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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How to make world of warcraft gold - Part 1

Gold, the lifeblood of the Wow economy.
Many people will remember the first time they finally had “one whole gold” to call their own.
Soon it became 10. 100. 1,000. 10,000
But some, they never go above a certain value.

Tanks and healers are mostly affected with this.
But why, seriously?
Why do some people have such a hard time getting money?

As of patch 2.3 one of the changes that were implemented was the 33% spell damage from healing gear.
So any healer with 1500 to +healing will now also have +500 spell damage.
This change was welcomed by any and every healing class for obvious reasons, they could finally grind to a certain extent while simply swapping out 2-3 pieces of their lowest +healing items to get some extra spell damage out.
Blizzard mainly did it for that purpose, making all classes and specs more equal for solo grinding.
Aside that, they also greatly helped our healers who were struggling on Leotheras the Blind(SSC).
And, made a lot of hybrid classes ridiculously overpowered in pvp.

But, i digress.

To an extent it’s easy to see who has a hard time getting money.
Just look around and you’ll see people with over 100 played days flying around on a 60% speed mount.
They are either casual players, or have an uncontrollable addiction for the auction house.

Such players will at some point notice the disgusting slime that is known to many of us as “goldsellers”.
I absolutely loathe the scum.
I’d fly over to wherever the damn creeps hang out and give them a good old fashioned kick in the nuts.
Sadly not everyone shares this loathing, else they wouldn’t spend all day creating bots to spam the bank with their crap. Just log on to any server, go to orgrimmar or ironforge and wait 5 minutes. I personally guarantee that you’ll be spammed, possibly more than once.

On a side note, I’ve added the ToS violation / bad google adds list from WowWiki :
So if at any time you see or notice a goldseller link on this blog, let me know and i’ll kick it off faster than you can think of complaining about it twice.

A recent trend in the goldselling business is to create lvl 1 alts, and invite about 5-10 people into a raid, then spam them all together.
This seems rather inefficient, as i simply decline all invited by default. But aparently it works for some of the more unsuspecting casual players else they wouldn’t be doing it still.
If you’re getting pretty tired of the spam, I recommend taking a look at or another interface addon site and look for some spam blocking. I’ve used spamsentry for a while until 2.2 was released : and it seems to do the trick fairly well.

Never buy gold, no matter how cheap their prices may seem to you.
Even if you stole your mother’s credit card and the money isn’t your own anyway.
Never ever buy gold, for these simple reasons:
* At least half of all goldseller websites are scammers. You pay them, but don’t get the gold.
* Most of the other half doesn’t even sell gold, but instead try to infect you with a trojan virus. The virus will then attempt to read your account name and password, and allow those same scammers i listed in #1 to take your gold and sell it to somebody else. At least 25% of all wow gold that is sold to players, is actually stolen from other players by the use of a trojan virus. By buying gold you are screwing over those players and helping the goldsellers ruin the game.
* Goldsellers use bots, bots farm 24/7 and inflate the economy. More gold in the economy means that honest players will have a harder time getting money, and thus are more likely to have to buy gold to compete with the other players. It’s an evil circle right there.
* It’s damn easy to get cash. What? That’s right, it’s damn easy to get gold in wow. It just doesn’t work if you’re a lazy bum that has to steal his mother’s credit card to even play the game.


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