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Thursday, January 10, 2008

WoW Gold Secrets - Making Cash Off Vanity Items

A Vanity item is an item that has no purpose but to look good. They range from rare pets, to nice looking clothing, rare items, funny looking weapons, and character altering effects, and faction items.
These items sell like crazy. You can find vanity items everywhere. When you tap into a new vanity item market you will get crazy returns.

Usually you can these vanity items quickly from farming or creating them. Or, you can buy them cheaply from vendors and auction them off for a higher price.

An Example of a vanity item - the Disgusting Oozeling

Here is another item that is pretty rare. It's a pet that is a drop off the "Tainted Ooze in Felwood. It takes about 15-20 kills to drop one of the bags. People say about 10-15 bags average is the time it takes to drop one of the disgusting oozeling.

The great thing about the Disgusting Oozeling is that it sells for HIGH amounts of gold. The average going price is around 100g! For farming about 150 mobs you will get 100g. On top of that you will still get extra drops, and other green's maybe some blues from the mobs. So you could easily pull in 150g-200g. That's about 1g+ per mob.

The location of the Ooze is revealed in the main strategy guide reviewed on my website.

These are for skinners to cash in on. If you have leatherworking you will be able to make these, if not you will have to provide the materials for a Leatherworker to make for you.

The pattern for these drop off of Mobs in Durholde Keep. They will only drop for leatherworkers so it's not a wasted drop. The pattern is bind on pick-up so you can't farm it for a profit. However making these and selling them is a great idea. These items have a very unique look, and the stats are really not that bad.