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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Politician Uses WoW to Contact the Masses

You may remember a little while ago, presidential candidate Governor Mike Huckabee enlisted the aid of Chuck Norris in a very amusing presidential campaign ad.

Well it seems politicians have been trying to think of yet more ways to reach the people. Recently another presidential candidate, Ron Paul, organised a WoW in-game rally, to take place on New Year's Day. Approximately 240 people showed up to take part in the rally, which involved meeting at Ironforge, taking the tram to Stormwind, then travelling to Westfall, swimming to Booty Bay, catching the boat to Ratchet, surrounding the Crossroads, then... dancing. Once the merriment was over, they all headed to Orgrimmar for the mass slaughter that must have ensued.

By all accounts, the event caused a queue on the server that hosted it (Whisperwind), with up to 300 people waiting to get on. However, whether or not this little get-together will aid Ron Paul in his efforts to reach the Presidency remains to be seen.