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Thursday, January 17, 2008

WoW Guide: Easy gold for high lvl skinners

WoW Guide: Easy gold for high lvl skinners

IF you have the time required to make this profitable. Yes, it can yield you 500
gold in 2 days but you will have to play 8 hours a day in order to do it! For
some people this just isn't realistic.

Angerclaw Maulers
Felwood, X37, Y44.

I'm taking it upon myself to let everyone know about this because I have made a
sickly amount of gold here latley, and a very disturbing amount in the past 2 weeks.

The respawn rate is insanely fast, When you kill the whole spawn camp of them which
is about 11-12 and take a 1 minute break you'll start having respawns to kill.

Where does the money come from you ask?

First you have some stackable gray items that are very commonly dropped:

Large Bear Bone(Non-Stackable) - 14s 84c each
Bear Jaw(Stackable) - 8s 98c -- 89s 80c per Stack of 10.
Savage Bear Claw(Stackable) - 5s 78c -- 57s 80c per Stack of 10.
Bear Flank(Stackable) - 5s 78c -- 57s 80c per Stack of 10.
Wicked Claw(Stackable) - 5s -- 25s per Stack of 5.

I make anywhere from 9 to 13 gold in gray items per hour here.

Even without the skinning compared to most places this is a great camp for gold/hr.
But skinning is where a lot of the money to come from if you want the results like I

You can skin Rugged and Thick leather off of these. My server prices are 2.50g per
stack of Rugged and 1.50g per stack of Thick. Server prices are going to range, The
intake of gold on this obviously is based only on my servers prices, But you will
still make amazing gold here if you put the time in.

So where does all the money come from?

I take 8 hours a day and I run it here, Straight. Not every day, Usually in the
evenings and into the late hours on the nights I'm not raiding and ocasionally if
there is a third day I'll get up around 7am to start and I can be done around mid
afternoon so I can enjoy the day or do something else in game.

A single hour run brings on brings me in 6 Stacks of Rugged Leather and 5 stacks of
Thick Leather. I don't know if it's because my kill rate is fast or just pure luck,
But I can't remember when I have come away from this with less leather then that in
an hours run.

6x 2.50g = 15g per hour
5x 1.50g = 7.5g per hour

If I average out my usual grey items income per hour then I come away with 10.5g per
hour. I'm going to edit this tomorrow and record all of my drops and leather intake
from my 8 hours, But this is accurate. I've been making money like this for months

Now, On to the juicy part...

Intake per hour based on Leather sales on the AH is 22.50g Per HOUR.

Intake per hour based on sellable greys averages out at about 10.50g

33 Gold per hour.
Wipe the drool off keyboard and keep reading

I run this 8 hours per day, Two days a week. Sometimes 3 but rarely. Skinning is
obviously required to get the bigger chuck of change for your time. Some of you all
day BG'ers could make literally thousands of gold here in a week if you took a week
off from all day long BG and went here, Just a thought. And I'm not exaggerating.

I try to run these 2 days back to back and I generally refuse to put up my auctions
and vendor until I have my 16 hours worth of loot. I just throw it all in the bank.

At the end of my 2 days I usually end up taking 510g - 545g out of my mailbox. +\- a
few gold for randomness of drops.

I have over 5000g in my bag right now. If you want an exact number then it's 5649g.
All of that gold was made in this spot except about 600g.

Maybe some of you should thinking of switching professions

Anyway, This made me rich. Simple as that, Hopfully it will do the same for you.