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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Tales of WoW

Lately, Blizzard hasn't merely been collecting our artwork and screenshots. They've been soliciting tales from players depicting their in-game adventures. While they have not amassed an extensive archive yet, they're well on their way.

Having Fun (Febrower, Korialstraz)
This is a true story about how playing World of Warcraft not only brought order to one child's life, but also accomplishment, and most importantly, fun. From boosting his reading skills to improving his behavior, WoW has been a positive force for Febrower.

Best Friends (Jonoh, Mal'ganis)
This tale describes a lasting friendship that developed despite faction and language barriers, in the face of danger and established norms.

Personally, I preferred the story of Febrower's growth while embarking upon adventures in Azeroth. It is my firm belief that video games can indeed be used to teach children intellectual and behavioral skills, and that they can in fact be balanced with physical activities and responsibilities.

If you have an inspirational tale that arose out of your WoW experiences, write it up and submit it to Blizzard to have the chance to share it with the world. While there are some guidelines to be followed, the content is what really matters. Better yet, sit down with your children and write one together.