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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Make Unlimited Warcraft Riches - How To Farm Wow Gold With A Mage

Getting more gold has always been a goal of anyone who plays World of Warcraft. It is fortunate that guides like the Warcraft Riches guide provide legitimate tips on how to make WoW gold. The secrets divulged in this guide are totally legal and will not violate the World of Warcraft Terms of Service. This means there is no risk of an account getting banned for using them. Look below for one such tip from the Warcraft Riches guide that can help make easy gold in World of Warcraft.
Area of Effect (AoE) grinding is a method mentioned in the Warcraft Riches guide for farming gold. This involves using a mage or other crowd control character to gather mobs before taking them all out with a few quick spells. Mage's are usually more efficient at this because the time and energy spent taking out the groups is less than if the mobs were taken out one at a time.

Keep in mind that you'll probably need to sit and eat or drink to recover before taking on the next mob. Even if you have a little down time, it's better than aimlessly wandering around attacking random groups. There is going to be some downtime during the game. The important thing is to minimize the downtime and maximize the grinding time.

One good place to do AoE grinding is Silithus. There are many humanoid mobs in this area. Usually humanoid mobs tend to drop better stuff when killed, so being able to take out large mobs of humanoids in a short amount of time can help bring in a good amount of gold. The humanoids in Silithus have a tendency to drop runecloth, which can sell for a decent price at the Auction House.

After a few groups have been cleared out, head to a nearby Auction House and sell off the items that aren't needed. These mobs are known to drop coin as well so you'll make some gold off this alone. Other items can be taken to vendors and sold for a fair amount of gold. This area has proven to be very effective for AoE grinding.

Gold farming in World of Warcraft has never been easier thanks to the Warcraft Riches guide. The AoE grinding tip is just one of many contained within the guide. The mage class excels at AoE grinding because it is more efficient in terms of less downtime and more grinding time than the other classes in World of Warcraft.