thank each guild members.

2.) Tell us about "Greenbase" ?

silvern dragon: Yes, our guild called "Green Army" in the World of Warcraft at the beginning, then moved into Un'Goro server. Earlier this year we change the name to "greenbase" and we have 2,000 member now.

3.) Level to 70 in 24h!Did you have a plan for the goal?
silvern dragon: In June we set a goal: 27 hours to level 70. Now, we did it under the whole guild's effort, and even better than expected. At 11:20 on September 6 i landed server, and at 10:48 on September 7 i reached to 70, only spent around 23.5 hours.

4.) From 60 to 70,you need more than 3 million experience,in other words, you must get more 100,000 experience per hour.So could you give some tips how to gain experience quickly?

silvern dragon: Before TBC, I keep some old quests which had done. When TBC launched, these quests brought me about 200,000 experience. Taking into account TBC just launched, so we didn't stay in Hellfire Peninsula,we went to Terokkar Forest directly.And the whole guild helped me in the entire upgrade process.

5.) When you target one, your guide members helped you to kill it?

silvern dragon: yeah, it is just so. You know, 24 hours is long, so we assign our guild members as several teams.Those tearm helped me to kill monster by turns.Therefore, I am here once again to thank our guild. It's their efforts that help me success.